President Trump Releases a Statement After Ohio Rep Anthony Gonzalez Announces He Will Not Run For Reelection

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Short and sweet:  “1 down, 9 to go!

The 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump.

Grant Stinchfield and John Solomon Report Trump Declassified Documents January 19th and White House Counsel Withheld Them

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Last night, following the indictment release of Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann, Newsmax’ Grant Stinchfield made a strong accusation against former White House counsel Pat Cipollone.  The claim is that in the final days of the Trump Presidency, the President declassified all of the pertinent documents related to DOJ and FBI misconduct surrounding the false Trump-Russia collusion case.

According to Stinchfield, speaking of ‘high level’ Trump administration sources, thousands of documents were declassified with instructions to release them to the public and also provide them to journalist John Solomon.  The public release never took place; and Stinchfield as well as other Trump allies blame Pat Cipollone for withholding them.  After explaining what his sources said took place, John Solomon joined as a guest to confirm the basic outline as presented.  WATCH:

Right off the bat, something about this doesn’t pass my sniff test. That is not to say that events, as described, are not accurate; but something about the presentation doesn’t seem right.

FIRST – If John Solomon has known about this for nine months; and if Solomon has a partial list of those documents; and if Solomon is of the same frustrated mindset as outlined….. then why didn’t John Solomon ever write about the issue before?

SECOND – I am not excusing White House counsel Pat Cippolone, not even close; however, I think there is some context being ignored in the way Stinchfield and Solomon are framing this.  Cippolone’s position as White House counsel is not to represent Donald Trump, his job is to represent the Office of The President.  The White House counsel is a legal officer of the executive branch as an institution, not the president as a person/individual.   Here is where the missing context and issue surfaces….

When Bill Barr appointed John Durham, officially appointed John Durham (October 19, 2020) as a special counsel, essentially what Bill Barr did was put the proverbial investigative shield over all material evidence that falls under the definition of the investigation Durham was charged to conduct.

Just like Robert Mueller’s appointment made him the controlling authority over everything related to Trump-Russia; which I might add was done with specific and purposeful intent; that made the Mueller special counsel the arbiter of anything that would ever be released to the public. That controlling authority is exactly how Mueller, Weissmann and crew kept a lid on anything that would be detrimental to the political narrative they were attempting to assemble (May 2017 through April 2019).

This process is one that we see used often in order to control and/or coverup wrongdoing.  The material evidence, or any investigative discussion therein, becomes hidden under the cover of “an ongoing investigation“, which blocks the release and puts the control of all evidence into the hands of the investigators.

Understandably, our most familiar reference points are often when this “subject of an ongoing investigation” justification is used with malicious and corrupt intent to keep things hidden from the public.  That corrupt reference is a stark and frustrating reality.  However, there are valid reasons why material evidence is kept in the control of the investigators until they determine it is no longer useful; this is also true.

Back to Cippolone.  With John Durham appointed as the special counsel with control over all evidence subject to the purpose of his investigation, well, right there is a valid reason why the counsel for the Office of the Presidency could not just release it.   Cippolone would have to give it to John Durham because it was materially relevant to his ongoing investigation.  The declassified material would have to go through John Durham, gain his approval that investigative value is exhausted (ie. it is no longer needed), and then the material can be released.

Through the prism of that approach, Pat Cippolone not making the material public (giving it to special counsel John Durham) would be following the appropriate step.

Inasmuch as it is extremely and righteously frustrating, and the greater sunlight of transparency is annoyingly kept at bay, as with many of these legal constructs, they are potentially subject to Machiavellian manipulation; so, I grant no benefit of honorable intent.

Cippolone should be asked that specific question very publicly:  “Was the declassified information withheld under the auspices of first giving it to John Durham for review and use?”  If yes, then that response establishes the framework for public pressure on John Durham to release it; or make a statement that he is not yet ready to do so.

Devin Nunes Reacts to the Clinton Lawyer, Michael Sussmann, Indictment

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An optimistic Congressman Devin Nunes reacts to latest developments in the Durham probe, the indictment of Perkins Coie and Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann making a false statement to the FBI.  {Direct Rumble Link} – WATCH:

GOP Redistricting Group Names Chris Christie, Mike Pompeo and Karl Rove to Leadership

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Just because the buttons on the GOP vending machine say Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta and Root Beer, doesn’t mean the machine slots are filled with anything except diet ginger ale.  Cue the audio visual demonstration….

WASHINGTON – […]  The National Republican Redistricting Trust (NRRT), in an announcement shared first with Fox News, said that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will serve as national co-chairs of the organization, with longtime GOP strategist Karl Rove joining the group in the role of senior adviser.

NRRT president and executive director Adam Kincaid highlighted that Pompeo and Christie “will be tremendous assets as we raise the resources needed to fight back against the left’s attempts to sue to blue.”

I’m surprised they didn’t throw Frank Luntz into the mix.

Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann Indicted For Lying to FBI While Spreading The False Alfa Bank Trump-Russia Collusion Conspiracy on Behalf of Clinton Campaign

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U.S. Special Counsel John Durham has released an indictment [pdf here] of Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying to federal investigators in 2016 about the people and motives behind his FBI contact.  He failed to tell them his intent was to spread a false Alfa Bank conspiracy theory on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

Working for the Perkins Coie law firm, while under contract with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, partner Michael Sussmann contacted FBI Legal Counsel James Baker to pitch evidence that a Russian bank was in digital communications with servers in Trump Tower.  The Alfa Bank allegation was one of the key components for the ridiculous Trump-Russia narrative put together by the Hillary Clinton campaign.  Sussmann wanted the FBI to investigate Donald Trump, so that Hillary Clinton could push a political fabrication about Donald Trump working with Russians to steal the presidential election.

According to the indictment, Sussmann failed to tell the FBI that he was giving them this information on behalf of the Clinton campaign.  The FBI investigated the claims and found nothing; however, it was the appearance of the investigation that Clinton needed in order to leak/push the Trump-Russia story to the media and stir up the controversy.  There had to be something to the “Trump-Russia” story, because the FBI was investigating it.  That fabricated smear served its intended purpose, and the media ran with it.

With the indictment now public, The New York Times also now admits Michael Sussmann was their source for stories they wrote about Alfa bank:

New York Times – […] In early September, the indictment said, Mr. Sussmann met with a New York Times reporter who would later draft a story about Alfa Bank, and also began work on a so-called white paper that would summarize and explain the researchers’ data and analysis, billing the time to the Clinton campaign.

On Sept. 12, the indictment said, Mr. Sussmann called Mr. Elias, the Clinton campaign lawyer, and spoke about his “efforts to communicate” with the Times reporter about the Alfa Bank allegations. Both billed the call to the campaign. And three days later, Mr. Elias exchanged emails with top campaign officials about the matter. (read more)

[…] Mr. Sussmann also continued to push the Alfa Bank story to reporters. A month before the election, as Times editors were weighing whether to publish an article the reporter had drafted, Mr. Sussmann told him he should show the editors an opinion essay saying the paper’s investigative reporters had not published as many stories regarding Mr. Trump as other media outlets, the indictment said.  (read more)

(Indictment pdf Source)

Perkins Coie is “law firm-1”.  Mark Elias is “campaign lawyer 1”.   The “US Investigative Firm” is Fusion GPS.   “Tech Executive-1” is likely Shawn Henry of Crowdstrike, although there are other possibilities.

In March 2016, Fusion GPS approached Perkins Coie to discuss potential engagement in the development of opposition research on Donald Trump, fully aware that Perkins Coie represented both the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign.

In April 2016, Perkins Coie retained Fusion GPS on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Towards the end of the month, on April 29, Perkins Coie partner Michael Sussmann contacted Shawn Henry of CrowdStrike Services to hire the organization for the Democratic National Committee after a series of phishing e-mails started to affect their employees.

Before June 14, 2016, Sussmann, CrowdStrike Services and the Democratic National Committee carefully crafted a damage control story with regards to the hacking of the Democratic National Committee, which Dmitri Alperovitch and Shawn Henry released to Ellen Nakashima at The Washington Post.

On June 14, 2016, Nakashima, with contributions from Tom Hamburger, published the article “Russian government hackers penetrated DNC, stole opposition research on Trump” in The Washington Post.

After the article’s publishing, a number of bipartisan computer scientists — which included “John McCain Republicans” — started to search for Russian infiltrators. The members of the group were scattered across America and were numerous (there were at least nine members). To search for the infiltrators, they used the Domain Name System (DNS).

In late July 2016, a member of the bipartisan computer scientist organisation, known by the alias “Tea Leaves”, discovered potential malware moving from the Alfa Bank server to the Trump Organization server. The information “Tea Leaves” discovered was then circulated among his colleagues.

“Tea Leaves himself told The Intercept that he had to keep his identity and methods a secret because, ‘I run a cybersecurity company and I do not want DDOS and never have we been DDOS, nor do I want other attention.’” — The Intercept

“I also spoke with academics who vouched for Tea Leaves’ integrity and his unusual access to information. ‘This is someone I know well and is very well-known in the networking community,’ said Camp. ‘When they say something about DNS, you believe them. This person has technical authority and access to data.’” — Franklin Foer, Slate

October 31, 2016, Franklin Foer published the article, “Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?”, in Slate. This article was then retweeted by Hillary Clinton in a tweet which read: “It’s time for Trump to answer serious questions about his ties to Russia.”

This was soon followed by a statement from Jake Sullivan, tweeted through Hillary Clinton’s account: “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.”

At the same time, days before Election Day 2016, the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee ceased funding Fusion GPS’s research. Fusion GPS then passed Steele’s reports to Marc Elias at Perkins Coie.

The rest, as they say, is history….

Interesting Maneuver, Members of Congress Advocate For Formalization of Fourth Branch of Government

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Knowing what YOU know about the intelligence apparatus now operating a superseding branch of government (to control all subservient branches), there is an interesting appeal from current and former congressional representatives asking four leadership members of the Gang of Eight, to formalize a new governing body in the U.S.

Politico outlines the request letter [read here] around the concern that continuity of government might be compromised.  Almost all the signatories are democrats, though there are more than just a few DeceptiCons in the mix.   Here’s how The Hill frames the request:

WASHINGTON DC – A letter signed by nearly 50 former members of Congress is calling for the formation of a new government body to address preparations for modern threats against the U.S. government. 

The letter, first obtained by Politico, said that the Continuity of Government Commission conducted an extensive review of all three branches of government.

The review concluded that “none of the three branches, including Congress, have adequate plans in place to ensure continuous and constitutionally valid operation in a time of national crisis,” according to the letter. (read more)

‘Gang of Eight’, 2021

New York Times Uses 4 Narrative Engineers To Spin Defensive Tale Protecting One of Their Perkins Coie Sources Michael Sussmann

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The New York Times needed to put four of their top Trump-Russia narrative engineers on a defensive story about John Durham possibly indicting Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann over his involvement in pushing the Trump-Russia fraud to the FBI on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

Michael Sussmann was one of the primary story-tellers used by The New York Times as a source to write articles about the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.  Durham might indict Sussmann for lying to the FBI because Sussmann said he wasn’t working for Hillary Clinton, yet Sussmann billed Hillary Clinton for the hours he spent pushing the Trump-Russia story.

Yeah, that might be a problem.

The wording of The Times story is rather humorous in their collective effort to retain credibility and yet draw some distance from their ally now under scrutiny.  Keep in mind, as you read this paragraph, Sussmann hired Crowdstrike, the cyber security firm who claimed the DNC was hacked by Russians and generated the Alfa bank conspiracy theory:

(NYT) […] Donald J. Trump and his supporters have long accused Democrats and Perkins Coie — whose political law group, a division separate from Mr. Sussmann’s, represented the party and the Hillary Clinton campaign — of seeking to stoke unfair suspicions about Mr. Trump’s purported ties to Russia.

This next paragraph is even more funny:

[…] Some of the questions that Mr. Durham’s team has been asking in recent months — including of witnesses it subpoenaed before a grand jury, according to people familiar with some of the sessions — suggest he has been pursuing a theory that the Clinton campaign used Perkins Coie to submit dubious information to the F.B.I. about Russia and Mr. Trump in an effort to gin up investigative activity to hurt his 2016 campaign.  (link)

A “theory”?  Too funny…  No, there is actual evidence this is exactly what happened.  It’s not even debatable at this point.  A “theory”?  Good grief.

2018 testimony from former FBI legal counsel James Baker revealed that Michael Susmann, representing the Clinton team, was feeding information to the FBI for use against the trump campaign.

In March and April 2016, around the same time when NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers was shutting down “contractor access” to FBI and NSA databases [an effort to stop the frequent FISA-702(16)(17) search abuses that were taking place], Michael Sussmann met with FBI Legal Counsel James Baker – Global Privacy Summit, April 5th, 2016.

With his former DOJ national security credentials Michael Sussmann integrated himself with the DNC’s cyber security team; and following the DNC intrusion (aka Seth Rich) Sussmann introduced the DNC to CrowdStrike.   The DNC goal was to identify the extent of the compromise.  Crowdstrike then helped the DNC hide the fact that Seth Rich was the extractor of the information -which Rich then gave to Wikileaks- and Crowdstrike then helped establish the narrative about the DNC being hacked.

Someone, likely from the Clinton camp, then killed Seth Rich.

TechnoFog has a great summary article of how Michael Sussmann is legally exposed.  READ IT HERE

The Clinton team hired Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Trump, package it as a dossier, and deliver it to the FBI for exploitation.

Fusion GPS is a political research firm and network of political operatives who sell their mercenary services to anyone willing to pay. Fusion has resources inside and outside government and the capability to exploit FBI and NSA databases containing information about U.S. citizens. Fusion then uses a secondary network of media outlets who they pay to write articles shaped for their purposes. Fusion GPS is operated by Glenn Simpson.

In April 2016, at the same time NSA Director Mike Rogers was shutting down contractor access to the FBI/NSA database; and at the same time FBI legal counsel was meeting with Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann; Hillary Clinton -through Perkins Coie- hired Fusion GPS to target her presidential campaign opponent, Donald Trump.

Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson then assigned Russian expert and CIA research analyst Nellie Ohr to the Trump project. At the time Nellie Ohr’s husband, Bruce Ohr, was the #4 ranking official inside the DOJ National Security Division. Simultaneous to Nellie Ohr’s assignment, Fusion GPS also sub-contracted with Christopher Steele for additional material and internal collaboration with Mrs. Ohr.

Glenn Simpson, Nellie and Bruce Ohr then worked with Christopher Steele on the “Steele Dossier” and the promotion of the content therein to media and FBI allies. We now know that in addition to FusionGPS, Chris Steele, Nellie Ohr (via Bruce Ohr), providing information to the FBI; there was Michael Sussmann representing the DNC also providing information into the FBI for the same purposes.

The FBI, through Peter Strzok and the Crossfire Hurricane team, then closed the loop on the ‘wrap up smear’ by exploiting the information within “the Dossier” to gain a Title-1 FISA surveillance warrant on the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Hiding all of that political surveillance and collusion between the Clinton campaign and the FBI was what made the Trump-Russia story so important; and specifically why they needed to put Special Counsel Robert Muller into place to cover all the background activity.Posted in 4th AmendmentBig GovernmentBig Stupid GovernmentClinton(s)Cold AngerConspiracy ?DecepticonsDeep StateDem HypocrisyDept Of JusticeDonald TrumpElection 2016FBIIG Report Clinton InvestigationIG Report ComeyIG Report FISA AbuseIG Report McCabeLawfaremedia biasNotorious LiarsPresident TrumpProfessional IdiotspropagandaSpygateSpyingTHE BIG UGLYTypical Prog BehaviorUncategorizedWhite House Coverup

Former Intelligence Branch Officials Do Not Want Big Tech Regulated – Duh, The Fourth Branch of Government is a Partnership With Them

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The Fourth Branch of Government is a public-private partnership; they work together.  The U.S. intelligence agencies are collaborative partners with Big Tech {LINK}.  That is why Google, Amazon (owns the cloud),  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are connected to the portals of the FiveEyes intelligence operations.   Only those who understand the Fourth Branch – have a solid understanding of how it works.  Some have called it “a shadow government“, but it’s not.  We know exactly who they are and how they are operating.

The NSA scoops up all the metadata, but the scale of data is too challenging to filter and review – even with modern algorithms assisting them.  So the Fourth Branch – NSA,CIA, DIA, ODNI etc. work with the data providers to prefilter, flag, monitor and conduct surveillance.  This approach frees up the NSA database crew to focus on cell phone and email communication.

The overall surveillance of public electronic data (an abuse of 4th amendment protections), is a collaboration between the U.S. Government and Big Tech.

That’s why it does not come as a surprise to see a host of former U.S. intelligence community officials rise in opposition today to any regulation upon the Big Tech system they are partnered with.  The list of names is a who’s-who of scheming and conniving Deep State operatives we have written about through the years.  Names including: Leon Panetta (CIA), Dan Coats (ODNI), Mike Morell (CIA), Sue Gordon (ODNI), and even Fran Townsend (DHS/CNN) who we followed during the apex of her obfuscation over Benghazi.

AXIOS – Twelve former top U.S. national security officials are urging Congress to hit pause on a package of antitrust bills in order to consider how breaking up tech companies could harm the U.S. in its competition with China, according to a letter obtained by Axios. (read more)

You will note something very specific about these names.

All of them rose to prominence *AFTER* Barack Obama was installed as president and started working on the modern assembly of the U.S. Fourth Branch of Government {Go Deep}.

Every name on the list was a contributing member of the corrupt and bastardized system that has now resulted in the single most important threat to the United States, our own intel agencies.

The House is looking to curtail the power of Big Tech, but don’t look for too much support from the Senate side.  The Senate actually supports the Fourth Branch of Government and shares power with it.  The Fourth Branch now supersedes the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.

The Fourth Branch also has access to U.S. election databases {LINK}, and can control the outcomes of electronically recorded voting data in every state.  That level of influence is used to protect itself from the American people.  Ultimately that is why the Fourth Branch must be destroyed.

Rank and Vile Followup, FBI Director Chris Wray Says He’s Sorry For The FBI Systemic Corruption That Led to Sexual Abuse of Gymnast Victims

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CTH had originally reported on this stunning story back in June [SEE HERE].  After previously refusing to fire the FBI agents involved in the case, today FBI Director Chris Wray finally said he fired the main FBI agent, Michael Langeman, responsible for facilitating the abuse of young female gymnasts.  During his testimony before congress Wray stated: “I want to begin by saying to the brave women who testified this morning … I’m deeply and profoundly sorry to each and every one of you.”  {link}

BACKSTORY – An absolutely damning Inspector General investigation released in June, reflected horrific FBI conduct in the rape and sexual assault of U.S. Gymnasts revealing how FBI agents facilitated Larry Nassar’s sex crimes by taking no action despite numerous witness statements to them.

Worse yet, the FBI never reported the sexual assaults to local law enforcement… and to top it off, the FBI agents lied during the investigation of their conduct, and the DOJ under AG Bill Barr refused to prosecute the FBI liars.

The entire IG report [Must Read pdf Here] reveals layer-upon-layer of FBI wrongdoing, misconduct and false statements in an effort to cover-up their activity when the internal investigation of their conduct began. This report is a total condemnation of the FBI rank and file. It really is quite stunning.

IG Report Excerpt – […] “The OIG found that, despite the extraordinarily serious nature of the allegations and the possibility that Nassar’s conduct could be continuing, senior officials in the FBI Indianapolis Field Office failed to respond to the Nassar allegations with the utmost seriousness and urgency that they deserved and required, made numerous and fundamental errors when they did respond to them, and violated multiple FBI policies.

The Indianapolis Field Office did not undertake any investigative activity until September 2nd, five weeks after the meeting with USA Gymnastics—when they telephonically interviewed one of the three athletes. Further, FBI Indianapolis never interviewed the other two gymnasts who they were told were available to meet with FBI investigators.

This absence of any serious investigative activity was compounded when the Indianapolis Field Office did not transfer the matter to the FBI office (the Lansing Resident Agency), where venue most likely would have existed had evidence been developed to support the potential federal crimes being considered, even though the Indianapolis office had been advised to do so by the USAO and had told USA Gymnastics that the transfer had occurred.

Additionally, the Indianapolis office did not notify state or local authorities of the sexual assault allegations even though it questioned whether there was federal jurisdiction to pursue them. As a result, the Lansing Resident Agency did not learn of the Nassar allegations until over a year after they were first reported to the FBI and then learned of them only from the MSUPD.

Moreover, the FBI conducted no investigative activity in the matter for more than 8 months following the September 2015 interview. During that period of time, as alleged and detailed in numerous civil complaints, Nassar’s sexual assaults continued.” (read full report)

Do not overlook this part:

The FBI originally responded to the IG report with this statement:

FBI Response to IG – “As the Inspector General made clear in today’s report, this should not have happened. The FBI will never lose sight of the harm that Nassar’s abuse caused. The actions and inactions of certain FBI employees described in the report are inexcusable and a discredit to this organization. The FBI has taken affirmative steps to ensure and has confirmed that those responsible for the misconduct and breach of trust no longer work FBI matters.

Prior to today, the FBI initiated improvements to make sure that serious allegations, such as these, are promptly shared with our law enforcement partners and within the FBI. As a continuation of these efforts, the FBI is fully committed to implementing all of the recommendations made by the Inspector General.

We will take all necessary steps to ensure that the failures of the employees outlined in the report do not happen again.” (link)

California – Just Hopeless II

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Another Rigged Election- We Must Fix the 2020 election

I enjoy reading message boards and one board that followed a story about Gavin Newsom was particularly entertaining. Many of the posters were from California and they referred to their governor as ‘The Hairdo,’ or simply, ‘Hairdo.’ Newsom strikes me as someone who abhors the lower and middle classes and he certainly has punished them. Homelessness is rampant in his state. People say he is as aloof as he is incompetent.

Like his relative Nancy Pelosi, he engages in pay for play. He services the rich corporations and punishes average citizen. He does the bidding of the New World Order with his climate change blather. At the same time, his policies led to massive forest fires in his state, which he naturally blamed on climate change.

The Hairdo has the brain of a totalitarian. He used COVID-19 to grab more power. He kept strip clubs opened in his state, but shut down churches. He destroyed small businesses—again doing the bidding of his globalist corporate donors.

Gavin Newsom is about as popular as Joe Biden. That is, he’s despised. Yet the Democrats have shown they are in control of the election process in California and are no doubt willing to steal the election for Newsom. The Hairdo might prove to have tough roots.

— Ben Garrison