Beware of the IMF

Armstrong Economics Blog/Climate Re-Posted Sep 21, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Any small businessman is always trying to improve his business and expand it to be more profitable. That seems to be a common trait but what you must understand is that the same human trait dominates the bureaucracies and it is dominant at the United Nations, et al. From the very beginning, those in the UN believed that they should rule the world, for the only way to stop World War III was a one-world government.

From the very beginning, the UN saw democracy as a nuisance. The people were too STUPID to know what was best. How could they ever be relied upon to select world leaders? Julian Huxley, the first director of UNESCO, actually put in the founding documents that “unrestricted individualism is equally erroneous.”  In other words, the very idea of human rights, liberty, and freedom was equally as wrong as communism. The only kind of government was one that was authoritarian and not subject to the whims of the people. This has been the goal, and they are pulling it off.

The United Nations has produced a 26-page report outlining an action plan to address the various socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 and the DESTRUCTION of the world economy. This has been intentionally carried out to create this one-world government ultimately. The UN is at the helm and its subdivisions — the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Health Organization (WHO), World Bank, and the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) — herein referred to as the UN Consortium.

The United Nations has been using climate change to create a one-world government order, but they have run into way too much resistance. So when they were not convincing people to hand them all the power they dreamed of using climate change, they switched and kick-started this grab for power using COVID-19. The origin of the virus was most likely a deliberate leak in China so that everyone would blame them.

This UN Consortium has moved on to something that allows them to use the threat that people will die IMMEDIATELY unless they surrender all their freedoms using COVID terrorism. So far, this has worked very well. Meanwhile, they have sold the fact that socialism is collapsing and the revolution will become inevitable, so we need the Great Reset to restructure a new world order eliminating Democracy in any meaningful manner. Oh, certainly they will allow you to think your vote means something like electing MPs in Europe when Parliament cannot do anything but show up for the cameras.

The climate change agenda was to seize industry and effectively nationalize them, but it was also the justification as to why the UN must be in charge since no single nation would be able to save the planet. They will do that now by virtually bankrupting them, and the state will just take them over. This scheme was even discussed in Germany to nationalize companies since they could not bail them out. For years, the IMF has wanted to replace the sovereignty of the nation-states with a neutral body of experts. This one-world government should be able to dictate financial policy to nation-states. Such a “government” would give the top finance bosses direct access to the savings accounts and assets of the citizens.

The United Nations wants 10% of the world’s entire income for itself. While we argue over the vaccines, the origin of COVID, and where it was leaked, plus climate change, all of this is a distraction from the true agenda of the Great Reset. They are rolling it all out little by little while keeping the attention on the vaccine and climate change so that people do not connect the dots to see the real agenda.

Riptide in the World Economy

Armstrong Economics Blog/Understanding Cycles Re-Posted Sep 20, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Marty, I think the storms are creating dangerous rip currents that just suck swimmers out to sea here in Jersey. Never hear about that in Florida. I guess that and taxes are what made you leave. LOL


REPLY: Actually, I was caught in one when I was a teenager. My uncle was perhaps 15 feet from me and the harder I swarm I was just standing still. Suddenly, the current shifted and I could move forward. It was not a great feeling and it was inv visible. There was a sand bar I was trying to walk to and was caught in a riptide between shore and that sand bar.

It was a valuable lesson in life. Sometimes we walk straight into the invisible which becomes life-threatening. Kind of like current events. I have been in the middle of this crowd, but I never expect that they would actually get this going in their personal direction so swiftly. It is one thing to forecast what the model says like the commodity boom post-2020 and the move toward authoritarianism. But to live through it is another thing altogether. It is fascinating to me to see it all laid out years in advance and then it unfolds according to plan. It is like that hidden riptide but in the world economy.

Will the Gov’t Close all Markets?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Forecasts Re-Posted Sep 17, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Marty, the government closed the New York Stock exchange in 1914 due to World War I. Do you think they will do that again?

Looking forward to Orlando


ANSWER: The closure of 1914 was not the only time they shut down markets. Even the London market was shut down during war. On June 17, 1864, Congress responded to the wild speculation and simply prohibited buying or selling gold for future delivery to stop the speculation driven by each battle. The penalty was now imprisonment, a heavy fine, or of course, both. The only exception was a gold transaction in a private office. Yet, it was clearly aimed at closing and any minor gold exchanges. Nonetheless, the government simply could not stop the speculation of gold.

Gold advanced from $190 to about $280. Therefore, the Gold Act of 1864 (13 Stat. 132), which passed with little debate on June 17, 1864, only confirmed that the dollar was in trouble and it tumbled against the British pound driving its value to $9.97 per pound sterling.

There is a risk that the FREE MARKETS may be shut down as we approach 2027. There are Panic Cycles in politics both in 2022 and 2024. These people behind the Great Reset will NOT tolerate a free market when it comes to the Euro. You must understand that the crack in the Euro is a debating political factor in Europe which is entirely different from that of what you see in the dollar. Since World War II, Europ[ean politicians have used the strength of their currency as confirmation that they have done a good job. No American president could run to say the dollar is up against Canada and Mexico which proves I have done a great job. He would be laughed at as nuts.

The Euro saved the crisis of debt in Europe kicking the can down the road. But that road comes to an end by 2024. You have to understand that these people are fighting to retain power in the middle of their house of cards collapsing. COVID passes are all about control – not health. Slovenia denying the right to buy gasoline if you have not been vaccinated? We are confronted by a collapse in socialism and this is the real crisis – not health or climate change. Those are cover stories to alter the entire economy because the collapse would mean revolution. They are trying desperately to head off a revolution – hence unvaccinated no gasoline.

This year’s WEC will be interesting for we have to look at not just markets and where to put money and where to live, but then how to save money when the cards come tumbling down.

Have Central Banks Crossed the Line into Tyranny?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Banking Crisis Re-Posted Sep 17, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

With all the conspiracy theories that somehow the bankers are the real culprits in creating excess money supply, there has been an evolution in central banks that has finally crossed the line since 2019. The Federal Reserve was, once upon a time, responsible. The Fed was originally designed as an authority to create money, which was an elastic money supply. That made perfect sense when the Fed was designed in 1913.

Yes, the bankers owned the shares BECAUSE the Fed was actually designed to do what JP Morgan did in herding the bankers together to save the day during the Panic of 1907. Morgan convinced the bankers that if they did not chip in money to bail out the troubled banks, panic would unfold, and ALL the banks would be hit as a contagion. They listened and joined his effort to stem the Panic of 1907. The design of the Fed was to recreate what JP Morgan put together. The shareholders were the bankers because it was a bail-out fund for the bankers, and TAXPAYER money should not be used to bail out the bankers.

Democrat President Woodrow Wilson signed the 1913 Act, creating the Federal Reserve as well as the income tax. Wilson signed the Revenue Act of 1913, which lowered average tariff rates from 40 percent to 26 percent. It also established a one percent tax on income above $3,000 per year; the tax affected approximately three percent of the population. The Federal Reserve, as designed, was independent, and thus there was the Fed policy v fiscal policy set by Congress.

The elastic money was a brilliant idea where the Fed would buy-in corporate paper to provide lending of the last resort when the bankers could not lend due to the hoarding of cash in a crisis. The corporate paper was typically 90 days. When World War I came, Congress ordered the Fed to buy its paper because they would need to issue a lot of debt. They never returned the Fed to its original design to “stimulate” the economy by directly purchasing corporate paper to prevent companies from laying off employees. Therefore, the structural alteration of the Federal Reserve for World War I transformed the theory of Quantitative Easing into an INDIRECT stimulus rather than DIRECT. When the Fed bought only corporate paper, it directly stimulated the economy. When it was instructed only to buy only government paper, which the government NEVER pays off, any idea of the stimulus was wiped out, for at best, it became INDIRECT.

Then Roosevelt came, and he wanted to control everything. He seized the Federal Reserve and took the power of all the branches, and consolidated it into Washington. Section 203 of the Banking Act of 1935 changed the name of the “Federal Reserve Board” to the “Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.” Roosevelt’s Banking Act of 1935 also made major structural changes increasing the number of members of the Board appointed by the president from six to seven to ensure he now controlled the Fed. He created for himself the authority to designate one of the persons appointed as “chairman” of the Board and one as “vice-chairman” of the Board, each to serve in such role for a term of four years.

As I have explained in “Manipulating the World Economy,” there was a huge confrontation between the Federal Reserve and the White House. The Fed was directed during World War II to maintain par on US government bonds to fund the war. The Fed was ordered to engage in what we call Quantitative Easing. Then the Korean War came, and the Fed rebelled. They refused to continue to engage in Quantitative Easing. The Fed asserted its original independence over politics.

Politics began to creep back in during the Financial Crisis of 1998. The Federal Reserve then stepped in to bail out Long-Term Capital Management in 1998, a failed hedge fund, because if it did not, it would have taken down Goldman Sachs. So instead of allowing that, the Fed bailed out the hedge fund when they really had no authority to do so. That abuse of power led the Fed to then support the bankers who were engaged in manipulating markets to create guaranteed trades. The bankers warned if they failed, then the government would be broke for it was the bankers who bought the new debt and resold it.

Then the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 took place when the bankers got AIG to guarantee their dodgy mortgage-backed securities. When that all collapsed, the Federal Reserve again bailed out AIG, an insurance company that was operating from London, instead of the US banks. They claimed they did not have the authority to bail out Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, which were competitors of Goldman Sachs and investment banks. But they apparently had the authority to bail out an insurance company in London, which again saved Goldman Sachs. I believe they deliberately let two of the 5 investment banks fail to help Goldman Sachs rise to the top.

Now, the automated clearinghouse (ACH) system is changing to allow direct deposits from non-banks – i.e. Big Tech in repayment for censorship. On December 23, 2019, the Board approved modifications to the Federal Reserve Banks’ National Settlement Service and Fedwire Funds Service to support enhancements to the same-day ACH service preparing for digital currencies. On September 25, 2020, the Board amended the implementation date for certain modifications. They are preparing for a digital currency, but this means two things.

By this Fed expansion, they are planning for the long-term for the elimination of public debt, in which case there will no longer be primary dealer banks, and hence no need to bail out the banks when they blow up on trading, assuming they will still be allowed to trade in the future.

Once the Fed moves to create its own digital currency, it is no longer the independent entity it was once supposed to be. Welcome to the new 21st century of a hybrid central bank, end of primary dealers, and the elimination of government debt. All for your security, so you do not revolt when the government system collapses.

Eviction Moratorium

Armstrong Economics Blog/Rule of Law

Posted Sep 16, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The eviction moratorium ends on September 30th. There are people who are abusing the entire pandemic. Some have flat out said they’re not paying, you can’t evict them, and then they buy a brand new car and put it in their driveway. What people need to know is that they can be evicted for reasons that have nothing to do with paying rent.

The real problem has been the unemployment extensions, and every place around here has “help wanted” signs out. There are jobs available, but some people prefer to get paid not to work, and the government is really looking at what proportion of the economy would be satisfied with Guaranteed Basic Income. The Supreme Court ruling will end protections for about 3.5 million people in the US who say they face eviction in the next two months, according to Census Bureau data from early August. October will be very interesting, and the week of the 11th could be very volatile.

Kroger CFO Notes More and Faster Food Inflation Coming in Next Several Months

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This is not a surprise data-point for readers here.  However, it is good to see honest statements from corporate executives on what to expect with food inflation.

As noted by Kroger Chief Financial Officer Gary Millerchip in a call with financial media, we can expect to see even more rapid inflation in food prices overall in the next several months:

MSM – Cincinnati-based Kroger Co., which had $132 billion in sales last year, says inflation is running hotter than management previously anticipated and that expectations are now for prices to rise 2% to 3% over the second half of this year.

Kroger is “passing along higher cost to the customer where it makes sense to do so,” said CFO Gary Millerchip on the company’s second-quarter earnings call on Friday. (read more)

The reason for more inflation is not too difficult to understand.  Fresh foods show fast price increases immediately because they have almost no pre-existing inventory.  Fresh foods go from field to fork the fastest, and price increases show up immediately.  The same applies to restaurants.

However, processed foods and shelf stable foods have a deeper inventory, the turns on that inventory take longer, and as a consequence, it takes longer for the price increases to show up.  Millerchip is simply saying the total supply chain price increases are going to hit, and they are going to hit even harder than the last few months, as the new processed inventory carries a higher cost.

The skyrocketing prices at the grocery store are predictable based almost entirely on Joe Biden’s pro-Wall Street and Multinational Corporation policies.  Main Street is getting hammered, and the working class is suffering as a direct result.

Their specific accountability for these outcomes is why the Biden administration is trying to distract and blame COVID-19 for supply chain issues.  However, it is not COVID driving the prices, it’s Joe Biden policies that benefit multinationals.  {Go Deep}

Food products are fast-turn consumable goods, and the inflation in the food sector is jaw-dropping already.  However, fresh and processed foods turn at different inventory levels.

Obviously fresh foods spoil fastest (think produce, fish, meats and dairy), so they are replenished more quickly, and the thin supply chain (field to fork) passes along increased costs fast. Processed foods have a longer shelf life (boxed, canned, frozen, etc), and as a consequence, have a much larger inventory level in manufacturing, warehousing and retail storerooms/shelves.  Within processed foods, there is a lag between cost increase at origination and that cost hitting the stores.

The problem identified within the current ‘producer price index’, is that price increases in the raw material and intermediate material are building into the supply chain.  Keep in mind, the entire supply chain is dependent on energy costs and the fuel prices that impact transportation.

The retail consumer supply chain for manufactured and processed food products includes bulk storage to compensate for seasonality.  There are over 800 commercial and public warehouses in the continental 48 states that store frozen products (2020 data).  The previously processed food price increases are currently reflected on store shelves (already hurting).  However, the coming processed processed food price increases will be much, much higher.  We will see even higher prices on processed foods in the supermarket.

The same price increases happen for restaurants, albeit faster as they follow the similar supply chain to fresh foods.

Pro Tip – Buy your Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday shelf-stable items now (spices, condiments, flour, sugars, dried foods etc.) before the prices go up in the next few months.

Fauci our Modern-Day Mengele – He Must be Removed

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Sep 3, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Now the new Dr. Mengele of our time, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who does not actually practice medicine, has announced that the US is still planning for COVID-19 booster shots to continue. Everyone will be mandated to get one after 8 months. Biden said shots could be administered after 5 months. The entire story is that COVID will end once we vaccinate the world. But coronaviruses exist in animals, so it will NEVER be defeated — that is the TRUTH!

So, what is really going on is simple. They are gradually dripping out of their mouths the next objective little by little. First, a vaccine would restore the world to normal. Now, the vaccines will become a regular requirement even to move. They are slowly recreating the Berlin Wall to prevent movement in hopes of preventing an uprising.

These evil people are following the very same game plan as the Nazis all because they realize that they can no longer borrow endlessly to meet the promises of socialism. They know you NEVER reveal the entire plan, for people will revolt. Lead them down the path ever so gradually, and you will transform the nation into whatever you desire. They have studied this approach, and they KNOW what they are doing. We now have Fauci saying schools should MANDATE these vaccines, subjecting our children to who knows what. I cannot stress how vital it is to the future of our children to remove this fake doctor who has not practiced medicine and is just a bureaucrat. He has actually no real experience with patients — just theory. He went from sco=hool in 1968 directly to the government.

Missed Expectations, ADP Private Payrolls Rise 374k Far Below Economist Prior Estimates

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics report on August jobs is anticipated Friday. However, the numbers from the private sector ADP payroll review [Data Here] were released today, and the results are far below what was predicted.

According to the ADP payroll review, businesses hired a total of 374,000 workers, compared to the expectation of 600,000+ from the financial media.  The vast majority of jobs gained was in the ‘Service and Hospitality’ sector that added 201,000 jobs.

The total services sector added 329,000 jobs, while the goods-producing sector only gained 45,000 jobs. This result is reflective of an overall drop in consumer spending which has continually been identified in sales data from the past several months.

Consumers are being hit with massive inflation on food, fuel, energy and housing costs. As a result, they have pulled back from spending on durable goods, luxury products and other items now considered ‘non-essential.’

The service and hospitality sector shows job growth from new hires and returning workers as people start to travel, dine in restaurants and engage in other vacation activity.  Simultaneously, those same consumers are spending less on retail purchases. This pattern has been very consistent throughout the summer.

(MSM) – […] Recent statements out of the central bank indicate that it likely will slow the pace of its monthly purchases of bonds so long as job growth continues at pace. Officials have been largely optimistic about the employment picture, though they note that about 6 million fewer workers are holding jobs now than before the pandemic. (more)

BigTech – Replacing Banks

Armstrong Economics Blog/Banking Crisis Re-Posted Aug 29, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Can you explain how using Jack Dorsey’s financial tools are another way Americans are surrendering their freedoms.
Although the transaction fees are a fraction of banks and the time duration are almost instant.
Thanks – although after years or writing into your block/contact I’ve yet to have a reply

ANSWER: Back in 2020, I had information that BigTech was lining up and was promised that they would be handed online banking if they helped to remove Trump. BigTech was promised the power to overthrow the banks. Governments were also secretly allowing BitCoin to take hold to convince people digital currencies were better than paper. The powers that be want everyone in the banking system to end once and for all paper money. They realize that the stumbling block has been that there are over 1 billion people outside the banking system (just read the IMF). This is an absolutely insane goal to have every goat herder in remote areas online. But the people who come up with these ideas are more egotistical maniacs than practical intelligent people who have ever traveled to such places.

Big Tech had a lot at stake during the 2020 election. I warned that they were censoring everything to try to push Biden into the White House so they can cash in on their chips back on October 20, 2020. The mainstream media is also on board and they even forced Glen Greenwald to resign from the news organization he founded. The media has been also taking grants from the greatest philanthropist/manipulators in history – Bill Gates. Dorsey’s new online bank under Square which I reported in March 2021 that my original sources were spot on.

To make digital currency work, the transaction MUST BE instant. You cannot go into any place and pay with a digital currency that takes hours or days to clear. In the banking system, you deposit a check and it takes often 3 days to clear. The old banking system cannot allow digital transactions that will enable the elimination of paper money.

Square first submitted its application to the FDIC to become a deposit-taking bank in September 2017. Back in 2018, Dorsey in July had dropped his plans for a banking license. He then reapplied in 2018. Previously, Jack Dorsey’s fintech partnered with Celtic Bank for banking products. Square began by underwriting and originating business loans for Square Capital’s existing lending product.

This has all been enabled to further the elimination of paper money and thereby the failing governments believe they will be able to grab whatever taxes they demand and nobody will be able to avoid taxes ever again. On top of that, they also want to eliminate international travel as much as possible to “save the planet” but also to prevent people from fleeing their jurisdiction for taxation. The end goal is a hybrid of the old Soviet Union whereby we will not be able to freely travel and ensure we will be the future economic slaves.

This is why Twitter banned Trump. Whatever excuse BigTech can use to shut down Trump and ensure Biden would win the election was all done to further this agenda where they were promised that traditional banks will become obsolete. Branches will no longer be needed. You can already deposit a check by scanning it into your phone so you need not visit a bank office. Once cash is eliminated, then all that would be left is a safe deposit box which they envision is loaded with valuables you need to pay taxes on.

When government eliminates all paper money, the next step will be to seize all pensions and that will be replaced with Guaranteed Basic Income. In that manner, they will be able to default on all government debt and the Modern Monetary Theory will become reality by restraining our liberty if not entirely eliminating it. The politicians see themselves as the aristocrats who will always be above the Great Unwashed.

This has been what I have been fighting against for these past years. I did the Solution Conference in 2015 because these were the very proposals I was arguing against behind the curtain between 2022 and 2015. The idea of allowing digital currencies surfaced during the 2007-2009 crisis. The bankers blew up the world again and the Fed had to bail out AIG. I was still in contempt when I was asked for help by the House Banking Committee and I asked you do know where I am? They said they would help but I declined. Bitcoin emerged in 2008 as a theory to circumvent the banks because they would routinely blow up the financial world and they expect to be bailed out because the government needed them to sell their debt. That is when they realized that the system had to change.

Consumer Spending Unexpectedly Collapses in July as Essential Purchases Become Primary Focus of Working Class, Inflation is The Underlying Problem and It Will Get Worse

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 17, 2021 | Sundance | 228 Comments

The U.S. Census Department releases retail sales data today showing a strong contraction in consumer spending for July [MSM LINK].  The out-of-touch financial pundits were looking for a 0.3% decline; however, the drop was four times greater with a contraction of 1.1% in spending.

“The slide in retail sales comes after Friday’s preliminary consumer sentiment report from the University of Michigan showed one of the largest drops on record, leading some strategists and economists to warn of downside risk to the sales data.” (link)

This should not be unexpected for those who read here.  Massive price inflation on essential goods is eating up wages.  Food, fuel and energy price increases are changing consumer spending habits.  Non-essential purchases have stopped….. they haven’t slowed, they have stopped. ←Emphasize this because it is not showing up yet in the data lag.

The data reflects that auto sales were the primary contributor to the decline in spending (-4.3%).  This should make sense to people because auto purchases are the largest general consumer purchase outside of home purchasing.

When purchase decisions are made by families; and food and fuel prices are skyrocketing; replacing a vehicle is not essential.  Auto sales are a key indicator of consumer confidence and income.

Overall inflation is the primary driver.  Real wages are declining (wages – inflation), and disposable income is dropping quickly.  Americans need to start talking very deliberately about what is about to happen.  CTH predicted this and has been walking through the visible outcomes as each set of new data surfaces {SEARCH BOX}.  Nothing happening right now is unforeseen or not easily understandable.

There is a cascading effect that happens within the economy.  Income shrinks, then spending shrinks, then employment shrinks and work hours reduce.  It is an unavoidable outcome inside the middle-class economy.

Two-thirds of our national economy (GDP) is dependent on middle-class consumer spending.  Any impact to that spending cornerstone triggers downstream consequences. Large ticket items (like cars) are the first to drop. [Car sales have declined 10.4% from their peak in April.]  Luxury goods in general come next.

Wage-earners, families around the table, husbands and wives, start making decisions on finances based on income outlays.  The roof over your head is the priority; then comes food, and the prices are rising;  then gasoline, and again rising prices; finally facilitating expenses for work and school.

I said in June, at a macro level home prices had reached their peak (last two weeks of May, first two weeks of June was apex).  Obviously, there are some geographic home value increases still happening as COVID related regional issues and work opportunities are shifting populations.  There is also a lag and ripple effect that takes time to work through the economy.  The macro-apex will not be visible until next year.

People go where the work is, and the work is in the freedom zones (red states/regions).  Population shifts keep some area home prices increasing.  However, on a national macro-level the apex has been reached.  People cannot afford higher mortgage payments and simultaneously deal with massive inflation on essential purchases.

Economic pressure works to the benefit of the command and control authority who wish to force vaccinations upon people.  The fear of losing a job becomes more of an issue for people when income security is threatened and they see food prices rising so quickly.  It is unnerving, unsettling and for paycheck-to-paycheck families extremely stressful.  This creates leverage for corporations to require vaccinations for employment.  I wish I had the answers; alas, I do not.

Bottom line is…  Depending on your personal situation,  prepare yourself now for prices to continue rising on both consumable and durable goods.  In the longer term, specifically due to a lack of purchasing, durable good prices will level and eventually drop.  Less people buying stuff makes prices drop as competition triggers and businesses selling durable goods look to survive.  Unfortunately at that point we are usually headed to a recession.

The downside for a drop in durable good purchasing is the workforce behind the manufacturing, distribution and sale of those goods are at risk of losing employment.  Again, a natural outcome.  For the auto-industry, and heavy industrial manufacturing, this is the time of year when retooling is taking place and some manufacturing and production lines are closed.  However, when they return to production those companies might be shocked to find fewer purchase orders for the goods they produce.

Employment is currently stable (especially in the freedom zones); but we should watch for continued signs of consumer spending contraction.  Any employment contraction will be made worse by the millions of illegal aliens now purposefully permitted to enter our nation.

Keep in mind, the Federal Government is pumping money into their command and control economy.  This short-sighted (I would say purposeful and ideological) monetary and economic policy is contributing to massive inflation.

Inflation puts pressure on incomes and savings…. which puts demands on government to support income losses…. which leads to govt pumping more money.  This is the dependency and welfare cycle that seems intentionally being deployed by Biden and the socialists behind him.

FORBES – “Consumers spent less last month than economists had expected, buying fewer things online and holding off on car purchases, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday morning, following Friday’s report of “a stunning loss of confidence

[…]Consumers spent 1.1% less in July than June, more than the 0.3% decline economists cited by MarketWatch had been expecting, after increasing 0.7% the previous month. The decline was driven by the lack of motor vehicle sales, which fell 4.3%.  Nonstore retailers, which includes online shopping, fell 3.1%” (link)