Debt Forgiveness

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QUESTION: Will debt forgiveness only be for government entities at all levels or will it include private businesses and private citizens as well?  If it will be for all, then why not go out now, take out a loan, buy something (i.e. car) with the loan, sit back and wait for the debt to be forgiven, and one has just acquired a new item at very little expense (one may have to lose loan admin fees and a few months of loan payments in the process)?


ANSWER: The agenda is you will own nothing and be happy. That means they take everything you own from property to pensions & 401K, and in return, they eliminate all your debts – so you will be happy!

Those who own their own home lose. But if we ran out and took a mortgage, they would take the cash. These are very clever people and governments are behind it because they can no longer pay their national debts and they cannot sell more. They are racking up the expanded money supply to cover costs with no intention of having to really pay for anything. Listen to Trudeau how he refuses the questions. Pretends their will be an economy and that interest rates will never rise.

Gates Hands Grants to Media to Support His Views?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Press Re-Posted Oct 30, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Bill Gates is a very clever man. He knows how to create monopolies and was forced to resign from Microsoft to prevent its breakup. He has been doing far more than just pushing for lockdowns and vaccines. He has also been funding the media to slant the news and scaremongering for COVID. The Telegraph has been one of the most aggressive to lock people down in Britain. So many people I know in Britain no longer even trust the BBC. Indeed, the Gates Foundation awards $20 Million to BBC World Service Trust. A five-year, $20 million grant awarded to the BBC World Service Trust by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in December blurs the lines between funding for traditional media and public education, the Seattle Times reports. Again, this is to push for the issue of health and explains their support for COVID lockdowns. Gates has also handed money to ABC News in the USA and NPR.

Is there any wonder why we have lost free press?

Will Big Tech Replace all the Banks?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Banking Crisis Re-Posted Oct 30, 2020 by Martin Armstrong


It’s now so obvious…but no one has more to gain with the lockdown(and more to lose with its lifting) than Big Tech.

The lockdown destroyed small and medium sized business, especially those that are in private hands. These were the real target of the lockdown…private property….collapse these businesses and you go at the heart of capitalism…private ownership. Once these were closed by government edict, the agencies then took control and put in place procedures that ensured these companies could never cope with the cost and layer of compliance required…lacking scale and financial resources, many simply closed for good. That was the goal all along. And remains so until only large businesses remain, those that will bend to the will of Government and profit from this reduced competition. And large tech companies are in a unique position to exploit this vacuum because they can become the single source providers of everything…and dictate time and price, point of sale…everything.

Which explains why they have the most to lose from lifting the lockdown, because now everything has been priced into their stock…and their CEO’s are not useful idiots but willing accomplices of this dark arrangement with those working in bureaucracy to further their push into everyone’s life…so, if you want to travel, get used to testing, tracking and vaccines…these carriers took money from govt and now the govt calls the shots…whenever you take money from govt, they own you. Same with big tech…now they are locked in tight to ensure that everything reported by the media via Twitter and Google states that the virus is here to stay and people nee to get used to it…the election gives them a perfect opportunity to trial run so many new initiatives that require we stay locked in and vote by mail…next comes electronic voting from an ap controlled by Apple.

This is pure evil. And why Tech must be broken up.


REPLY: There are a lot of people beginning to question that Big Tech has been conspiring with this Great Reset assuming they will fall within Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution so they will be fine. They will certainly make fortune from tracking devices, swapping to digital currencies where they hope to replace the banks for if you OWN nothing, you will also have no bank account and banks will no longer be lending and since governments will adopt Modern Monetary Theory, they will no longer need the banks to sell their debt since there will be none.

When we look at the major bank stocks, the ONLY one to peak with the Dow was J.P. Morgan. When we look at Deutsche Bank and HSBC, they peaked back in 2007 reflecting their problems. Goldman Sachs peaked in 2018. Behind the curtain, there is pressure not to bail out the bankers again. This is especially true in Europe. This leaves the idea of Schwab as very, very attractive, and therefore crushing the economy and forgiving all debt so you will OWN NOTHING would allow then to forgive all outstanding debt and you then just rent the place where you live. There are major holes in this theory, but those aside, this explains why Big Tech will replace the banks.

Big Tech has a lot at stake and they are censoring everything to try to push Biden into the White House so they can cash in on their chips. The mainstream media is also on board and they ever force Glen Greenwald to resign. That did not happen even with Snowden. I recommend you watch the movie Snowden to provide some background.

Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Q3 GDP and Indicators for Q4…

Posted originally on The Conservative tree House on October 29, 2020 by sundance

National Economic Council Director, Larry Kudlow, discusses the third-quarter economic GDP result and the indicators for the fourth quarter.  Kudlow nails this one with a blend of empirical economic data and industrial manufacturing ground reports.

Keep in mind today’s excellent GDP growth result was despite a big part of the U.S. economy intentionally being kept closed by blue state politicians as part of a COVID weaponization strategy.  Additionally, the travel, hotel and hospitality sector is severely hampered…. yet the overall economy is booming despite that. [See previous post]

The inventory factor is a big part of the predictive value for the fourth quarter, and hearkens back to my earlier notation about this holiday season being short of products to meet a retail consumer demand (buy early). Also, tip bigly those workers within the hospitality industry that are working; create an organic infusion of relief money.

V-Shaped Recovery Achieved – Third Quarter GDP Growth a Record Breaking 33.1 Percent…

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For several months the Trump administration has been talking about a “V-Shaped recovery,” meaning the COVID-19 rebound would be as strong as the preceding quarter contraction.  Today the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released the third-quarter economic stats reflecting exactly that, a V-shaped recovery.

The 3rd quarter rebound in GDP growth was 33.1 percent, larger than the 2nd quarter contraction of 31.4 percent.  And keep in mind this is with a major part of the U.S. leisure and hospitality sector remaining severely impacted. [See Table 3, Line 20]

Despite several blue states attempting to stall their economic recovery, overall the economy is rebounding as expected.  Obviously the threat of COVID has been weaponized as an election strategy. It is against the interests of the administration’s political opposition to support a more honest, open and engaged economic recovery.

[Table 3]

All of these economic indicators highlight the visible reality on the ground.  Despite the ongoing challenges there is good news for the most heavily impacted sectors of the economy: leisure and hospitality. Well over half of those jobs lost have been recovered. In the past four months 3.6 million jobs have been gained in this sector. Employment in food services and drinking places is still down by down by 2.5 million since the peak in February but the gain is significant and reflects a “V-shaped” recovery ongoing.

All sectors of the economy are gaining jobs back at a remarkable rate; and the key demographics are benefiting in proportion to the initial COVID-19 impact. [BLS Report HERE]  With the expiration of the “extra” federal unemployment benefits at the end of July/August, the negative incentive has been removed; more people are stepping back into the workforce.

A September 2020 comparison to September 2019 [LINK HERE] – [PDF HERE] shows last month’s retail sales jumped a whopping 5.4 percent year-over-year.  That means last month saw consumer spending 5.4% higher than consumer spending before COVID-19 hit the U.S. economy. Keep in mind two-thirds of U.S. GDP is driven by retail sales and consumer spending.

As many of you know I have been traveling extensively throughout the country as I continue to brief groups on background DC, DOJ and FBI information from my years of research. During these travels I make a point to visit sector-specific businesses to inquire about their economic and business growth status.

The disconnect amid a ground reality compared to business reporting and financial media is actually stunning. However, perhaps that is because my physical ‘on-the-ground’ inquires and reports are ahead of the natural lag in the economic data rolling up to the accounting level. Here’s what I can tell you with absolute certainty.

The amount of heavy equipment, industrial equipment, hardware and goods being moved around the country is more than I have ever witnessed or seen in decades of travel. The mid-west, mid-atlantic, southeast, and more specifically the south in general, has more haulers and semi-trucks on the road than I have ever witnessed…. ever…. by a substantial margin. The same is true for rail freight and cargo vessels.

Regardless of what financial pundits and economic media might be saying, the underlying economic activity in the U.S. right now is explosive and moving at a much more rapid pace than before the COVID crisis [statistically confirmed today]. Regionally, business owners and operators all report the same thing, and the same need for a larger workforce. All of them are hiring; however, some sector specifics and regional specifics are much more intense.

Is Europe Deliberately Crushing their Economy for the Great Reset?

Armstrong Economics Blog/European Union Re-Posted Oct 30, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT #1 (France): What the hell is going on?! This is so frustrating. I want, no, NEED someone to shed some real, unbiased light on this. Do you have some available?K

COMMENT#2 (Spain): Hi Marty,

Hope you’re ok. Jealous of you being in Florida!! (Assuming it’s still relatively sane over there.)

As you will no doubt know, Europe is heading back to total lockdown everywhere. Eastern Europe has been the worst, actually. They’ve gone totally tyrannical, ever since September.
Masks mandatory everywhere (incl. on the streets, parks, etc), cafes, restaurants, all culture, many/most shops and “non-essential” businesses now closed in most areas, and total lockdown in places like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, etc.
There have been some small-scale demonstrations in recent weeks in Bratislava, Prague, Poland, etc – and the cops (and in some cases military) have used brutal force against the peaceful protesters (water cannons, tear gas, firing rubber bullets, etc). In Slovakia, they’ve threatened to jail people who participated, because in “state of emergency” long jail penalties can be given to anyone disobeying the rules that ban public/social gatherings, etc.

Also, Slovakia is doing mandatory “covid” testing of the entire population (except kids under 10 years of age)! It’s not technically mandatory BUT, anyone who will not have the document attesting a negative test result (which people must carry with themselves at all time in case they’re stopped by police, and also to be able to go to work or enter any shop) will be deemed “positive” and not allowed to leave home at all! So, if you don’t get tested, you’re screwed – not able to go to work, to buy anything in a store, or even to leave home because cops will be patrolling and asking for the document.

As I’ve told you some time ago… Westerners are under the illusion that people from formerly communist/totalitarian countries would resist tyranny. Well, they don’t. The VAST majority of people in all these countries are ok with all this tyranny; they think it’s for “public health” (aka for their own good), and they turn not on the tyrannical government but on the few who don’t want to obey these evil, anti-human, tyrannical mandates.

Aside of perhaps China (with their evil total monitoring, social credit score, etc etc) Slovakia is now literally right on top of the most tyrannical countries. No test, no leaving home! (And, of course, soon the “test” will be replaced by a “vaccine”, then a chip, etc – and everyone will get injected because otherwise they will have to be locked in at home and starve to death!)

Most people didn’t believe Europe would go back into lockdown… well, here we are. And it’s only October – the flu season hasn’t even properly started yet.
We’re soon going to envy those who lived under Stalin or Mao.

Depressing as hell….I don’t want to live in this sick tyrannical world.

Take care.

REPLY: I have friends around the world who are all writing in and becoming very concerned. Europe is intent on pushing the Great Reset, using this virus as the justification to crush the economy to force people to ACCEPT their Guaranteed Basic Income and to usher in the Great Reset. Instead of revising the system properly, they have taken the totalitarian approach to retain power. I seriously question if there will be any elections post-2024 and there is a high probability that we will see international war by 2027.

There is absolutely NO possible way these people do not know what they are doing. This is a deliberate action to use COVID-19 to crush the economy and the people into submission. If you simply look at the European share indexes, you see nothing remotely similar to the United States. They are down on average 30% for the year and they look like death warmed-over.

Rockefeller Family Tells Banks to Stop Funding Fossil Fuels

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These people are absolutely insane. They think they should stop all fossil fuel produce now and leave cars stranded and eliminate any way to distribute food. I suppose they will suddenly realize that there are not enough horses and wagons to bring food to them in New York City. There is a real problem here when the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations are intent on reducing the population and eliminating democracies so they can impose their vision of the future by sheer decree. Perhaps this is a disease that comes from having too much money.