The Bridge Is OUT!

Things will be tough for Sam Coonrod–just as they are for our president and all of us who stand for what is right. Stand up and be noticed for the One who died for you

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJuly 27, 2020

The Bridge Is OUT!
University of North Carolina, Wilmington professor Mike Adams was found dead inside his home Thursday. I know that many of you are wondering, “Who was Mike Adams?” To me, he was most ‘notorious’ simply for the fact that he was not shy about sharing his conservative beliefs with anyone who cared to listen. Besides being a columnist, he would Tweet real controversial stuff such as:

“Abortion intentionally kills an innocent human being.”

Oh, and here is another one that will just blow your mind…

“Rioters don’t care about social issues. They are thugs looking for an opportunity to break the law with impunity.”

Sam Coonrod is a REAL HERO

How dare he say such things!?!! Well, for starters, it’s because they are TRUE. A lot of Americans still look at trendy political correctness as an ongoing muzzle and dare to anyone who would openly proclaim THE TRUTH. There was once a time in this great land, in the not-too-distant past, when drivers in a pouring rainstorm would actually heed—and then stop to thank—the lone, soaked man standing on the roadside with his rough-but-readable “BRIDGE IS OUT!” sign. Those days are solid gone. Today, such truly concerned people are ridiculed and dismissed as ‘extremist nutcases’ or ‘conspiracy theorists.’ And more and more people are just hell-bent to turn up the radio and drive off the bridge.

I could spend a whole article lauding and applauding the late Professor Adams. But here is another name for you … Sam Coonrod. Probably a few more know of Sam Coonrod than knew about Professor Mike. Just a few days ago, when the San Francisco Giants/LA Dodgers baseball teams all knelt around the diamond prior to the game, as the BLM ‘moment of solidarity’ happened, Mr. Coonrod kept standing. He gave three reasons for not kneeling with the rest of the 60+ other players. He said, “I’m a Christian … And I just can’t get on board with a couple of things that I have read about Black Lives Matter,” … “How they lean toward Marxism and they’ve said some negative things about the nuclear family” (and) “I’m a Christian. I just believe I can’t kneel before anything besides God—Jesus Christ.” Most of the liberal press didn’t make a big deal about Coonrod’s stance. CFP immediately spread the word. Many didn’t mention it at all. Satan certainly didn’t want people to see or hear any of that.

I was so proud of Mr. Coonrod. I made my own meme and posted it on my Facebook site. Big white letters on a solid black background—it read: “Sam Coonrod is a REAL HERO. There is NO possibility of cash or contract in standing for JESUS!” I wrote that because Sam is a ‘believer.’ He has chosen to trust Jesus for his Salvation. Jesus is the “narrow way.” (Matthew 7:13-14) And taking a stand for Jesus will not net you a multimillion dollar contract with a tennis shoe company. The major league ball clubs will not reconfigure their business strategies around Jesus people, because Jesus—His name, person and ministry—does nothing to enhance ticket sales. Okay, so I launched my meme to see who might spread it around. All my settings were such that anybody, friend or not, could see and share it. But it did not move an inch. It was, for nearly a day, invisible to my roster of friends. So I started sending the meme, one by one, to the people I knew. Not a share resulted. I contacted friends who simply could not find it.

Ever try to argue Constitutional Republican values with socialists/communists?

Prior to my association with Canada Free Press, I used to write for a comparatively huge American outfit. Just as I do today, I couldn’t then seem to write too many articles without somewhere mentioning Jesus, God or the Bible. I was happy to learn that I was one of their most popular writers. That was right before an editors’ meeting in which it was decided that I would not make the following year’s cut. An editor-friend confided to me that I had been labeled as an ‘extremist Christian’ (even though I had never bombed anybody). Canada Free Press has more supported my First Amendment rights than did the big American publisher. And now, ironically, the largely liberal Internet, along with venues like Facebook, regularly ally with the forces of darkness that don’t like Christ or conservatism. And so Christian conservatism, like the original America that fought wars and sacrificed sons for our liberties, is really standing on death row. Our days are numbered, because the very real devil knows his time is short.

Ever try to argue Constitutional Republican values with socialists/communists? Veterans of such confrontations will attest to how regularly the leftists will drag the Bible into the debate. The moment they sense you are leaning toward Christianity, they will pipe up with, “You know the early Christians themselves were communists! They absolutely advocated sharing all things in common!” But your immediate response should be that the early Christian church lived well communally ONLY because God’s loving and peacekeeping Holy Spirit shed generosity abroad in the hearts of those early, true Christians. Their ‘commune-ism’ had nothing to do with a few power-hungry leaders marshaling the slaves of a Draconian, state-overseen collective which had been forcefully containerized to guarantee the safe reign of some wannabe dictators in private jets. I mean, comparing Marx, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Maduro, etc. to Paul and the Apostles is nigh unto blasphemy. But these days the hyper-caffeinated baby philosophers – a.k.a. ‘snowflakes’—are fearless in their ignorant vainglory.

More and more people are truly awakening to the fact that the group called “Black Lives Matter”

More and more people are truly awakening to the fact that the group called “Black Lives Matter” has zip to do with the life or quality of life of any black person. The BLM is entirely a crowbar by which stupid, tv-mesmerized (mostly white) people can feel morally righteous. We are watching Americans dive into believing that this is some sort of new ‘United Way’ or ‘March of Dimes’ method of pitching money at a problem that could and should have died during the eight years of president 44. But the Obamas did everything they could to thoroughly exacerbate racism while they had every opportunity to help it die. “Be confident in your blackness” Barack spouted at a Howard commencement speech. And Michelle had to remind students at Tuskegee that Southern (Democrat) whites used to call black men ‘boys.’ But the liberal media of course never challenged the logic of either statement. My immediate questions were then, “Should I have faith in my whiteness, Barry?” And, Michelle, “How stupid and needlessly inflammatory can a first lady be?” And now the whole leftist alliance is clearly visible in their straining to destroy the police and promoting the lawlessness which a defenseless America will ultimately never be able to overcome.

It was a black woman who once explained to me that our time in this life is so brief, so transitory. What real difference does it make, who does wrong to whom? The Irish endured the horrors of slavery in Ireland, England, and the fiery islands throughout the Caribbean. It was Lincoln’s dearest black friend, Frederick Douglass, who once even observed that he would rather die on an English gallows than live the life of a ‘free’ Irishman under English rule. When slavery was being abolished in England in the 1700s, African royalty made the trip north to meet with King George. They argued AGAINST abolition because they used enslavement to rid their kingdoms of miscreants/troublemakers and to fill their own pockets with gold. I take the time to mention all of this simply because real Christians of all colors should call to mind that our Creator and Lord did not come to make this a better world. The very real devil uses the brutality and discomfort of this fallen, sinful place as a distraction from the true mission Jesus came to fulfill. So many professing Christians have been sucked into the LIE that Jesus was just a big sensitive hippie. Nothing could be further from the truth. He died a horrible death to save our souls from eternal hell. PERIOD.

Communism hates freedom because freedom allows people to hear, think and speak the word of God

In a past column, I related how some of my early 70s high school classmates and I threw a fundraiser rock concert in a city park. We did that so we could raise enough money for a lawyer who would force our school board to allow us guys to wear long hair. We raised the money, sure enough, and eventually had our way with that district board. But by the time the court case was finished and long hair was allowed at our high school I had already been in college for nearly 2 years. And I then couldn’t have cared less about that victory. I mean, I was suddenly on my own and paying for my own education. And in college I could wear my hair below my ankles if I wanted. In this very unfair world, life is a lot like that: About the time you win your court case, you are already effectively dead and gone. The Democrats and the lying news machine will tell you whatever you want to hear to convince you that ‘systemic racism’ and white people are the root of all evil. But the leftists and their news/entertainment allies, under the direction of their evil masters, are making up stories in order to further distract you from the truth you should be standing for.

God generally has given people lives to live long enough to decide upon doing His will or our own. Communism hates freedom because freedom allows people to hear, think and speak the word of God. Jesus called us sheep. And we behave like sheep, mostly because we are weak creatures of conformity. It’s so frightening that the trend is suddenly making it acceptable behavior to despise and do harm to anything that disagrees with our achieving immediate gratification. It was leftist, Judas (the keeper of the money box) who complained that certain donations could have been sold and the money given to the poor. But it was Jesus (who never started a riot) who said, “The poor you will always have with you.” (Matthew 26:11) He therein did not sound very upset about financial disparity. Nor did he ever petition Caesar for better conditions for anyone. He was here to get up a crew of people who would stand for His truth rather than kneel and bow before the distracting triviality of social injustice. If you really care about right and wrong, you will, like Prof. Mike Adams and Sam Coonrod, do the best you can in all things, from your heart. Follow the will and ways of the most unjustly hated man ever on this planet. And He was the first to say that if we are really following Him, we will be hated indeed. I have no doubt of what our president meant in tweeting that the game was over for Sam Coonrod. Things will be tough for Sam—just as they are for our president and all of us who stand for what is right. Stand up and be noticed for the One who died for you.

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