Biden Losing It – 2015/2016 Russian Meddling “wouldn’t have happened under my watch”…

This is sad…. hopefully those around him -who care- will stop this soon; before it gets embarrassing for him.   Former Vice-President Joe Biden appears on CNN for a friendly interview about his current candidacy.  Unfortunately what follows is an exhibition in Biden’s growing cognition issues.

Mr. Biden, referencing his position that Russia was meddling in the Brexit, U.S. and EU elections in 2015 and 2016, says those examples would not have happened under his watch:


This is only one snippet of the interview. However, even in this short snippet it’s obvious something is wrong. Candidate Biden is losing his ability to cognitively compartmentalize multiple aspects of a conversation simultaneously.

Biden will not be the presidential nominee of the 2020 Democrats. That’s clear now.

There have been stories about how the Biden team is increasingly working to keep him away from too much scrutiny. This interview with Chris Cuomo is a case study in: why.

Within political circles and debate prep there is a process called “murder-boarding”, where you put your candidate in front of a pretend panel of three questioners. As the candidate answers a specific question the job of the two participants is to interrupt and inject related questions prior to the conclusion of the original thought response.

If Biden is in the next debate; and if Crazy, Spank-Me and How begin to challenge Biden during his responses; he will not be able to get through it. He’s done.

Now, the DNC may make the decision, or instruct the other candidates, to back-off the Biden attacks; but that approach has limitations and can only help retain his viability for so long. Eventually the issue will overwhelm the ability of those around him to cover and assist.

There may be some twisted political purpose in assigning Biden the role of lead attack against President Donald Trump, but nothing within that motive will be intended to worry about Biden’s best interests.   He’s in a tenuous space right now.

Candidate Biden cannot compartmentalize thought on-the-fly and then reassemble the short term cognition to continue a train of thought on multiple simultaneous issues. If we can see it, those who would be relying on Biden to campaign and interact with an increasingly narrow focused media apparatus can surely also see it.

In my humble opinion, Joe Biden likely won’t make it to Iowa.

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