Racism or Values?        

Individual black lives matter. Power-hungry “Black Lives Matter,” does not. Brecksville’s June 9th “Rally for Justice” organizers misstepped by using the BLM logo on Facebook for publicity.

Was their intent to support reform by protesting a tragic case of police brutality? Or was it to politicize the lie of “systemic discrimination” and “white privilege theory” by co-opting a Marxist, police-hating anti-family organization?

BLM website’s hateful, divisive content profits from people’s ignorance and funnels more money to the DNC than to needy humans. Affiliation with radical BLM was cause enough for local administration to compensate with law enforcement in riot gear who acted professionally despite enduring vulgar insults.

Rather than virtue signaling of raised signs and fists, did planners consider projects that address what really matters to metropolitan Cleveland’s black community? Why not tutor or mentor struggling children; volunteer to feed the homeless; visit prison inmates; hold BLM signs outside abortion clinics?

Injustice answered with anger, vengeance and shallow behavior leads to social and cultural destruction. Civil dialogue using critical thinking to problem solve is harder. Obscured by a failed education system, accepting the truth of our flawed shared history takes common sense and discernment.

This is no longer about racism or diversity. It’s a choice between cultural Marxism and American values. Thinking that middle class values-based people of any origin are not welcome in our community is myopic. If you believe in Liberty, E Pluribus Unum and In God We Trust, welcome to Brecksville!

Jan Lukas

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