Social Justice Warriors Dying For Neo Liberal Cult

Ochlocracy, or Mob Rule, Will Be Democrat’s Downfall

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesAugust 28, 2020

Social Justice Warriors Dying For Neo Liberal Cult

Persons are dying across USA in pursuit of social justice goals, needlessly losing lives for poor decision-making, driven by false values. These folks put themselves in harms way following a new religion which encourages reckless self-endangerment to publicly highlight their woke state.

Woke Religion
In fact, the comparison between the new liberal religion and the Bible could not be starker. For the Marxist Woke Religion demands personal confrontations to demand misanthropes cease racist, sexist or capitalistic monstrosities or suffer, including physical attack. And so Woke Religion adherents are making a dramatic public display of their leftist piety, drawing them into ill-advised peril.

Woke v. Christ
Contra, Christianity has no demand for public confrontations of non-believers. Nor is there a call for revenge or violence for wrongdoers. Instead, Christian theology has a strong element of pacifism and states personal justification is divinely derived. Believers don’t have to prove righteousness by battle.

Social Justice Warriors in Action
In the recent Kenosha, WI shootings, a young man running down the road with a long gun was shouted out as someone who had just shot others. In response, a number of unarmed men began to chase him. As the runner fell, dropping his weapon, a few men converged on him, one fighting for the weapon and kicking him. As the young man gathered back his gun, he rolled over and began shooting.

SJW Self-Sacrifice
The shots rang out, men fell, and yet astonishingly, unarmed men kept rushing the shooter and three or four were wounded or killed. Why would unarmed men attempt to tackle one with a loaded gun fleeing after shooting others? The woke feel the need for dramatic, public excoriation of wrongdoershoping to be leftist heroes while fighting oppression. A theological explanation would include that the Woke religion, being earth bound, demands immediate proof of fealty and a tertiary delivery of justice.

Pelosi’s Ochlocracy

Nanci Pelosi, US Speaker of the House, when questioned about the rights of crowds tearing down statues, indicated she was disinterested, but accepted the inherent justice of such decisions. This is Ocholoracy, or Mob Rule. Karl Marx, Pelosi’s thought leader called criminals, beggars and vagabonds the “lumpenproletariat,” in his “Eighteenth Brumaire.” Generally, Democrats appear to accept the “wisdom of the mob,” claiming their reactions are part of public justice.

Portland SJW Martyrs
Earlier, in Portland, Ore, several Social Justice Warriors confronted an apparently deranged man on public transport for publicly insulting Islam. In response, the man stabbed both, killing one. So, how necessary was this confrontation? What did it achieve? Was the death of this SJW a monument to Woke Religion? Do SJWs believe they will be protected in public conflict by their personal righteousness?

Is Woke Religion a cultic public menace? Andrew Sullivan wrote, “We have a cult of social justice on the left, a religion whose followers show the same zeal as any born-again Evangelical.” Observing riots across America, one concludes millions are adherents of the Woke Religion. This includes violence borne of Antifa and BLM. But if the Left does not openly take control of this Marxist horde, and demand they stand down from public revenge, there will be no end to the open worship, defense of and bloodletting associated with this Ochlocratic menace. Mob Rule, wedded to this new cult, will bring a level of terror and violence reminiscent of the French Revolution.


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