CBS Broadcasts Discussion with MAGA Republican Focus Group

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 4, 2022 | sundance

The Demoncrats have nothing positive to campaign about for the 2022 midterm election cycle, despite what they consider legislative agenda victories.  The biggest legislative ‘win’ per se’, was the passage of a smaller package Green New Deal climate change agenda, which is not popular overall because it is further driving up the cost of energy prices.

All of the polling and generic focus group support shows the policy side of the Democrat agenda is a net negative for the party.   Their energy and economic policies, in combination with the spending, has driven inflation through the roof.   Main Street voters of all persuasions are feeling the impact of Biden/democrat agenda items.  With no positive outcomes, the only thing left is to frame the opposition and give voters something to vote against.  That’s the motive behind the political attacks on MAGA.

CBS Major Garrett broadcasts a focus group interview with three MAGA supporters as part of the larger media alignment with Democrat midterm strategy.  It would be interesting to see the full unedited segment, because Mary, bottom right of screen has some great points that you can tell were cut out of the discussion.  WATCH:


Whenever I review a focus group interview, it is always interesting to align the nature of the points delivered against where the possible group member would be gathering their information.  Obviously, I have no idea, it’s just a fun exercise. In this group it would look something like this: (1) a potential reader of Gateway Pundit; (2) a person who listens to Fox News and Sean Hannity; and (3) a deeper researched argument, and understanding with historical context, like CTH.

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