Demons Frolicking At Large In Lockdown’s Empty Churches

Locked out from the churches that so many are longing to get back into, how many wonder what is going on inside shuttered churches during the pandemic?

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Demons Frolicking At Large In Lockdown’s Empty Churches

Catholics know that Our Lord and Savior is present in the Tabernacles in all churches, world wide.  In the 4-month-long lockdown banning and restricting church service,  some longingly comfort themselves in fervent prayer, trusting that God’s Angels still stand on watch both inside closed and partially closed churches.

When he’s not busy over at Congress working with the Democrats to leave America in ruins, Satan and his demons are frolicking at large in some of our Covid-crippled churches.

Jesuit-run St. Francis Xavier church in Manhattan

See for yourself by calling up the home pages of churches on the Internet.

Holy Mass is going on as usual today at the Jesuit-run St. Francis Xavier church in Manhattan.

Thanks to perspicacious padre, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (Fr Z), we can see what Pastor Kenneth Boller, preaches in virtual pictures of St. Francis Xavier church online.

You can’t blame the individuals whose pictures are on the altar.  Since they could hardly have asked for this kind of veneration—post death—you can blame the Jesuits for exploiting their deaths.

St. Francis Xavier church in Manhattan

The Gospel of Christ has been hijacked by social justice

The Gospel of Christ has been hijacked by social justice not just at St. Francis Xavier Church in Manhattan but in many other churches of our day:

But for Jesuits at St. Francis Xavier,  to wit:

“Over these last two weeks, we have struggled to find an appropriate response that expresses solidarity with the legitimate protests in our streets. We have organized a prayer service last Saturday and will have another one Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm. A group that had been in conversation with the parish of St. Charles Borromeo and St Francis De Sales over issues of racial justice and white supremacy has reconnected and will be planning to help us all work for reconciliation. We have united around a Pledge for Racial Justice. Different ministries within our parish have issued their own statement to join their voice to that of so many in righteous indignation and a call to reform. (Pastor Boller, Page 3 of Bulletin, June 14, 2020)

…”Our national sin is racism, which has supported the privileged at the expense of the oppressed. This sin has tainted all of us and we have the opportunity to do an Ignatian Examen, an examination of conscience and consciousness with the lens of racism and white privilege. It will not be easy, nor will it be comfortable, but conversion never is.

“For the foreseeable future, we will develop programs to help us move from examination to conversion to reconciliation. Together we will work to bring about effective change in our hearts, our church and our world. Let us be guided by the Spirit of Pentecost, nurtured by the Body of Christ to respond to the current tragedies with grace and courage to make a new “normal,” a normal when all will recognize the dignity of each as a beloved child of God.”

More Jesuit B as in B, S as in S in Archdiocese of New York

No one puts scheming Jesuits in their place better than Fr.Z:

‘More Jesuit B as in B, S as in S in Archdiocese of New York’(Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, July 25, 2020)

“In the otherwise beautiful church in Manhattan, St. Francis Xavier, in the clutches of the Jesuits, the visitor will today see this.

“Think that this was perhaps a photoshop job, I went to their website HERE

On their rotating header they have this image. (See Above)

“This is sacrilege, as it is the misuse of that altar which is consecrated.  It looks as if the mensa is still there.

“This is also blasphemous, since it seems to present these people for veneration.  They are placed, after all, on an altar.

“Imagine what St. Edmund Campion would say about this.  Peter Canisius!   John de Brebeuf!  FRANCIS XAVIER!


I respond: GANGANELLI!

You can say that again, Fr. Z:  Pope Clement XIV, born Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli, was best known for his suppression of the Jesuits!

GANGANELLI! all the way!

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