Informers/Snitches Are Now Called Moderators

Who knew that making a living following the online footprint of and censoring ordinary people who disagree with the leftist communist propaganda can be so stressful?

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Re-posted from the Conservative Tree House By  —— Bio and ArchivesJuly 20, 2020

Informers/Snitches Are Now Called Moderators

During the communist regimes, informers and snitches on the payroll of the Security Police collected evidence on their neighbors and the “lives of others” they were assigned specifically to follow and report on. They had to work hard for their pay. They worked long and tedious hours, had to file reports, and keep thick dossiers on their subjects. When the Iron Curtain communism went underground to regroup into the neo-Marxism/globalism of today, the archives were opened and citizens were able to petition to see their dossiers. Based on their visibility and place in society, some had entire volumes of data.

The informers/snitches provided data reports to the security police every week. In exchange for their service to the dear leader, they received extra food rations from the Communist Party grocery stores, were able to shop in their special department stores for household goods, appliances and clothing, received special bonus vacations that nobody else could have, and other perks. People knew who the informers were and often times they were snitching on their own family members. They were hated by the proletariat and the intellectuals and despised by their own communist handlers who considered them scum.

The on-line snitches in the United States of America are called “moderators.” They put you in your place, warn you if you step out of line in your social media postings, and place you in FB jail repeatedly. If your facts are deemed false by the moderator, they provide as proof leftist newspaper propaganda and left-wing organizations that are hardly known as accurate sources of information.

These “moderators” are anonymous individuals, somewhere in cyberspace, unknown to you unless the right combination of search words under settings and blocking, helps materialize hundreds of ghost “friends” that you never knew nor accepted onto your FB page. They have cutesy call names and identities that are ghosted onto your account and keep you in line with the leftist propaganda.

The on-line “moderator” jobs are described as such:

“A community online moderator is someone who monitors Facebook posts, comments that are posted on blogs, message boards, websites, chat rooms, etc. Moderators will settle disputes, remove posts that are offensive or those that break forum rules and also put posts into their rightful categories.”

Translating the description above, it is a form of censorship of your online activity to match the leftist agenda. Only the posts of conservatives and libertarians are censored/removed and their authors placed in FB “jail,” blocked, removed, de-monetized, and their posts made invisible to the public.

The top 10 companies that hire “moderators” for on-line activity for allegedly $16/hour are:

  • Metaverse Mod Squad (their “moderators provide digital content, manage message board, child safety, and moderate the chat room”)
  • CrispThinking (hires “moderator to keep an eye on social media activity”)
  • ICUC (for Canada and U.S.A. only)
  • The Social Element
  • Yelp
  • BabyCenter (requires moderators with B.A. or B.S.)
  • JobVite
  • Khoros
  • Live World
  • Zynga (moderates forums for online gaming community)

The average FB users have hundreds of such snitches/fact checkers while some have thousands. Their names range from Hispanic, Asian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Romanians, Arabic, and a lot of Americans.

Apparently, working as a snitch for a living is a highly stressful occupation. Some have “direct conversations or feel ganged up on by the users. [We call them “trolls.”] Mental and emotional stress is extremely common among online content moderators.”

Who knew that making a living following the online footprint of and censoring ordinary people who disagree with the leftist communist propaganda can be so stressful?

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