Rome Police Defend Protesters in Solidarity

Armstrong Economics Blog/Italy Re-Posted Feb 24, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Many people have written in to say this is all too depressing. I explain that by posting what is taking place globally, you can see that RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE. I reported previously how the police in Naples turned and joined the protesters. Now the same is taking place in Rome. The people are starting to rise up. One reader just wrote in about Pennsylvania. Resistance is starting to appear everywhere. It is building as we move into 2022. Schwab, you better head to Mars sooner than later as you list among your 8 predictions for Agenda 2030!

There are more businesses pushing back now and not following Gov Wolf’s mandates and business guidelines. Following the 3 week shutdown that covered Christmas and New Years, when many businesses that were supposed to shutdown, did not shutdown and remained open for the duration in defiance. Now many businesses are following up with not enforcing the mask mandates, capacity restrictions, travel restrictions and other mandates, that many are just ignoring. Now there still are some true believers, but many in this area of PA are just moving on. A lot are just saying NO to the prick (Fauci and vaccines). Will be interesting to see where this all goes

Civil Unrest in Spain for the 5th Night

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Feb 21, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Spain has imprisoned a rapper for insulting the government in his Tweets. Barcelona ​and many ​other Catalan cities, along with Madrid have been erupting in civil unrest as people protest to demand the freedom of rapper Pablo Hasel, who the government sentenced to prison for nine months because of his tweets which were insults against the Crown and the police. These protests, which began in Barcelona against the Mossos d’Esquadra, the Catalan police force, which in turn responded with smoke bombs. These protests are reflecting the frustration over the lockdowns which have erupted into riots, fires, and even looting.

The build-up of frustration has led to civil unrest erupting on just about any excuse. This is more than just a protest over the wrongful imprisonment of  Pablo Hasel. This is simply a reflection of the totalitarian state that governments are trying to impose using this virus as the justification to hide their real agenda – the Great Reset.

Amsterdam Has Retaken Financial Capital of Europe? Was this Cyclically on Time?

Armstrong Economics Blog/BRITAIN Re-Posted Feb 17, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

EURONEXT has now beaten out London retaking back the financial capital insofar as stock trading is concerned thanks to Boris Johnson and of course BREXIT. The numbers are in and Amsterdam surpassed London with an average of €9.2bn shares a day traded on Euronext in January 2021, which was been a 400% increase over December compared to London trading which dropped to €8.6bn retaking its historic position that existed before the Dutch lost it to London.

In 1689, the English Parliament declared that James II had abdicated by deserting his kingdom which was to exclude him and his Stuart heirs because they were all Roman Catholics. Parliament declared that “it hath been found by experience that it is inconsistent with the safety and welfare of this protestant kingdom to be governed by a papist prince”. Thereafter, the Sovereign was required in their coronation oath to swear to maintain the Protestant religion. Parliament in turn offered the throne to William (reigned 1689-1702) and Mary (reigned 1689-94) as joint monarchs.

They had to accept a Bill of Rights drawn up by a Convention of Parliament thereby restricting the Sovereign’s power and reaffirmed Parliament’s claim to control taxation and legislation. Hence, therefore, this Bill ensured Parliament could function free from royal interference forbidding all future sovereigns from suspending or dispensing with laws passed by Parliament in addition to maintaining a standing army in time of peace without Parliament’s consent. Moreover, the sovereign was also forbidden to impose taxes without Parliamentary consent. It was the lack of representation in Parliament by the American colonies which gave rise to the no taxation without representation slogan of the American Revolution.

One of the Dutch William’s main reasons for accepting the English throne was to reinforce the struggle against Louis XIV of France. William’s foreign policy was dominated by the priority to contain French expansionism. England and the Dutch joined the coalition against France during the Nine Years’ War, 1689-1697. Eventually, France was compelled to recognize William as King of England under the Treaty of Ryswick (1697),

The Bank of England was established in 1694 as the expertise from Amsterdam was imported to London. The Bank of England was used at first to raise money for the war by borrowing. It did not circumvent the King’s financial reliance on Parliament, as the national debt depended on parliamentary guarantees. Yet, William’s Dutch advisers were resented in London. In fact, in 1699 his Dutch Blue Guards were forced to leave the country.

The Royal Exchange had been founded by English financier Thomas Gresham and Sir Richard Clough on the model of the Antwerp Bourse. Gresham represented the English crown in Antwerp. Gresham convinced the Crown to open the Royal Exchange in London in 1565 using the Antwerp model. However, it was first known as “the Bourse” until Queen Elizabeth I, after a visit on January 23, 1570, changed its name to the Royal Exchange. It was opened by Elizabeth I of England in 1571. Gresham saw the need for a central place where foreign exchange dealers could meet and conduct business. He recognized the deplorable state of the money supply and that this now made foreign exchange dealers a necessity for trade. He constructed the London Exchange between 1566-1568. It finally received royal recognition and thus it became known as the Royal Exchange in 1571. Unfortunately, it was completely destroyed in the Great London Fire of 1666.

Actually, during the 17th century, stockbrokers were not allowed in the Royal Exchange because they were regarded as rude huxters. Stockbrokers were seen as a lower class compared to foreign exchange and debt. They were confined to off-exchange establishments such as Jonathan’s Coffee-House. Where Llyod’s Coffee House emerged as the place for insurance eventually becoming Lloyd’s of London, the stockbroker began in a coffee house administered by John Castaing who first began listing the prices of a few commodities, such as salt, coal, and paper in 1698. This eventually moved to Garraway’s Coffee House where public auctions began to emerge. They would last based on the length of a tallow candle that could burn. They became known as “by inch of candle” auctions. As the activity grew, the trade began to attract more companies forming which became an IPO market to raise capital.  These are the earliest evidence of organized trading in marketable securities in London which was the resurrection of stock trading from Ancient Rome.

The Royal Exchange established by Thomas Gresham was destroyed in the Great Fire of London which was a major event that swept through the central parts of London from Sunday, September 2nd to Thursday, September 6th, 1666. The fire actually destroyed the medieval City of London which was inside the old Roman city walls. Eventually, the Royal Exchange was rebuilt and re-established in 1669. It was at this time that the stockbrokers joined the Royal Exchange bringing an end to the coffee house period. However, the second Royal Exchange also burned down, on January 10th, 1838. It had been used by Lloyd’s insurance market, which was forced to move temporarily to South Sea House following the 1838 fire.

The current Royal Exchange building was constructed in 1840 and stands opposite the Bank of England. Gresham’s Royal Exchange surpassed Antwerp first because of the fire in 1583 which destroyed the Bourse. Yet it was immediately rebuilt to the same plan. Then came the Siege of Antwerp (1584-1585) and the surrender to the Spanish Army which killed the Dutch trade. Antwerp was simply unable to compete with Amsterdam and London.

What is most curious is that 2021 is precisely 314 years from the birth of Great Britain. The events from the year 1707 created on May 1st the Treaty of Union and its ratification by the 1707 Acts of Union. The fact that Amsterdam has retaken the lead in stock markets seems to be right on schedule.

Boris Johnson has destroyed the British economy and produced just about a 10% decline in GDP for 2020 – the worse collapse in 300 years! So here we have Amsterdam overtaking London in 2021 which is 314 years from the birth of Great Britain. It is amazing how rapidly Boris Johnson has wiped out the British economy.

Putin’s Warnings at the World Economic Forum

Armstrong Economics Blog/Russia Re-Posted Feb 14, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Putin’s speech at the World Economic Forum was quite insightful. He said that we “are seeing a crisis of the previous models and instruments of economic development. Social stratification is growing stronger both globally and in individual countries. We have spoken about this before as well. But this, in turn, is causing today a sharp polarisation of public views, provoking the growth of populism, right- and left-wing radicalism and other extremes, and the exacerbation of domestic political processes including in the leading countries.”

While referred to the crisis as being similar economically to the Great Depression, he pointed out that it is “inevitably affecting the nature of international relations and is not making them more stable or predictable. International institutions are becoming weaker, regional conflicts are emerging one after another, and the system of global security is deteriorating.” Indeed, the Hillary allegations that turned the 2016 election into a joke where she manufactured evidence to claim she lost because of Putin, has done far more damage as resurrected the cold war. Putin warned that “the situation could take an unexpected and uncontrollable turn – unless we do something to prevent this.” Biden has immediate sent troops to Syria and ordered the building of a new base there.

Putin elaborated: “There is a chance that we will face a formidable break-down in global development, which will be fraught with a war of all against all and attempts to deal with contradictions through the appointment of internal and external enemies and the destruction of not only traditional values such as the family, which we hold dear in Russia, but fundamental freedoms such as the right of choice and privacy.”

British Economy Declines Worse in 300 years – Thanks to Boris & his Buddy Bill

Armstrong Economics Blog/BRITAIN Re-Posted Feb 12, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The official numbers are in. The British economy shrank 9.9% in 2020 thanks to the deliberate actions of Boris Johnson who should be dragged out of office, tarred, feathered, and stripped of all benefits. He is an absolute traitor to the British people and has sold out Britain to Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates following his father’s anti-population theories. If he and his father are so concerned about population growth, then they should set the example and jump from the clock in Big Ben. This is the greatest economic disaster to hit Britain in 300 years!

EU Refused Transparency Audit of Corruption

Armstrong Economics Blog/European Union Re-Posted Feb 12, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The European Parliament refused to cooperate with an EU institutional-wide study on integrity and ethics by Transparency International, one of the world’s most prestigious anti-corruption NGOs. The EU has surrendered to Schwab’s World Economic Forum and it has been Schwab who has hand-picked many people within the EU. He hand-picked the heads of the IMF and the ECB as well as the head of the EU itself. All are, or have, been board members of his World Economic Forum.

“The European Parliament, despite its publicly-stated support for greater transparency was, in fact, the only institution that refused to cooperate,” said Michiel van Hulten, who heads Transparency International’s EU office in Brussels. The EU is suddenly refusing any investigation of corruption because never before have they been so directed by an external force — The Great Reset — intent upon destroying all industries and jobs they deem not to be “green” adopting Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Germany Training Dogs to Sniff out People with COVID

Armstrong Economics Blog/Regulation Re-Posted Feb 11, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Germany is training dogs to sniff out people who have COVID. It seems that Merkel keeps dreaming up more means to restrict the citizens by using the Stasi tactics of East Germany where she grew up. A friend grew up behind the wall. When it fell, his father obtained the Stasi file on him, just as the BigTech and governments now build files on everyone. In that file, his father read that all his friends were reporting him to the Stasi. He no longer retains any friends, for his trust in humanity was destroyed. When his father returned home, he began punching holes in the walls. My friend thought his father was nuts. But then he was pulling out microphones where the government was always listening to whatever he said, even at home.


Ministry for State Security (Stasi) smelling jars _ From the Vault

Let’s get honest here. The only other intelligence agency to collect evidence on everyone was the notorious Stasi of East Germany. When the wall came down, the extent of the secret police operations targeted against their own people was mind-blowing. What surfaced was their“smelling jars” collection. Yes, the Stasi used odor recognition to keep tabs on anyone they suspected. The Stasi often collected the samples covertly by breaking into homes to stealing a suspects’ used underwear. They then kept them in jars in case they turned up missing to hunt them down.

I find this very disturbing when COVID has a kill ratio of only 0.028% and governments are using this to wipe out all freedom and human rights which include the freedom of speech.

Resistance is NOT Futile

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Feb 10, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Despite Wikipedia, Twitter, Google, Facebook, YouTube, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, and the rest of the Marxist philosophy press, despite them all promoting the virus to impose an authoritarian socialist regime over the entire world conspiring against democracy and human rights, which include freedom of speech, people are starting to fight back. Many are canceling subscriptions to Facebook and many are moving to Duck Duck for searching the internet. Then there are those who have abandoned WhatsApp by the millions heading to Signal or Telegram. By calling any resistance just a “conspiracy theory” these real conspirators have been censoring the truth and doing everything they can to support silencing all opposition. Interestingly, that was the very role the press played during the Russian Revolution.

In Europe, Civitas is a resistance movement that now has 34 sections in France. But it is also developing in other countries. Civitas Belgium was officially announced last week. Switzerland should follow in the coming days. And a branch in Quebec is also in preparation.

Resistance is building against the rise of this tyranny supported by mainstream media. Even in Tampa, there is a local race for mayor in a small town, and they described the Democrats as “progressive” v the Republican they paint as a violent “Trump supporter.” The bias is absolutely everywhere and the press feels that anyone who dares to resist this Marxist agenda must be silenced.

Well, Shakespeare wrote in the tax rebellion that the first thing they would do is “kill all the lawyers,” which were government prosecutors since there were no private lawyers. I fear that when rebellion breaks out, they will be dragging journalists out to the street and hanging them as well. I seriously doubt it will be safe working for any of the mainstream media in the years ahead. Already, Facebook has warned its employees not to wear even clothing with a Facebook logo. Zuckerberg better hire an entire army to protect him in the future. His personal arrogance will be his undoing.

Super Mario – Trying to Prevent ITALEXIT (Italy Exiting EU)

Armstrong Economics Blog/European Union Re-Posted Feb 7, 2021 by Martin Armstrong


This is the translation of a French article source: a report from the G30 on the very guy who imposed Negative Interest Rates on the EU in 2014  which has destroyed the EU bond market and set in motion the debt crisis along with NEVER ENDING Quantitative Easing. I can confirm that he once sat in the corner of a FX trading room trying to understand how the FX markets functioned and then they made him the head of the European Central Bank? So they sent an Italian to betray his own country.

“Mario Draghi was appointed by the Italian president to form a new coalition government, and this appointment of Mario Draghi at this time in history has nothing to do with good luck.

Italy, an extreme danger for the eurozone!

First of all, officially, as you read these lines, Italy’s debt stands at 158% of Italy’s GDP.
For the record and within perspective, the Greek debt in 2010 was… only 146% !!
That of Cyprus of only 56%!

A few months later, these two countries were in virtual bankruptcy, saved from the waters with plans to ruin either the populations or the savers.
n 2012, the eurozone was on the verge of an explosion!

Super Mario!

It was with a phrase that has remained famous in the mid of the summer of 2012 that Mario Draghi “saved” the eurozone.
“The euro area is ready and determined to do whatever it takes to preserve the euro and believe me, that will be enough.”

Mario is back. Mission? Save Italy, Save the Euro.

And yes, Super Mario is back, a bit like Captain Flame to save not the universe, but Italy and the eurozone, because the Italian debt threatens the solvency of Italy and the sustainability of the Eurozone much more dangerously than Greece in 2011 and 2012. 10 years ago.
Mario Draghi isn’t here by chance.
He is the former governor of the ECB.
He’s also the author of the G30 report that I have been telling you so much about, and it was no accident that I was focusing on it either.
You are going to start to understand and see certain things happening.
Some policies fall into place.
They have been calibrated for certain countries in particular which present a systemic threat to the stability of the euro area.
You know these countries.
There are Spain, France, and Italy.
Spain and France can still hold out a bit.
Italy is the current weak link in the euro area.
It is therefore in Italy that the recommendations of this G30 report, written and signed by Mario Draghi in person, will be applied with the most zeal.
Italy will serve as a laboratory and guinea pig for the economic policy defined in this 120-page report.

What will happen in Italy?

The implementation of very unpopular political and economic decisions.
The idea is to do as much austerity as possible without triggering a social revolution.
Italy will take the same path as Greece.
In 12 to 24 months, it will be the same in France.
And believe me, it will be painful.
Will the eurozone survive all of this?
In fact, no one knows.
Neither Draghi nor the other European mamamouchis.
Macron, when he says he “will be forced to do certain things that will make his re-election impossible in 2022”, knows very well what he is going to have to do.
He’s gonna have to cut off the morphine injections. (all the social and economic help)
From then on, the people will cry out in pain at the horror of the economic crisis.
We will save the big ones and what represents systemic risks.
We will drop the little ones and those without ranks.
Social tensions will mount, until the explosion.
The question that will be asked, will quickly be that of the very survival of the common European monetary project.
The next black swan is already noticeable.
It will be the Eurozone Season 2 crisis.

Merkel’s Plea for Extended Lockdowns

Armstrong Economics Blog/Germany Re-Posted Feb 6, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Our sources in Germany are all telling us that instead of boosting support for lockdowns, now that Merkel has come on the airwaves and attached her face for the first time, her support is dwindling rapidly. She grew up in East Germany and this said:

“For someone like myself, for whom freedom of travel and movement were hard-won rights, such restrictions can only be justified when they are absolutely necessary,” she said in her address. “In a democracy, they should not be enacted lightly—and only ever temporarily. But at the moment they are essential in order to save lives.”

With the death toll not worse than the bad flu and the deep involvement of the European leaders with Klaus Schwab, there is no justification for these actions. NEVER in 6,000 years has any government EVER locked down its people. There was far more freedom under the Communists than what is taking place in Europe right now. Merkel’s appearance may have just shot her career in the foot.