Biden’s Convenient Speech Impediment Is Next Grand Fraud

Wild Desperation is the Mother of Insanity

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesAugust 22, 2020

Biden's Convenient Speech Impediment Is Next Grand Fraud

The average reader of Canada Free Press knows what many Americans don’t – Joe Biden is functionally incapable of leading any group, corporation, or state – let alone as US President. Having wracked their brains, the DNC’s best answer for his inability to speak a literate sentence is to claim it’s results of a ‘stutter.’ While perhaps a clever message to launch his candidacy, it’s ultimately a concession of weakness and a threadbare manner to obscure his brain degeneration.

Once again the media, carrying water for Democrats and their failed world view, spins fables

Madness in Great Ones Must Not Go Unwatched – Shakespeare, Hamlet

Once again the media, carrying water for Democrats and their failed world view, spins fables. They insist that a stutter is the same as mistaking your sister for your wife, for accusing a reporter of being a “coke junky” for asking if he’d taken a cognitive test, or calling a girl who challenged him a “lying, dog faced pony soldier.” Can you just say “crazy” or “demented”,  folks?

False face must hide what the false heart doth know – Shakespeare, Macbeth

In fact, dozens of articles were published in the last year to provide a backstory for this claim supporting the ‘Joe’s Stutter Explains Daily Crazy Statements’ fraud. Before Biden’s acceptance speech last night, a young boy came on to thank Joe and helping him with his stutter, as he repeatedly stuttered, illustrating his point. Then a hagiographic film was played touting Biden’s family love. Then, he spoke, slightly slurred almost the entire speech which gave a sense of his losing control. But Biden’s diminishing ability to communicate and his failure to interact intelligibly live explains why all speeches were short. To make a short speech then seemed normal for Uncle Joe.

The empty vessel makes the loudest sound – Shakespeare, Henry V

While Biden didn’t have any major stumbles, he was flat and off-kilter in his cadence and emotional reactions. Biden hit his few laughs, but seemed labored. But when Joe got angry it appeared over the top. In other words, he just seemed out of sync and plodding through his speech. For a seasoned politician known for a light touch, the speech felt hacked, clumsy, robotic.

Joe Biden’s coming Live Speech Disaster and Collapse

The body is with the King, but the King is not with the body – Shakespeare, Hamlet

But the difficulty level is just ramping up as we are now headed for the three debates. This is where Joe “Doing the Robot” Biden runs off the road at high speed. Imagine the high stress pandemonium surroundings for Joe’s handlers as they pray he will not radically stumble before the votes are cast. And of course, the need to derail Joe’s live debate by some as yet unknown miracle remains to be augured. The Deus Ex Machina waits in the wings to rescue the inept and doddering old codger

What, art thou mad, old fellow? – Shakespeare, King Lear

Many hairpin turns and mountain crossings remain as Joe plods towards Nov 3rd, 2020. Certainly his son’s shenanigans, Kamala’s un-defendable flip-flops, and the entire crazy plan to bury all violent riots while dismissing the police is breathtaking. But every other dilemma and crisis pales in comparison to Joe Biden’s coming Live Speech Disaster and Collapse. Beware the auguries of coming judgment! Stay tuned, sportsfans.

Deus Ex Machina Explained



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