What happens When the Democrats Lose?

History has been thrust upon us. We will either be a witness to a greater America or the greatest catastrophe this nation and the world has ever experienced

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Posted Originally on the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesAugust 29, 2020

What If Democrats Lose?

The Democrats sense they are going to lose this election. There are stark indications. First, Biden is nowhere to be found. He hides in his basement being hidden from reality by watching CNN. Then Hillary tells Biden not to concede the election under any circumstances and then Pelosi advises Biden not to debate Trump, “It will only legitimize Trump as President and give Trump an opportunity to make you look bad.”

There are also reports that the Democrats are going to cheat in Trump’s favor so as to report that Trump is conducting a fraudulent election. They can prove it, of course, because they did it.

The Democrats have made a Devil’s bargain

If the Democrats lose this election, it is not difficult to imagine that they will go nuts, slash out at anything that moves in the wrong direction. The mobs are sufficiently riled and waiting for orders.

To partly paraphrase Victor Davis Hansen: The Democrats have made a Devil’s bargain. Marxists under Sanders provide the anarchy and chaos while Democrats watch their cities burn, having agreed to do almost nothing. They will keep COVID-19 alive as long as possible to keep the economy down. Never mind the human toll. When Democrats win, and at the time they were convinced they would win, Sanders will halt the rioting, having delivered a destroyed middle class, a badly wounded America. The Democrats will take the credit, looking like peacemakers. Sanders will then demand payment, a socialist America ready to be delivered to the globalists. And he will get it.

I believe the Democrats are in a pickle. They can’t reverse course and know that after the election or before, when the Durham investigations are over, there will be arrests and a call for their disbandment.

It started as a race struggle, accusing almost everyone of racism, but it was a feint. It now has morphed into a battle of the classes. A true Bolshevik Revolution. The battle to destroy the middle-class, the essence of America and Americanism. Marxism can never survive in a country with a strong middle-class. These are the hard working, and above all, self-reliant people that make America what it is, filled with opportunity for upward mobility, allowing people the fruit of their labor, a basic Biblical concept. The Left must eradicate them for Marxism to take hold. The globalists have demanded it, the Left has promised to deliver it. California has been the most successful with 4 million of their middle-class having exited these past 15 years.

The Democrat Speaker of the House calls Republicans ‘enemies of the state’. Biden says that President Trump wants more violence

The division between political camps is growing wider every day, if that is possible, but only one party is widening the distance. The Democrat Speaker of the House calls Republicans ‘enemies of the state’. Biden says that President Trump wants more violence. These accusations make no sense, of course, but they make it easy for us pundits to figure out Democrats. If you always translate what they say in opposite terms you will find their truth. When Pelosi says Republicans are enemies of the state, it is the opposite. When Biden says Trump wants more violence, it is the opposite. When Democrats say that Trump is working with the Russians, it is the opposite. They make it so easy.

Mobs are murdering people while private and public property is being destroyed. Families have lost their livelihoods. COVID-19, an historically minor pandemic, has been allowed to infect our society, shutting down the greatest economy we have ever seen. The human cost of expanding the power of Democrats grows daily, but they remain willing for hard-working Americans to pay the bill.

But now, the mood of the American people is beginning to change. Lest the polling organizations look foolish, they are forced to show the changing emotion of the country going against them. Once again, the Democrats have gone too far and took too big a bite.

There is no greater threat to evil than an aroused American public. We are beginning to see it. No more turning cheeks. No more being mere spectators. No more watching hoodlums attack innocent people. If the government will not or cannot protect you, you must decide to protect yourself and your family. Evil will always back off when confronted with equal or greater force.

If you don’t like what you see, wait until October

Don’t think it can’t happen here. It is happening here. The Left has thought of everything…a pandemic to shut down the economy, mandatory face masks that psychologically turn people into faceless sheep, Trump rallies halted, race riots because several Blacks resisted arrest resulting in the police being neutralized, giving the rioters carte blanche.

If you don’t like what you see, wait until October. This is not the America as we knew it. There are forces at work that will do anything to rid themselves of Donald Trump. And they don’t care about you. The police have been effectively neutered, are under siege and most likely will just show up after the fact to pick up the bodies left by the mob.

We have to decide that we will not be led as sheep to the slaughter.

For the most part, you will be dealing with a mob. A mob is nothing but a dangerous, brainless herd. A mob will do things the individual taking part would never think of doing. A mob does not consider consequences, it has no empathy, and certainly hasn’t thought of any alternatives.

You must defend yourself. How you do that is your affair. Stay away from any crowds. Stock up on groceries. If the Leftists go postal, the trucks will stop rolling. Find out what kind of self-defense laws your state has. They will either be Stand Your Ground, Castle Doctrine, or Duty To Retreat. Vermont is listed as having ‘Other Defense Laws’. States like Montana, Wyoming, New Hampshire, and 23 other states have Stand Your Ground Laws where a person has no duty to retreat before using deadly force. A Castle Doctrine state generally will allow deadly force in one’s home or car. A Duty To Retreat state is the most restrictive of self-defense. They require you to retreat no matter where you are, IF POSSIBLE. States like New York, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin are Duty To Retreat states. Do your homework and learn your particular states’ defense laws. They do change.

There is room enough for everyone in this country, but no room for traitors

We must not be driven down this path by scheming politicians, a sanctimonious and ignorant media, and cigar smoking men in dark places whose only interest is garnering more power and treasure.

We need to put this uprising to bed. We must decide that to remain as divided as we are will ultimately destroy this nation and millions of lives. If you think this all sounds irrational, again, wait until October. We can only hope and pray that thinking Americans on both sides of the political fence will find common ground and help put down this rebellion.

The Southern Democrat uprising in 1860 saw much pounding of chests and visions of glory. Four years later that glory faded with only death, suffering, and destruction enduring. There is room enough for everyone in this country, but no room for traitors.

History has been thrust upon us. We will either be a witness to a greater America or the greatest catastrophe this nation and the world has ever experienced. Without America, there will be no where else to go.


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