CNN Poll: Trump Loses 2020 Election to (Almost) Every Leading Democrat

Published on May 6, 2019


A CNN poll of 1007 registered voters shows that incumbent President Donald Trump loses a theoretical head-to-head race to nearly every leading Democrat presidential hopeful for the 2020 election…one by a HUGE margin. Can Republicans safely ignore polls like this, or does it tell us something about the electorate that Trump can ignore only at his own peril. Bill Whittle Now with Scott Ott brings sharp, principled analysis to breaking news five days per week. It’s produced by a growing band of Members who enjoy 44 such shows each month, a deep archive of conservative classics, an exclusive Member-written blog and more. Join us today and support spreading these messages around the world at

San Fran Ban: Cops Can’t Use Facial Recognition

Published on May 16, 2019

San Francisco became the first U.S. city to ban use of facial recognition by police and other city departments. Will this make it more difficult to catch bad guys who use the cloak of anonymity to blend in? Are we less safe because the police must work with outdated technology? Or did the San Francisco Board of Supervisors finally do something with which red-blooded conservatives and libertarians can agree? Monitoring the news and culture and recognizing the impact of conservative principles, Bill Whittle Now with Scott Ott, comes five times per week thanks to the Members who fund it. If you enjoy this video, and would love a place where people speak their minds freely in an atmosphere of reason, civility and mutual encouragement, maybe you should be one of us. Become a Member now at

Apple Airpods Tragedy: Icons of Capitalism’s Toxic Impact

Published on May 15, 2019

SUBSCRIBED 128K writer Caroline Haskins expels a lengthy screed damning Apple’s Airpods as a tragedy — “the future fossils of capitalism.” Stephen Green, Bill Whittle, and Scott Ott, school this Leftist Luddite in the miracle of free markets. Right Angle’s hosts have produced five shows per week for a decade thanks to the Members who pay for their production, who enjoy a deep archive of conservative classics, and a vibrant Member-written blog. Join your people today at You can even listen to the shows through your Apple Airpods.

CNN Crisis: With Ratings Plunge and Staff Purge, Can it Survive?

Published on May 14, 2019


As Nielsen chronicles the CNN ratings plunge, and headlines document the CNN staff purge, what options are left for the pioneer in 24-hour cable news? Will it survive by a resort to actual journalism, or will it continue to follow the mad-dog methods of MSNBC. Are we witnessing the final days of the Cable News Network? Right Angle is a production of the Members at, who fund it with their contributions, and enjoy a deep archive of conservative classics as well as a vibrant community of civil discourse, reasoned thought and lots of laughter. Come join your people at


Jesus the Never-Trumper: Mayor Pete Declares God’s Political Preference

Published on May 10, 2019

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a leading Democratic candidate for president and professing Christian, usually declares: “God has no political party.” Yet recently he told NBC News that God’s political preference would NOT be the Republican Party in the Trump era. He also had harsh innuendo about Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith. What does this say about Mayor Pete’s character, his theology and his prospects as a 2020 presidential candidate? The breaking news of the day fills the air with frantic babble, but people of principle remain calm, stand firm. If you’re one of those, may be you should be one of us — the Members at who make this show. It’s a growing movement of conservatives and other liberty lovers who seek to make a difference by engaging the lies of the Progressive Left in ways that win people to the cause of pursuing happiness. When you become a Member, you’ll enjoy 44 news shows each month, a deep archive of classic conservative content, and a private Members-only blog you can read…and write! Renew the commitment to your convictions today at

Jason Riley On “False Black Power?”

Published on Mar 18, 2019

Recorded on February 21, 2019. What is “false black power?” According to Jason Riley, author of False Black Power?, it is political clout, whereas true black power is human capital and culture. Riley and Peter Robinson dive into the arguments in Riley’s new book, the history of African Americans in the United States, and welfare inequality in black communities. Riley discusses the Moynihan report of 1965, which documented the rise of black families headed by single women in inner cities and how this report was something black sociologists had already been writing about for several years. He argues that there was clearly a breakdown of the nuclear family and that this is a result of the “Great Society” welfare programs of the 1960s rather than the legacy of slavery or Jim Crow laws. In the 1960s, Riley posits that the black activist community’s shift towards political engagement was misguided. He argues that the idea of black political clout leading to black economic advancement was misplaced. Other impoverished communities (i.e. Irish, Jewish, and Italian immigrant communities) at various times in American history focused on economic advancement first before trying to achieve political clout, and they were successful. Instead, the black community focused first on electing black politicians, which ended up doing very little for the economic advancement of the community as politicians typically put their own interests first, above their communities’. Riley points out that the economic data shows that black communities became more impoverished under black leadership. Riley proposes a solution of advocating for more school-choice vouchers, which allow black parents to take better control of their children’s futures and place them in the best schools for them. He also argues for reducing social safety nets, making them a more temporary form of welfare rather than the multigenerational welfare system currently in place. Other resources… Please Stop Helping Us, by Jason Riley… – Discrimination and Disparities, with Thomas Sowell… Stanford Hoover Institution economist targets socialism, fears ‘we may not make it’… – Sowell: Politicians using race as their ticket to whatever racket they’re running Interested in exclusive Uncommon Knowledge content? Check out Uncommon Knowledge on social media! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:…



Jordan Peterson | Full interview with NZ Herald journalist Simon Wilson

Published on Feb 22, 2019

Controversial Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson sits down with Simon Wilson. Full story:


Dr. Jordan Peterson – One Last Question

Published on Apr 8, 2019

Senior Vice President, David Nasser, and Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sat down for a discussion after Dr. Peterson spoke at Liberty University’s Convocation on March 29, 2019, in Lynchburg, Va.

Tucker: Calif. is challenging integrity of the union

Published on Jan 19, 2018

Tucker’s Thoughts: The country’s biggest state is punishing its citizens for following federal law. California is fighting on the behalf of a foreign population that has no right to be here in the first place. Helping Americans isn’t the point. Illegal immigration makes their donors richer and ensures their re-election. #Tucker