Dutch Farmers Intensify Protests, Form Transit Blockades on Roads, Bridges and Ports, Angered by New Energy Mandates and Forced Livestock Reductions

Posted on the conservative tree house on July 4, 2022 | Sundance 

The politicians in Dutch government recently passed sweeping new climate regulations that will result in more than a third of farmers losing their business. The government announced a €25 billion plan to radically reduce the number of livestock in the country in order to curtail emissions.

As the Guardian reports, “A deal to buy out farmers to try to reduce levels of nitrogen pollution in the country had been mooted for some time,and was finally confirmed after the agreement of a new coalition government in the Netherlands earlier this week.” The plan is to reduce farming in the Netherlands, by a “one-third reduction in the numbers of pigs, cows and chickens in the country.”  However, the farmers are fighting back.

The unorganized grass-roots groups have been randomly blocking roads and transportation hubs for the past three days.  They have also been dropping truckloads of manure at the entrances of government businesses.  In a show of solidarity, the fishing industry is now blocking ports.  Additionally, the farmers are starting to block the distribution centers of supermarkets and key roads forming a cauldron where transit is at a standstill.

As grocery store shelves go empty, the government is now asking the military to intervene and stop the farmer blockades.  However, the Dutch people overwhelmingly support the farmers.  Things have evolved into a social and economic war between the farmers and Build Back Better government ideology chasing climate change goals.

(Reuters) – Dutch farmers angered by government plans that may require them to use less fertilizer and reduce livestock began a day of protests in the Netherlands on Monday by blocking supermarket distribution hubs in several cities.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and KLM, the Dutch arm of Air France (AIRF.PA), have advised travellers to use public transport, rather than cars, to reach the airport, as farmers’ activist groups said on social media they planned to use tractors to block roads.

Several traffic jams were reported on highways in the east of the country and on ferry routes in the north, but none near Schiphol during the morning commute.

Dutch and European courts have ordered the Dutch government to address the problem. Farmers say they have been unfairly singled out and have criticised the government’s approach.  Monday’s protest is widely supported by farmers’ groups but not centrally organised.  (read more)

You can follow more on The Dutch Uprising HERE.

Marine Le Pen French Nationalists Win 89 Seats in Parliamentary Election

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 19, 2022 | Sundance

The French parliamentary elections were held Sunday and delivered a surprising result for Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National party.   The RN won 89 seats, far beyond what would be needed (15 seats) to have a consequential impact in the assembly.

FRANCE – […] The results would severely tarnish Mr. Macron’s April presidential election victory where he defeated the far-right to be the first French president to win a second term in over two decades. 

The expected number of seats for Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (90) amounts to a historic breakthrough. Only once under the Fifth Republic had the far right passed the threshold to form a group in the Assemblée (15 MPs), which allows for certain parliamentary resources and prerogatives.

The only time this happened was in 1986, when Ms. Le Pen’s father Jean-Marine Le Pen led a group of Front National MPs for two years. They were elected in the only ever legislative elections using proportional representation.

[…] Falling short of the majority forces Mr. Macron into tricky partnerships with other parties on the right to force through legislation.  There could now potentially be weeks of political deadlock as the president seeks to reach out to new parties. The most likely option would be an alliance with Les Republicans LR.

[T]he number two of far-right leader Marine Le Pen, Jordan Bardella, hailed her party’s performance as a “tsumani.” (read more)

“The Macron adventure has reached its end,” Le Pen said. The group of National Rally MPs “will be by far the biggest in the history of our political family.”  As a result, RN will be able to easily form a parliamentary group, which allows for more influence and speaking time.

The European Debt Crisis 2023-2024

Armstrong Economics Blog/Central Banks Re-Posted Jun 16, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The European Central Bank has announced that it plans to create a new tool to tackle the risk of eurozone fragmentation, which is the new term for divergence among member states. They are adopting this tactic out of fears of a new European debt crisis that is inevitable. From the very beginning when the EU Commission was charged with designing the Euro can to our conference in London in 1997, I warned that the promises that everyone would be paying the same rate of interest merely because they were creating a single currency was a complete fantasy. I further warned that this would lead to the collapse of the Euro if not the entire EU.

I explained that they were comparing the Euro to the Federal Debt of the US when the failure to consolidate the debts of the EU meant that the real outcome would be like the USA at the state level. A single currency did not mean that every state paid the same interest rates in the USA and that would be the ultimate reaction of the free markets. We are now in the 24th years of the Euro and its survival because deb stable post-2024.

The ECB’s decision has come as a surprise following an emergency meeting to address higher borrowing costs for many European governments on an uneven playing field. The ECB made a statement:

“Since the gradual process of policy normalization was initiated in December 2021, the Governing Council has pledged to act against resurgent fragmentation risks.”

“The pandemic has left lasting vulnerabilities in the euro area economy which are indeed contributing to the uneven transmission of the normalization of our monetary policy across jurisdictions,” 

The comments are trying to explain the recent surge in bond yields over the past week or so as capital is starting to smell a rat. ECB has implied a more aggressive policy tightening is coming but it still failed to deliver any new measures that would support the growing unrestrained debt load. With Green governments seizing power, and the absurd sanctions on Russia, it is hard to see where there is any understanding of fiscal management on the horizon.

European capital is now very concerned about financial “fragmentation” meaning the disparity among member states in interest rates. There is clearly a rise in rates in Southern Europe compared to northern. The ECB is now saying that it will “reinvest redemptions” from its emergency bond-purchasing program. So in other words, it will NOT reduce its balance sheet concerning bonds that are under pressure for that will force greater disparity ahead – i.e. fragmentation.

The ECB claimed that its commitment to the euro is its anti-fragmentation policy. They have said that this commitment “has no limits.” Previously, Southern EU states faced materially higher borrowing costs in the wake of the sovereign debt crisis back in 2011. This is a complete disaster for the failure to have consolidated the debt meant that their idea of one monetary policy for 19 different fiscal positions cannot possibly work. I tried to explain to them from the beginning that the 12 original branches of the Fed were independent and they would raise or lower rates depending upon the regional impact. It was Roosevelt who usurped that authority and created one rate for all in 1935 creating the new head branch in Washington.

The yield on the Italian bonds traded over 4% and has broken through the Downtrend Line. While people hope that the ECB’s announcement in this unscheduled emergency meeting means they will be in control, this is more like the 5-time-divorced soul getting married again for the sixth time confirming that hope can triumph over experience. The broader long-term is that borrowing costs will have nowhere to go but higher.

The ECB’s decision to reinvestment what it previously bought merely confirms that there is a serious sovereign debt crisis unfolding.

Bolsonaro Implies Doubt on Biden Election Ahead of Latin America Summit

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro wasn’t just throwing shade at the 2020 election outcome for Joe Biden, Bolsonaro seemingly ponders the question about how many western leaders might be the result of WEF manipulated elections.  All things considered; it is a valid question.

SAO PAULO, June 7 (Reuters) – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday cast doubt on the 2020 election victory of U.S. President Joe Biden, just two days before they are due to meet for the first time during the Summit of the Americas.

Bolsonaro, an outspoken admirer of former President Donald Trump, said in a TV interview that he still harbors suspicions about Biden’s victory and he again praised Trump’s government.

In 2020, the Brazilian leader voiced allegations of U.S. election fraud as he backed Trump. Bolsonaro was also one of the last world leaders to recognize Biden’s win.

“The American people are the ones who talk about it (election fraud). I will not discuss the sovereignty of another country. But Trump was doing really well,” Bolsonaro said. “We don’t want that to happen in Brazil,” he added. (read more)

With the totalitarian comfort we have seen from multiple western governments’, in both scale and scope, it does make you wonder just how far they would be willing to go to retain power.   After all, there are trillions at stake.

European Debt Crisis Explained

Armstrong Economics Blog/Humor Re-Po sted Jun 7, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The European Union failed to consolidate debt when creating its European utopia. Policymakers are solely to blame for creating their debt crisis, and it is hard to believe that no one saw this coming. The creation of the euro and European Union was so poorly planned that it is another example of comedy writing itself.

Is the WEF Running Canada?

Armstrong Economics Blog/WEF Re-Posted Jun 5, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The Canadian National Post has reported on the rising concern that the World Economic Forum is making all the calls as to what the Canadian government should do. They admitted that this question has “gained remarkable currency among Canadian[s]” particularly since the events of the Freedom Convoy. While they concluded that the WEF is not controlling Canada, implying this insanity is all the brainchild of Trudeau, they admitted that “it’s not entirely crazy to jump to the conclusion that an international cabal of ultra-elitists is secretly pulling the strings on world affairs (particularly when they keep claiming as much).”

I recently finished another documentary where I was actually asked: “Would you debate Schwab?” I answered “Yes!” I explained that throughout my career, I have been butting heads with academics worldwide. The ONLY one I met who was actually interested in how the world functioned was Milton Friedman who I cherish his autographed photo I keep on my shelf – not a bust Lenin as is the case with Schwab, which really is on his shelf.

I was impressed with Milton Friedman who came to listen to me speak in Chicago. When I was finished, he came up and said: “Hello. I’m Milton Friedman. That was the best speech I ever heard.” I was probably the largest foreign exchange adviser in the world. That is what made my company so famous. I have told the story before that prior to 1985, I was in Geneva having lunch with the head of one of the major banks in Switzerland. I had prepared a list of names like European Advisers I was going to open an office in Europe. I asked his advice on what name to use. He told me to name one European analyst. I was embarrassed for I could not. I apologized and said I’m sure there must be, but I just did not know of any. He chuckled and said there were none.

He then explained to me how currency had become political so no analyst working for a bank would dare say that their currency would decline. That would have been a political statement against the government. After World War II, politicians used their rise in the currency as a political validation that their policy was correct and so vote for them.

He said to me, that the reason everyone uses you is that you “do not give a shit if the dollars goes up or down!”  He explained to me why we had become so big on a global scale. As an American, saying the dollar would decline or rise was not a political assault upon the government. Nobody ran for office claiming the dollar was up against the Mexican Peso so vote for me! They would have e been laughed off the stage. It was another lesson in life that you cannot judge others by yourself.

As fate would have it, I had a client who was a senior VP at Franklin National Bank, which was once the United States’ 20th largest bank. Most people have no idea but in 1951, it was Franklin National Bank in Long Island, New York, that issued the first card that most resembles today’s general-use credit cards. For the first time, customers could purchase items and pay them off quickly or be charged interest if the debt carried over. Participating merchants had to pay a fee for each card purchase. By 1952, about 28,000 customers and 750 businesses had signed up for the card which eventually became the Mastercard. The concept started spreading that same year when a bank in Michigan licensed the charge card program from Franklin. The idea was so popular, that in 1958, American Express launched its first charge card.

On October 8, 1974, it collapsed in obscure circumstances, involving connections to the Italian Michele Sindona who was alleged to be a Mafia banker. It was at the time the largest bank failure in the history of the country. Because I knew futures and international finance, I was asked to take a look at the problem the bank had.  The bank failed on a 10% move in the Italian Lira. Nobody seemed to understand international finance back then. Currency futures began trading on May 16th, 1972 following failed negotiations to reestablish a fixed exchange rate system. Thus being a trader, my client Walter Zenergle, asked if I could take a look at the problem. it was clear, that nobody yet understood about hedging risks except those of use who were traders.

The academics dealt in theory. Traders had to learn from their mistakes. After the failure of Franklin National Bank, it seemed that whenever there was an issue with currency, I seemed to get the call. When the Asian Currency Crisis hit in 1997, I was asked to come to Bejing to meet with the central bank. I was surprised that they had not called in some academic from Harvard. But went I got there, I discovered they had sent their people to work around the world on trading desks. They then returned to run the central bank. When I was asked by guys in the Fed and the US Treasury what was my impression of the Chinese central bank, I responded: “I was impressed. They only hired people with experience.”

The problem with academia has always been that it is entirely theory without any real-world experience. That is what impressed me about Milton Friedman. He came to listen to me speak to LEARN what was happening in the real world. Milton had said to me also that day, that I was doing what he only dreamed about. In 1953, he proposed a floating exchange rate system whereby the free markets would impose checks and balances against the policies of the government. Nilton has been the ONLY academic I have ever met that bothered to investigate rather than theorize as did Marx and even Keynes and certainly Schwab.

Unfortunately, Trudeau is listening to Schwab. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand as well as Europe are following the directive of Schwab. He is NOT in actual control. But the people running these political bodies are kissing his ring as if he is the godfather of economics.

Australian eSafety Commissioner Tells Word Economic Forum Audience It is Time to Recalibrate Free Speech

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Australian eSafety Commissioner Tells Word Economic Forum Audience It is Time to Recalibrate Free Speech

May 23, 2022 | sundance | 274 Comments

Australia has an eSafety Commissioner named Julie Inman-Grant.  While delivering remarks to the World Economic Forum summit in Davos, Switzerland, she outlined a new on-line era where free speech would need to be “recalibrated,” and the ability to be free from something called “on-line violence.”  WATCH:


For the past several years we have noted a progressive, totalitarian, shift in speech, specifically a redefinition of the word “violence.”  Speech the leftists do not like, they call violence; and violence the leftists support, they call speech.   As a result, the overlay of a newly recalibrated on-line world for speech and violence would be modified accordingly.

Speech the Big Tech consortium would define as against their views would be considered on-line violence and thus controlled by the governmental guardians of the internet like the eSafety Commissioner.  As you can see in the video below, “violence” now includes their perception of something happening on a metaphysical level. An emotional impact.  They have a spiritual avatar that they feel the drive to defend from the viewpoints of the Others.



Sweden & Finland Joining NATO

Armstrong Economics Blog/Scandinavia Re-Posted May 15, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Hi Marty, hope all is well.

All indications are that Sweden and Finland will join NATO. However, both countries refuse to allow nuclear weapons to be placed in their countries.

Russia still threatens reprisals.

Does Putin have any reasons to attack Sweden and Finland before their respective NATO applications are a fact?

If no nuclear warheads are placed in Finland nor Sweden, what do you think the Russian response will be against Sweden and Finland in the end?

Kind Regards/MS

ANSWER: We do not see any indication that Russia will attack Finland and Sweden before joining NATO that would involve a prolonged event.  However, note that the computer did have a Double Directional Change here in 2022 which reflects the political change that is unfolding. War does not appear in that region until 2027-2028.

I am working feverishly to get what I hope will be a book on the coming World War III based upon the computer projection rather than my opinion. Unclassified documents have surfaced confirming that actually Putin is correct – NATO had promised not to move one inch eastward and that Eastern Europe was to be a buffer zone of nutrality. NATO has been the agressor and they are NOT ever interested in peace because if there was really peace, then there is no need for NATO and all those people would lose jobs.

As most people know, my sources are dammed good. When the Russians were building a secret unground facility, even Margaret Thatcher asked me if I had any information since their intelligence was coming up short. Our clients are of a like mind regardless of the nation in which they reside. There are always people in every country who oppose whatever current government is in power. That is just humanity. Even during the American Revolution, there were people who supported the king and they confiscated their property to fund the war.

There is so much behind the scenes that people just do not know like why Crimea was handed to Ukraine in 1954? Nikita Khrushchev was raised in the Donbas and actually considered himself from that region being born just 7 miles from the border between Ukraine and Russia. It was Khrushchev who rebuilt Kyiv after World War II for he was in charge of that province before he rose to national power. Khrushchev also was redrawing borders elsewhere. He was removed in 1964 for his hair-brain ideas and his confrontation with the US over stuffing missiles in Cuba in 1962. What Ukraine wants to do pushing the world into war over territorial grab, the world needs to know the Truth. All of Khrushchev’s redesigning borders was reversed and that included Crimea which they ruled was an illegal act.

I am putting together the full story covering both sides. We all have a right to know. NATO wants war and this is a war to exterminate Russia. Ukraine is the proxy war as our computer forecast back in 2013 that this would be the place where it all begins. The West could care less how many Ukrainians die – civilians or otherwise. Their purpose is to weaken Russia and only then will NATO act. Next will then be China.

The New Star Trek & World War III

Armstrong economics Blog/AI Computers Re-Posted May 8, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

A lot of people have written in to ask if I have been consulted for the Star Trek series or if some have used our forecast to write scripts. I have not consulted on Star Trek. If people are tapping into our computer forecasts for ideas, I cannot confirm nor deny that. I understand that connection to our model and I can say an awful lot of people do tune in to Socrates. Let’s hope their visual forecast of the future is not so dramatic. If it makes people think twice – it is fantastic. My fear is that those pulling the strings connected to the mouths of world leaders just for once stop with this nonsense of a Great Reset and let’s sit down and revise the world economy in a rational manner.

Boris Johnson’s Stupidity – Who is the Only Statesman Standing?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Russia Re-Posted May 2, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Russia TV called out Borris Johnson for threatening to launch nuclear weapons against Russia. As they aptly warned that Borris has simply lost his mind that the UK is a very small island and one long-range nuclear weapon will wipe out the UK from the face of the planet. They also point out that they can simply detonate one offshore that would create a tsunami that would also wipe out the UK.

As one reader pointed out, strategic nukes and tactical nukes are different in classical terms of “strategy” and “tactics”. The long-range strategic nukes are long-range (ICBMs, SLBMs, BTW launched, etc.) and generally used for a large-scale assault, whereas tactical nukes are short-range (smaller artillery-launched) and less powerful (relatively speaking, of course). Russia could use a tactical nuke and wipe out Kyiv without destroying the entire country. That would at least shut up Zelensky and he will never get to spend the $850 million he has already allegedly stolen post-war with the blood of his own people to keep the money flowing which he is stuffing offshore in the traditional fashion of Ukrainian politicians. In the US, they go in broke and leave as millionaires. In Ukraine, they strive to leave as billionaires.

Russia is correct that just one nuke would wipe out Britain and Scotland. Just what the hell is going on here with these braindead leaders in the West is unimaginable. I spoke with a Congressman this morning and the sad state of affairs was that I was told that there is little expertise on Capitol Hill for the cold war generation seems to have retired. That is not helped when we have a senile President who seems to be rambling and will simply sign whatever they stick in front of him and needs the Easter Bunny to direct him and turns to shake hands with people who are not there.

Nobody wants to discuss the fact that Kyiv sent its army to begin the Civil War against Donbas on April 15th, 2014. It was called the “Anti-terrorist operation.” I have stated that I have personally known people on both sides from Kyiv and Donestk. I have listened to the sheer hatred of Russians that stems from the days of Stalin who killed 7 million Ukrainians by starvation (see the film Mr. Jones). It is understandable that Ukrainians would hate Russians and that includes those in the Donbas. Likewise, the ethnic Russians in the Donbas feel oppressed and hated based entirely on their ethnicity. Bute the Western Neocons just hate Russians so their story of Donbas is never told in the Western press.

As I have pointed out, the Russian scholars have been debating this issue for decades trying to answer the questions (1) who is Russian and (2) what is the territory of Russia. Stalin was not Russia – he was Georgian. Lenin wanted to maintain the USSR and the Russian Empire which each state retaining its sovereignty. Stalin disagreed and demanded USSR be one country and terminated Lenin’s idea of a quasi-United States of Russia.

Putin has cancer and he is undergoing surgery. His number 2 is Nikolai Patrushev who is much more hard-right than Putin. I am deeply concerned that Putin may not make it to 2024 and if that is the case, these insults the West keeps hurling at Russia have not only severed all relations, and the direct phone line set up after the Cuban Missile Crisis t was to ensure that the leaders could always communicate to avoid war. Biden has virtually thrown the phone out the window.

Despite all the propaganda that demonizes Putin, those behind him are FAR WORSE for they are no different than the Neocons in America who just cannot sleep at night as long as Americans are still breathing. Our war cycle post-2024 appears to be the worse period. I fear that Putin will no longer be in charge and then we will see the real rage of Russia and how it has been treated by Biden and Europe. Russia will celebrate defeating the German Nazis on May 9th.

As Glen Greenwald pointed out on Twitter, “Noam Chomsky, in an interview this week, says “fortunately” there is “one Western statesman of stature” who is pushing for a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine rather than looking for ways to fuel and prolong it. “His name is Donald J. Trump,” Chomsky says. ” Indeed, in my discussions, ironically there seems to be ONLY one statement still standing and that is Donald Trump. All we have a war-mongers cheering on World War III. Not a single world leader is interested whatsoever in world peace. They have all deliberately lied about what the Ukrainians have been doing against the ethnic Russians for they have killed over 6,000 civilians in this relentless war. Nobody can now stand up and even acknowledge that Putin was not lying or that he was even the slightest bit correct. Nobody will talk about Zelensky and how he has now polarized the Middle East as well as fueled the old hatred against the Jews. If you have not noticed, the countries surrounding Israel are aligning with Russia, not the USA and the EU.