Call It Treason

President Trump was right; the future does not belong to globalists, but to patriots

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesAugust 15, 2020

Call It Treason

Ican’t think of a more important time in the history of our Constitutional Republic than now. In this election year, the political Left is trying to sell their party on fixing problems they helped create, while President Trump is fighting to continue the existence of the United States of America as we know it. That is no overstatement. We are living a seesaw with weight being amassed on the Left from forces both foreign and domestic. The Right is beginning to awaken, running to add their weight on the side of freedom. Trump, in the meantime, is doing his best to hold it together, preventing the disintegration, quelling the voices of treason. He needs our help.

When Rep. Gohmert (R-TX) introduced a resolution several weeks ago to ban the Democrat Party for their historical support of slavery, racism, and hatred, he did not go nearly far enough. This same Party, this disloyal opposition, is now working feverishly to destabilize our country in order to hand it over to globalists through the promoting of rioting and violence. They’re using questionable and overblown race issues, an irrational fear of COVID-19, and angst over climate change they say, if left without remedy, will end the world. The fact that they are working hand in hand with foreign entities toward that goal is the very definition of treason. They indeed deserve nothing less than dissolution.

The Democrat Party is being aided by fellow antagonists and insurrectionists, Antifa and Black Lives Matter

The Democrat Party is being aided by fellow antagonists and insurrectionists, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, having nothing to do with anti-fascism or Black lives and everything to do with a Marxist takeover. It is also in partnership with globalists like Gates, Soros, Gore, the Davos gang aka the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, international corporations like Microsoft and BP, the King-in-waiting, Prince Charles, desperately looking for meaning in life, and even the Vatican with their encyclical The Economy of Francesco, all dedicated to, in their words, The Great Reset…the great world transformation, a paradigm shift…and China, always the CCP in the background waiting with Islam nearby to divide the spoils.

They have plans, big plans that deny the very nature of human beings, and it includes the United States only to drain us dry and force us into a subservient roll. It will all sound so wonderful to our enemies and those foreign people who have long been oppressed by their own, but in reality, it will be the product of entities that are corrupt, short-sighted, greedy, and exploitative.

We know COVID-19 is real. The question is whether it was manufactured or natural. Its suspiciously timed release immediately after the failed Trump impeachment, the controls, the questionable and confusing remedies, the lock-downs, the suicides, the deaths, both genuine and those marked as Covid related in spite of the actual cause. We also have the unnecessary deaths of thousands of the elderly, the millions of failed businesses, the 16,000+ prisoners released on the public, the suspension of Trump rallies. All have taken a mighty toll. And in an election year, how convenient. In spite of the thousands of doctors and nurses speaking out against the over-reaction to this minor pandemic, and the unreasonable and skeptical resistance to inexpensive medicines, this world swamp is well on its way to destroying the lives of millions of Americans, and their ability to feed, clothe and shelter themselves and their families. The nonchalance of these lawless individuals show no consideration of what they have unleashed on the American public. It is a price they have decided the public must pay for their vision of the ‘common good’.

The rioting, violent deaths, looting, and destruction of public and private property have long since overshadowed any concern about the memory of George Floyd. Along with the COVID-19 pandemic they are the two horsemen of the Apocalypse. Both riders are cultivating anarchy upon the world, funded by globalists, toward a point in the next few months where they believe people will demand order at any price. And the price will be steep…less freedom, less prosperity, more government! These are traitors and international criminals of the highest order.

Trump established his contempt for these despots and their sycophants at the meeting of the World Economic Forum

President Trump established his contempt for these despots and their sycophants in Davos at the meeting of the World Economic Forum in January. He established himself as an enemy of their socialist autocratic vision of the world. Trump told the Davos gang in no uncertain terms that the United States will not be playing along in their desire to diminish our country to pay for the hundreds of years of self-inflicted despotic rulers of so many wretched countries with yet another group of despots.

Not two days after president Trump told Davos where to stick it, the former Nazi George Soros said it all…“The 2020 election will determine the fate of the whole world.” A month after Trump’s Davos speech the Vatican, through Jeffrey Sachs (a socialist, Vatican, and Bernie Sanders advisor) said of the United States “…it is a dangerous country right now and will continue to be a dangerous country if Trump wins reelection.”

Davos is hoping for good news to digest at their next meeting in January, 2021…that President Trump will no longer be president and the United States will be delivered to them. I am not the first, and certainly I hope not the last, to make the clarion call that we, as a nation, are in a critical place.

And so here we are, make your choice. Do we take a turn on the road to a dark place paved by traitors and foreign autocrats where your decisions are no longer yours to make, or do we continue our trek back to the greatest economy in the strongest country the world has ever known. If patriots have anything to say, and they will, the United States will stand as a beacon of hope for the rest of the world to emulate. President Trump was right; the future does not belong to globalists, but to patriots.

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