You Can’t Recall Me!

Recall Gavin Newsom

California governor Gavin Newsom just shut down California–again. His mandate closes malls, churches, restaurants, and many small businesses. Many businesses cannot withstand another protracted shut down and how did ‘King Gavin’ get to trample on the businesses and constitutional rights of Californians in the first place? How convenient that the shut downs are happening in a presidential election year. The Democrats could not get Trump out of office with their fake Russia collusion scandal. Impeachment didn’t work either. It looks like they trotted out their big ‘pandemic’ gun to destroy Trump. If the economy is destroyed, so be it.

California’s economy was already being destroyed before the overblown virus came along. Gavin’s incompetence and failures brought suffering to Californians. Under his watch, California experienced record homelessness, open borders, rising crime, failing schools and unaffordable housing. Pension debt has exploded. He locked up citizens for months while emptying prisons. Now he wants to lock up citizens again. It’s time for a mass uprising. It’s time to recall Gavin Newsom.

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