Senator Ron Johnson Eviscerates FBI Director Chris Wray – With Documents to Support…

Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Senator Ron Johnson, is fired up in this interview with Maria Bartiromo.  Senator Johnson starts by outlining the documents and evidence of Hunter Biden corrupt activity the media refuse to cover…… and then Johnson goes full wolverine on FBI Director Christopher Wray for concealing evidence.


A few notes. While Johnson’s frustration is righteous, his committee staff did not appear to have a grasp on the majority of evidence that existed prior to mid-2020. That said, we all know FBI Director Wray is part of the ‘resistance’; that’s the reason why AG Barr had to fire FBI legal counsel Dana Boente when Chris Wray refused to do so.

Secondly, something to contemplate -specifically for those who understand how DC information is selectively controlled- there is no better person to deliver the ‘spygate’ gut punch than Maria Bartiromo. Question those “sources” and we might just locate some sketchy narrative engineers presenting themselves as ‘friends’ of the truth.


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