Government Corruption is Unprecedented

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COMMENT: Hi Martin
Thanks largely to you, my family and I never took the covid vaccines. You are/were right that the Covid pandemic was a scam.
However, today, I read a post by you that reported that an 11% spontaneous abortion rate is something to be concerned about. The average miscarriage rate for woman younger than 35 is 15% and it gets worse, the older you get.


REPLY: I think this T-Shirt sums it all up. We cannot survive under a Republic without term limits. Once someone becomes a politician, all is lost. Our politicians have been bribed and now there is a lawsuit filed against the head of the EU for she never put it to Parliament, bought billions of doses many times more than the population of Europe, with ZERO accountability.

These people have crossed to the other side and we become the enemy. I was in British Columbia about 20 years ago and I was totally shocked by a left-wing woman politician I do not remember her name. She actually said that EVERYTHING we earn belongs to the government. They decide how much we are allowed to retain.

Klaus Schwab is an academic. Most are just Marxists and believe that they need to suppress human nature and we should own nothing, surrender all imagination and creativity, and just work like ants in their leftist vision of a farm.

Schwab’s Dream – the Ant Farm

Why Does the ECM Work On So Many Things?

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COMMENT #1: Hi Martin, corn also turned nicely on the ECM:


COMMENT #2: Hello Marty, I just want to point out that the Japanese yen broke really hard on the 10th. Not sure if this will prove to be a precursor of what is to come.

Thanks from Tokyo, your old home ground.


COMMENT #3: Well the ECM also marked the reversal in trend in the 30-year bond. It peaked at 134 and fell to 130 by the end of the week. That was just remarkable.


COMMENT #4: Martin; is this chart real that people are sending around claiming it was Benner’s work?


ANSWER: As far as this chart of Brenner’s Cycle being real, the answer is no Someone has made it up and signed his name. They have at least extended his cycle correctly. The last time someone tried that they skewed the cycle to make it look like it forecast the Depression 1932 low.

When the WSJ published it, it showed 1932 instead of 1931. Brenner did not extend this out in this manner. What is important to understand is that Brenner was a farmer and farmers understand the cycles in nature. Economists and governments pretend they can smooth out the cycle and eliminate the booms and busts.

The business cycle always wins as both former chairmen of the Federal Reserve conceded – Arthur Burns and Paul Volcker.

Back during the 19th century when Brenner was observing the business cycle, it was still based on commodities. Kondratieff took the same data. I believe the reason WHY the Economic Confidence Model has been so accurate is that it was based on a list of Panics – not one sector of the economy. Therefore, the ECM incorporates weather as Brenner and Kondratieff did by using the commodity sector. Yet just that the ECM was derived from financial panics, it was not based on any one specific type so it strangely seems to have incorporated the whole gambit.

Furthermore, all previous cyclical analysis was based on just a single market like stocks. They have failed because they could not account for the external influence of a contagion. The fact that this list began with the Turks’ siege of Vienna, means that the list was also influenced by war and from an international perspective.

This is a fascinating subject that I will explore in far more detail in my coming book.

Elon Musk States “Government Agencies Had Full Access to Everything That Was Going on in Twitter”, Including DM’s

Posted originally on the CTH on April 16, 2023 | Sundance 

Tucker Carlson has interviewed Twitter CEO Elon Musk and will broadcast the interview on Monday at 8:00pm ET.

If Carlson had the accurate and full context of the background situation, he would be able to ask the right questions. It appears Mr. Carlson does have the key issues well understood.  This should be a good interview.

In this preview segment {Direct Rumble Link Here}, Musk admits his mind was blown when he discovered the extent of the full government access to everything that was happening on Twitter.  He essentially confirms two key elements.  First, our long-held framework of Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop, is accurate.  Second, Musk had no idea when he bought it.

There has been an ongoing debate about whether Elon Musk was aware of the U.S. government and intelligence community control over Twitter prior to the purchase; with many people saying there is no way that Musk could not know given the scale of the money involved, $42 billion and the due diligence that generally follows such transactions.

However, in this interview Musk states he had no idea how much operational control and influence the government and intelligence apparatus held over the platform prior to the purchase.

Readers here are so far ahead of the curve on this story, it’s kind of cool, funny, and yet frustrating at the same time.  Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop is all a wild conspiracy theory born from the oddly wired brain of some dude in the corner of the internet; until suddenly it’s not.

Factually, it has been visible since the U.S. Government operation began in 2011/2012, yet no one was willing to believe it.  For several years, CTH has been outlining the relationship between DHS and social media, specifically Twitter.  However, as I said from the outset of this new awakening moment, I promise you things are not what they seem.

As noted earlier, and it is worth repeating, let me put some context to the dynamic that will hopefully clarify the issue and perhaps the context will help explain what we are seeing and not seeing as this unfolds.  There are going to be a lot of citations to fill in the details, and understanding the modern Fourth Branch of Government is critical.

♦ Elevator Speech: Twitter was/is to the U.S. government as TikTok is to China. The overarching dynamic is the need to control public perceptions and opinions. DHS has been in ever increasing control of Twitter since the public-private partnership was formed in 2011/2012.  Jack Dorsey lost control and became owner emeritus. As he now admits, Elon Musk had no idea.

To explain the background activity of Twitter in a way that readers could understand, I used the metaphor of Twitter as Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop.

…”The metaphorical Jack had a great idea, open a coffee shop where the beverages were free and use internal advertising as the income subsidy to operate the business.  Crowds came for the free coffee, comfy couches, fellowship, conversation and enjoyment.

It didn’t matter where Jack got the coffee, how he paid for it, or didn’t, or what product advertising the customers would be exposed to while there.  Few people thought about such things.  Curiously, it didn’t matter what size the crowd was; in the backroom of Jack’s Coffee Shop they were able to generate massive amounts of never-ending free coffee at extreme scales.

Over time, using the justification of parking lot capacity and township regulations, not everyone would be able to park and enter.  Guards were placed at the entrance to pre-screen customers.  Some were denied.  A debate began.”…

Here’s what happened….

In/around 2011 and 2012 the U.S. Government, Obama administration and the U.S. State Dept., came into Jack’s Coffee Shop and asked him for help.

The govt officials needed to deliver massive amounts of coffee to their allies in Egypt, Libya and the middle east to support the Arab Spring party.  Jack told the officials he was willing to help but didn’t have the capacity to deliver on that scale.  The officials told Jack not to worry, they would handle that aspect – he just needed to agree to the partnership and let them utilize his business.  Jack agreed.

[Note, the timing here is not accidental.  The operational agreement happened at the same time DHS was fine tuning the domestic surveillance systems to monitor social media platforms and target political opposition. See The Fourth Branch.]

Over the next several weeks, months and eventually years, Jack watched as hundreds of new employees flooded into the business to facilitate the rapid expansion.  Along with a myriad of new faces, new equipment was delivered, and soon Jack found himself looking at heavy industrial equipment erecting large buildings in the back lots of the property.  Coffee urns were replaced with massive industrial coffee delivery systems that far exceeded anything Jack ever imagined.

Business was booming, but slowly Jack realized he had lost control.  Jack was riding a dragon.

As the years progressed, thousands of new employees moved into the offices of the new buildings and massive pipelines were producing incredible scales of coffee.  Jack noted offices of the United Nations Human Rights Commission were now creating unique blends of coffee for international distribution, and the European Commission had an entire suite of specially trained coffee production engineers creating alternate combinations and flavors.

By 2018, Jack had essentially become an “owner emeritus”; his name was on the shingle, but the day-to-day operation of Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop had turned into an industrial park complex.

Jack saw his personal wealth attached to the success of the business, but operationally, his only responsibility was traveling to symposiums and venues where he would stand on stage and wax philosophically about the future of a coffee delivery organization he no longer controlled.  Day-to-day operations were now controlled by experts in the scale of massive industrial coffee.  Those experts came from the Dept of Homeland Security.

[The Intercept] – […] Behind closed doors, and through pressure on private platforms, the U.S. government has used its power to try to shape online discourse. According to meeting minutes and other records appended to a lawsuit filed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, a Republican who is also running for Senate, discussions have ranged from the scale and scope of government intervention in online discourse to the mechanics of streamlining takedown requests for false or intentionally misleading information.

“Platforms have got to get comfortable with gov’t. It’s really interesting how hesitant they remain,” Microsoft executive Matt Masterson, a former DHS official, texted Jen Easterly, a DHS director, in February.

In a March meeting, Laura Dehmlow, an FBI official, warned that the threat of subversive information on social media could undermine support for the U.S. government. Dehmlow, according to notes of the discussion attended by senior executives from Twitter and JPMorgan Chase, stressed that “we need a media infrastructure that is held accountable.” (read more)

To streamline the operational efficiencies as the industrial coffee system grew, direct portals between the Washington DC government offices and Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop were created.  Officials no longer needed to travel to the location of Jack’s Coffee Shop in order to operate the valves, mixers, grinders and systems to generate the scale of blends being produced.

Experts could now use direct portals to the facility to operate the coffee production systems remotely, with a limited number of specially trained (FBI) coffee engineers doing the laborious tasks and maintenance at the facility.

The badges were intimidating to Jack who went to sleep every night under the realization he no longer had any clue about how the coffee shop communication business was operating.

[…]  The extent to which the DHS initiatives affect Americans’ daily social feeds is unclear. During the 2020 election, the government flagged numerous posts as suspicious, many of which were then taken down, documents cited in the Missouri attorney general’s lawsuit disclosed. And a 2021 report by the Election Integrity Partnership at Stanford University found that of nearly 4,800 flagged items, technology platforms took action on 35 percent — either removing, labeling, or soft-blocking speech, meaning the users were only able to view content after bypassing a warning screen. The research was done “in consultation with CISA,” the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Prior to the 2020 election, tech companies including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Wikipedia, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Verizon Media met on a monthly basis with the FBI, CISA, and other government representatives. According to NBC News, the meetings were part of an initiative, still ongoing, between the private sector and government to discuss how firms would handle misinformation during the election. (keep reading)

After several years of increasing distance from the Coffee Shop operation he initially started, eventually Jack decided it was silly to own an industrial coffee delivery system that he didn’t control.  So, Jack decided to sell his shingle to someone else.

Enter, Elon Musk.

Billionaire Elon Musk, a man intimately familiar with large industrial systems and government, had been watching the disgruntled visitors to Jack’s Coffee Shop who were no longer permitted to enter.  Musk saw an inequity between the amount of coffee that was available, and the scarcity of the coffee amid a community blacklisted by the operational executives and managers of the shop.

With expressions of both interest and fellowship, Mr. Elon Musk told Mr. Jack Dorsey he would take ownership of Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop and remove any discriminatory guards that were now controlling permitted entry.  Jack had no aversion to Elon and eventually a deal was brokered.

After the transfer of sale was complete, Mr. Musk fired many of the guards and then set about checking the payroll to identify which group of shop employees were actually involved in the generation of coffee, and which employees were involved in promotion of the industrial coffee delivery system that were no longer needed.

Within this process, Elon Musk begins to discover the complex nature of what, at least at the surface, appeared to be an uncomplicated coffee shop.  Why is there a 500-room glass walled office building on the backside of the coffee shop?  What is going on in that GEC building that has anything to do with selling domestic coffee?

The sunlight revelations began surfacing several months ago, when someone of reasonably intelligent curiosity finally asked Elon Musk the right question about this direct portal from DHS into the coffee shop.  Twitter owner Elon Musk had no idea a DHS portal into the coffee shop existed and what it would be for.

To put it in brutally honest terms, the State Dept initially created the partnership between the U.S. government and Twitter (Arab Spring).  However, when the operations needed to become domestically centered (post Trump election), another agency stepped in.  The United States Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) is the operating system running in the background of Twitter.

The State Dept started it with GEC, but ultimately DHS, via CISA, controlled Twitter.  The justification for control was ‘national security.’  Mr. Elon Musk is now the face of a quasi govt controlled enterprise.   This is why what we see being released by Elon Musk in the Twitter Files is actually a filtered outcome as a result of this new ownership dynamic.

Put simply, DHS stakeholders, to include the DOJ, FBI and Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), are mitigating any consequential public exposure of their domestic surveillance activity by controlling and feeding Mr. Musk selected information about their prior Twitter operations.  DHS is still the ghost in the machine.

The larger objective of U.S. involvement in social media has always been monitoring and surveillance of the public conversation, and then ultimately controlling and influencing public opinion.

I will continue peeling these types of issues apart, applying sunlight as heavily as possible, because the mechanisms and the institutions themselves need to be destroyed.  They cannot be reformed because they have assembled too much power.  They need to be completely defunded and removed.

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[…] “Intelligence agencies backed new startups designed to monitor the vast flow of information across social networks to better understand emerging narratives and risks.” [HERE]

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Ziiggii’s Point About Senator John Thune…

Posted originally on the CTH on March 23, 2023 | Sundance

Throughout the process of explaining events, situations, contexts, people and ultimately motives, I always try to introduce metaphors, analogies and comparative situations as reference points to understand the premise behind the interpretation of events, data and analysis as it surfaces.

Treepers in general, likely by the outcome of our association, also do the same thing in the comment section.

That’s why reading the comments is always enlightening as it expands the thoughts and considerations.

In the comments section here, as with some other voices in social media, there are some exceptionally brilliant minds that review events and have fantastic ways to distill complex issues into the core essence of the thing.

Ziiggii said something today that is so perfectly succinct, it is worth emphasizing.

Overall, we can see the fingerprints of Mitch McConnell in the background of the Ron DeSantis campaign. It’s not that McConnell is attached directly to the campaign, but rather is aligned with the overarching theme of DeSantis as being the acceptable Republican candidate.

Wall Street and the multinational corps, along with K-Street writ large, are the mechanisms that support the philosophy of the professional GOPe, those are the same entities supporting DeSantis. The core objective is in synergy. Trump represents a loss of control for the financial operators, DeSantis retains the system.

This was a point I was making when I said McConnell’s outlook is essentially DeSantis’. Then Ziiggii replied with a mic drop. It’s not McConnell per se’ that is in alignment with the RdS ’24 objective, it’s John Thune!

THAT is a brilliant note.

The ideological difference between McConnell and Thune is nonexistent. However, the difference between McConnell and Thune is the GOPe baton being handed down to maintain the status quo. McConnell has been grooming Thune for years… Thune’s time is soon to surface; there will be no challengers to Thune becoming the next Republican Senate Leader; the system supports it.

McConnell does represent the legacy Republican outlook, and to Ziiggii’s point, Thune represents the next in line to maintain it.

Yes, Senator John Thune is representative in the DC system of corrupt DeceptiCon activity, as Ron DeSantis is representative in the GOPe presidential aspirations.

A point very well taken.

One of the more challenging facets, to awakening the general public on the scale of corruption within Washington DC, is the need for people to drop party designations.

This is never truer than within the U.S. Senate where the mistaken “us -vs- them” perspective remains a pesky hurdle.

The blue team and red team are mirror images of themselves.  They are not opposites, they are mirrored – a big difference.

The policy objective is the same, the business model within DC (K Street) benefits the upper chamber the most.

Within this dynamic, Mitch McConnell is the mirror image of Harry Reid.  Mitch has been grooming his replacement for a long time; that replacement is John Thune. Senator Thune is in a position that demands stealth.  Ideologically, think of John Thune as the mirror image of Gavin Newsom.  They are not opposites, they are mirrored – a big difference.

The system of affluence and influence has been created to self-sustain regardless of party affiliation. The Senate is one club with one ideological perspective. Within that club rule #1 dominates: none of the members will ever expose another member. So, when there is corrupt activity within the Senate, no one from within the institution will expose another. This is the code of Omerta within the upper chamber.  This is the way of the “my good friend” Senate and how it operates.

Current Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has a leadership group who carry out the institutional objectives of the upper chamber as a body.  They include: Senator John Thune (whip), Senator John Barrasso (conference chair), Roy Blunt (committee chair), Todd Young (NRSC chair), Jodi Ernst (conference vice-chair), and Chuck Grassley (president pro tempore). None of these senators make a move publicly without approval from Leader McConnell.

In August of 2020, before the presidential election, Senate Whip John Thune rebuked the mail-in ballot concerns expressed by President Trump. Thune did this because ultimately the objectives of the upper chamber were more favorably aligned if President Trump was removed.

WASHINGTON DC – […] Asked if he agreed with the president’s repeated charges that mailed-in balloting will lead to a “rigged election” and “massive voter fraud,” the Senate majority whip told reporters, “I don’t.”

“Mailed-in voting has been used in a lot of places for a long time and, honestly, we’ve got a lot of folks that, as you know, they’re investing heavily in trying … to win that war. It’s always a war too for mail-in ballots. Both sides compete, and it’s always an area where I think our side, at least in my experience, has done pretty well,” Thune answered, adding: “I think we want to assure people it’s going to work, it’s secure and if they vote that way it’s going to count.” (read more)

(L-R) Barrasso, Blunt, McConnell, Thune and Ernst.

You often hear people wonder why the GOP doesn’t push back against the Democrats.  The reason is simple, the GOP are the right wing of the UniParty bird, the Democrats are the left wing.  They are mirror images of each other.

Both clubs are attached to the body of big corrupt corporatist government.

Watch the trade front.  Watch international trade, economics, banking and multinational corporation influence.   That’s the ‘trillions are at stake,’ and that’s where the opposition to everything MAGA comes from.

Reminder – June, 2015  ]

Interesting – Democratic Congressman Daniel Goldman of New York Holding $32+ Million in Cayman Island Bank Account…

Posted originally on the CTH on March 15, 2023 | Sundance 

Here’s a fun little bit of datamining by the folks at TrendingPolitics.  Apparently, former DOJ apparatchik and current New York Representative Daniel Goldman is holding $32+ million in a Cayman Island bank account.

Goldman was one of Los Tres Amigos conscripted from the DOJ who was enlisted by Mary McCord to run the public face of the House impeachment effort against President Trump.  More recently sketchy Goldman attempted to run defense for the Mueller-Weissmann team during testimony about the Twitter files. {Go Deep}

Considering his legal exposure to the multiple frauds he assisted and perpetrated, it seems part of his financial risk mitigation is to keep his bank accounts in the Cayman Islands.  Curiously interesting, because it’s always worth noting what ammunition the Fourth Branch carries to keep their toadies in line.

[Trending Politics] – Newly disclosed financial documents show that a House Democrat leading the charge against income inequality has stashed over $30 million in a tax-free international haven to support his nonprofit.

The Richard W. Goldman Foundation, which for a decade has provided charitable efforts on behalf of the disadvantaged, reported holding $32.2 million in investments harbored within the Cayman Islands, a renowned haven for wealthy individuals and corporations seeking to relieve tax burdens. The organization was founded in 2012 by Democratic Congressman Daniel Goldman of New York.

Documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission list Goldman as financial director for the Goldman Foundation, giving him control over where and how its assets are managed. Disclosures to House Ethics by the New York lawmaker show he has maintained a position on the foundation’s board of advisors through July 2022.

Rep. Goldman just last week issued a statement supporting President Joe Biden’s plan to raise taxes on corporations and wealthy Americans as part of his annual budget. (read more)

US is Losing Another War – Ukraine

Armstrong Economics Blog/Neocons Re-Posted Mar 7, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

The United States has launched a proxy war, unconstitutionally, circumventing Congress and the American people no less the entire world. What must be understood, is that the Biden Administration, the puppet of the Neocons led now by Victoria Nuland, has brought the entire world to the brink of World War III and they have now begun the countdown to the decline and fall of Western Civilization

Who is Victoria Nuland and why has she the queen of the Neocons? Victoria Nuland has been one of the leading Neocons always advocating war with Russia. She is behind the propaganda that Russia is on the verge of defeat and that the Russian army is really dysfunctional. This is standard propaganda. They put out the same exact line about the troops in Iraq. This is to convince Americans that they can wage war and it will be over in just a few hours or days. This is the typical Neocon sales pitch to justify their endless thirst for war. They are trying to provide justification to rush in for an easy defeat of their target.

Besides the Neocons’ treason against the Constitution always manipulating proxy wars without the consent of Congress in violation of Section I, Article 8, there is also one huge very serious undisclosed conflict of interest and the Biden Administration should immediately fire Victoria Nuland and all her supporters within the Biden Administration to save the world and our nation.

Victoria Nuland is really of Ukrainian Jewish descent. Her family changed their name to try to hide their Jewish ethnic background. She really would be Nudelman, not Nuland. She is actually the daughter of Yale bioethics and medicine professor Sherwin B. Nuland, who changed his surname from Nudelman to Nuland. She has retained her family name Nuland to perhaps further hide her Jewish connection by being married to Robert Kagan. Victoria speaks Russian, French, and some Chinese. Hiding her Jewish background is critical. Her father was raised by parents who were Orthodox Jewish immigrants from Ukraine. Hence, her grandparents were Jewish Meyer Nudelman (1889-1958) and Vitsche Lutsky (1893-1941). This explains why Nuland has been a public proponent for Ukraine to wage war against Russia.

Her husband, Robert Kagan, authored the “real Iraq Study Group” report of the American Enterprise Institute. This was the Neocon view of regime change. Kagan was said to have convinced President George W. Bush, to order the “surge” plan for changing the course of the Iraq War. It was Kagan who co-founded the neoconservative think tank in 1997 which was known as the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) with fellow Neocon William Kristol, who has a track record of usually being wrong. This has been the legacy of the Neocons in general.

Ron Paul plainly wrote: “Victoria Nuland exemplifies the neocons who have led US foreign policy from one disaster to another for the past 30 years while evading accountability. “ It is indeed time that we examine their Neocons who constantly usurp American foreign policy and will drive us straight into World War III. This may indeed be a family feud with Russia given both the Jewish and Ukrainian backgrounds.

Her Husband and Kristol used PNAC, from 1998 onward, to further the Neocon wars and their quest for Regime Change. Kagan was an early and strong advocate of military action in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan as well as to “remove Mr. Hussein and his regime from power”. Kristol and Kagan teamed up and wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times where they put forth what is now known as fake news: They actually wrote:

“It is clear that Mr. Hussein wants his weapons of mass destruction more than he wants oil revenue or relief for hungry Iraqi children.”

They put forth their idea that the United States had the right to engage in regime change in other countries. They also wrote in the New York Times:

“And Iraq’s Arab neighbors are more likely to support a military effort to remove him than an ineffectual bombing raid that leaves a dangerous man in power.”

What I know from sources was that there was an intelligence report dated September 21st, 2001, that stated bluntly that there was NO evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the 9/11 attacks. Later, in the 2004 9/11 Commission report, they too concluded that there was NO “collaborative relationship” between Iraq and al-Qaeda. Nevertheless, Kristol and Kagan with the rest of the Neocons, including Nuland, supported the Iraq Invasion which began on the 20th of March in 2003. They used the national security excuse to keep Bush sequestered after 9/11 so Cheney could run the government unobstructed.

I have warned that the Neocons are NOT Republicans but actually began inside the Democratic Party. They are the political version of transgender keeping a foot in both camps. In 1976, Bill Kristol worked for Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s United States Senate campaign. Later, in 1988, Kristol was the campaign manager for black Republican Alan Keyes’s unsuccessful Maryland Senatorial campaign against Paul Sarbanes. So Kristol was on both sides of the aisle. He then taught political philosophy and the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. It was 1985 when Kristol first went to work in the White House serving as Chief of Staff to Secretary of Education William Bennett during the Reagan administration. Then Kristol became the Chief of Staff to Vice President Dan Quayle (1989-1993) in the George H. W. Bush administration.  This is when Kristol and Cheney were working together.

Kristol wrote The War Over IraqSaddam’s Tyranny And America’s Mission with his co-author Lawrence F. Kaplan, which was published on February 1st, 2003, one month BEFORE the invasion. Note the timing. This was written to support Cheney. It takes time to publish this book.

Kristol’s book states that the rationale behind the preemptive strategy against Saddam Hussein is simply that he is a dictator who threatens both his own people and the world. That is sufficient to justify the United States invading another country before he does further harm. Kristol offered no evidence to support his case and he simply stated that “we do know that Saddam is a terrorist.” Kristol went as far as to criticize both the first Bush administration and the Clinton administration for allowing the Iraq threat to grow.

The Neocons seem to have been supported by the so-called Republican Lincoln Project, which was so anti-Trump, it endorsed Joe Biden who has had no problem letting the Neocons rule American Foreign Policy which has been anti-Constritution. While the Lincoln Project asks for donations from Republicans, they seem to be worthy of donating your alimony requirements and any other legal expenses you might have. Their agenda was strangely aligned with that of Bill Kristol.

All of these groups were anti-Trump because he was against their regime change agenda and endless wars. That anti-Trump position killed Kristol’s Weekly Standard in 2018 after two years of anti-Trump articles simply to wage war. The PNAC think tank he formed with Nuland’s husband Robert Kagan collapsed even sooner in 2006.

Nuland’s broth-in-law, Frederick W. Kagan, and her father-in-in-law, Donald Kagan, are part of this family of Neocons’ intent of changing the world to their agenda using war and regime change. Father and son wrote “While America Sleeps: Self-Delusion, Military Weakness, and the Threat to Peace Today” in 2000. The book argued in favor of a large increase in military spending and warned of future threats, including from a potential revival of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program, which never existed.

It gets better. Kimberly Kagan, Frederick’s wife, is the founder of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), which is the source of much of the fake news. Most curious, even the New York Times wrote about this Kagan family that they were really leftists and very outspoken to the point of manipulating whatever to gain their view of the world. The question is, just why is this family, such warmongers?

This Nuland/Kagan family of Neocons with Kristol and others has one major gold – Regime Change. They seem to be under the delusion that the United States has the right to interfere in other countries and overthrow leaders they simply do not like. Can you imagine if Russia decided it too would adopt the policy of Regime Change and move to overthrow the United State Constitution and end public elections of the leadership? Would the American people support that agenda? Hillary made such a big deal claiming that Putin interfered in her election to ensure Trump would win – Regime Change? Did Hillary accuse Putin of doing precisely what the Neocons are trying to do in Russia?

Perhaps you will recall Biden’s March 26th, 2022 remark calling for Regime Change in Russia. He said: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” at the very end of a speech in Poland’s capital. The HuffPost, which is always a Left-Biased publication, loved it. They reported that Biden wasn’t really calling for Regime Change, but instead only meant that Biden’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region rather than no longer head Russia.

Yet these Neocons’ view that it is their right to impose Regime Change over nations they disagree with constantly supports that if we overthrow these unacceptable leaders, their population will cheer and give us a ticker-tape parade. That has not taken place in Iraq or any other country these people have ever targeted. Victoria Nuland’s leaked phone call where she pushed her agenda saying “Fuck the EU” if they did not agree with her.

When testifying on March 8th, 2022 about bioweapons labs in Ukraine, Senator Rubio asked if Ukraine had biological or chemical weapons. Nuland hesitated and carefully responded that Ukraine has “biological research facilities” avoiding any description of what the “research” was about and if the US military was involved, it certainly had nothing to do with general public health. Nuland also carefully added that they were concerned that Russia could get its hands on their labs. If they were really nothing, then why be concerned if Russia walked into the lab? We they creating viruses to target just Russian DNA?

The entire mainstream press simply refuses to offer the slightest bit of investigative journalism. Based entirely on Nuland’s avoidance of the question, they declare that Russia’s claim of US involvement in 30 biological labs in Ukraine has nothing to do with weapons. They offered not a single shred of evidence and even if the Russians revealed what they found in a lab, they would call it Russian propaganda as they did with the Hunter Biden Laptop.

Ukraine at the beginning of 2022 and this Proxy War, had one of the largest forces trained by NATO in Europe as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The Ukrainian force was 200,000 active personnel and 500,000 when reservists and paramilitary forces were included. It draft included the ages of all males 18 to 60 years old to take up arms. As well, they have handed out weapons to all citizens that wish to pitch in along with instructing the population on how to make Molotov cocktails.

The deliberate fraud on Russia with the intentional Minsk Agreement that the former Chancellor of Germany admitted was only a stall tactic to allow Ukraine to build an army demonstrating that they never intended for any peace agreement and that the West has cleverly used the Minsk Agreement to allow Ukraine to raise an army for this intended Proxy War.

Victoria Nuland, who was in Kiev during the Maidan Revolution with then head of the Neocons – John McCain. That is when McCain lied to the people and said this is “about you and no one else.” Why would he use those words except to falsely project the pretense that he was there for the Ukrainian people rather than his hatred for Russia?

Indeed, from 2014 and the US installation of an interim government that was instructed to immediately launch a civil war and attack the Donbas,  the new interim Ukrainian government reinstituted the Draft as reported by NBC News on May 1st, 2014. The Ukrainian people never voted for this war. The Neocons circumvented the Ukrainian people as well. The first election took place on May 25th,2014 after they started the draft and launched their invasion of the Donbas.

By comparison, France had 205,000 active personnel, the UK 194,000, Italy 170,000, and Germany 184,000. Russia’s active force stood at 900,000 and it had 2 million in reserves. Ukraine had effectively the largest military trained by NATO. This presents a very serious question. Zelensky began drafting reservists 18 to 60 one day before the move by Russia to occupy the Donbas on February 24th, 2022.

If Russia has destroyed over 250,000 Ukrainian troops that have been trained by NATO, does this really support the Kagan family narrative that Russia is weak and we can take them in a few days? war review of keen interest for the whole world. Does the United States just sulk in the corner, or does it take the defeat of Ukraine as a battle cry to win one for Gipper? What happens in the future as Ukraine loses after pouring money that is twice that of the entire German military budget? Has the Kagan family fulfilled our model that this is the start of the Decline & Fall of the West? We are facing a very serious crossroads here as Ukraine falls under a massive Russian onslaught.  We are looking at the entire credibility of the Biden Administration and all the fake news that has been told us Russia will collapse any moment.

Nobody has ever been able to beat Socrates – including me. We must consider that the mess of Ukraine and the failure of all this money to bring down Russia to achieve this family’s quest for Regime Change or personal vengeance will be our undoing. As Ron Paul said: “Victoria Nuland exemplifies the neocons who have led US foreign policy from one disaster to another for the past 30 years while evading accountability. 


Interview: Neocons Need War Because Monetary System Collapsing

Armstrong Economics Blog/Armstrong in the Media Re-Posted Feb 26, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Watch the video above or click here for the latest interview with USAWatchdog.

Commentary from Greg Hunter:

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong said at the end of last year the U.S. is being set up for a “nightmare fall.” Train derailments and political problems are spinning out of control, but the biggest threat is war. Armstrong explains, “They want a war, but they also need it because the monetary system is collapsing. . . . You have had interest rates at negative since 2014. So, suddenly interest rates are rising. Any bond owned by any institution in Europe is a loser. They have lost so much money, it’s incredible. What happens? Nobody is interested in long term debt – period. . . . If you have interest rates rising, and rates are going to be going up because the Fed cannot stop this kind of inflation. Then, you got war. You have untold billions of dollars being shipped into Ukraine which is absurd. This is what you have. . . . You also have to look at what Janet Yellen said, and she was concerned with the tons of new debt coming out. You are exceeding the balance sheets of the Primary Dealers. To be a Primary dealer you have to be able to guarantee you will be able to buy X amount of debt. If you can’t sell it, what happens? The bank is stuck with the debt, and then, they go bust. So, we have a real problem here. They cannot continue to issue this kind of debt in perpetuity. They have been borrowing money since WWII with no intention of paying anything off. . . . The Fed is independent, and they don’t want the long term debt. They have been moving towards the short end of the curve. How do you continue to fund a government if there are no buyers for the debt? This is on a global scale.”

So, war checks all the boxes? Armstrong says, “Absolutely. They get to default on all this debt which is the real objective. That’s why (Klaus) Schwab is out there saying you’ll own nothing and be happy. He’s trying to make it sound like they are doing this for you. We are going to default on all debt and relive you of all your debt. This is because they are going to wipe out everything. Pension funds will be all gone. That’s why they are coming out with guaranteed basic income to replace your pension. They’ve got this all worked out. That’s what the end goal is here because they cannot continue to function this way. They cannot continue to borrow whatever they need with no intention of ever paying it back.”

Armstrong reveals why the 2024 elections may not happen. Can the Deep State commit enough voter fraud to keep Biden and the rest of the Neocons in power? Armstrong says most of what is happening today is the fault of the Neocons, and they have control of both parties. Armstrong points out Democrat Hillary Clinton paid for the phony Trump/Russia dossier, and Republican John McCain delivered it to the FBI. Armstrong calls it the “Uni-party,” and goes deep on the problems the Neocons are causing on purpose.

Armstrong also talks about the dollar, gold, civil unrest, tangible assets and the Ukraine war. Armstrong’s sources say the real number of casualties of Ukraine Army stands at a whopping 250,000 dead. Armstrong says Russia is NOT losing the war. It is winning.

DOJ Tells Republican Congress Not to Expect Cooperation and Thank You

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The U.S. Dept of Justice (DOJ) has sent a five-page letter to congress, copying Politico for the public distribution therein.  [SEE pdf HERE]

The snarky and passive aggressive Lawfare tone inside the letter is rather remarkable in its sanctimony and condescension.  Essentially, Main Justice is telling congressional oversight, specifically House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan, not to expect any timely responses because there’s a lot going on.

Additionally, as the letter directly implies, Republican oversight is not in the favor of the current administration or DOJ and, well, in general terms, get over it – they aren’t complying.  However, feel free to initiate the formal negotiation process that will likely take several years.

From the letter to Jim Jordan, “Your January 17 requests—made now in your position as Chairman—initiate the constitutionally mandated accommodation process. Under this process, the Legislative and Executive Branches have a constitutional obligation to negotiate in good faith to meet the informational needs of Congress while protecting the institutional interests of the Executive Branch. We look forward to beginning this process in response to your January 17 letters.” (link)

(Via Politico) – […] The letter, addressed to Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), acknowledges the GOP’s multiple requests for information during the last Congress but doesn’t divulge any new information. Instead, Uriarte outlines how he hopes DOJ could have a “productive relationship” with Republicans in the new Congress, as Jordan had in previous letters accused the DOJ of “stonewalling” their requests, raised the possibility of a subpoena and said the committee could resort to “compulsory practices” to obtain the requested information and documents.

It’s an early marker of DOJ’s position as Republicans pledge to probe President Joe Biden’s administration over a laundry list of issues, including with a select subpanel that has a broad mandate to investigate the federal government. Conservatives have hinted they would use that panel to try to look into certain ongoing law enforcement investigations. (read more)

I think at this point everyone outside the professional political class in the Legislative Branch knew this was going to happen.  However, the Republicans in Congress will likely pretend to be stunned by this development, Fox News Sean Hannity will be outraged by it, and then the RNC and RCCC will dispatch fundraising campaigns citing the refusal of the DOJ.   Win, win, win… wash – rinse – repeat.

Predicting this approach was exactly why CTH said the House Subcommittee on Weaponized Government should not waste time looking for assistance, documents and or internal support from the various DC silos.  Instead, the oversight committees need to go through the formal request process (blah, blah, blah) but focus their efforts at getting documents from the private sector collaborators outside the DC silo system.

If it seems like the Democrats always know how to use power more effectively than Republicans, you would be absolutely correct.  However, few people really understand the reason for it.  So, I will repeat.

The Republicans want money.  The Democrats want power.  The Republicans use power to get money. The Democrats use money to get power.  The ideology of the Democrats drives their donor funding.  The donor funding of the Republicans drives their ideology.

This core truism carries forward beyond electoral politics and into the realm of legislative battles and oversight conflicts.  Republicans want money as their primary objective.  If the Biden administration wants to get an ideological bill passed, the Democrats simply buy the votes of Republicans (especially Senators).

As an additional outcome, Republicans in congress have no core values, no core objectives, no goals to achieve.  After all, their structural goal is money.

Give Republicans power and they don’t know what to do with it, because the voters essentially boosted the dog to catch the car… now what?

What you see in the outcome of elections is that Republicans do not have any plan for power, because it’s not the issue that takes up their intellectual time.  That’s reserved for deep analytical thoughts about how to make money from (XXX).

The Democrats know this, they know the main mission of Republicans.  Ergo, the Lawfare DOJ pats the Republicans on the head and waits for the frustrated voters to get sick of the GOP doing nothing again, and the Democrats simply wait them out.

We have been in this repetitious abuse cycle for about two decades.

Battered Conservative Syndrome is a very real thing.

There are an enormous amount of codependent enabling voters in this process.  I call them Seagull Republicans because they are voters who will fly down and shit over anyone who complains about this reality – then they fly up to their high perches and look down their noses.

In case you missed it, the Seagull Republicans are currently aligned to support Harmeet Dhillon and Ron DeSantis.

One UniParty consisting of two wings, the RNC and the DNC.  One bird, two wings.

The GOPe priority around money is the one constant on the right wing.  But don’t worry, because the Seagulls are promising that Ron DeSantis will protect us from teh geys.

In the Before Times….

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Be rebellious and have fun doing it.

Live your best life.