Fox News Circles The Wagons and Fails – Guy Benson Accidentally Exposes Scheme: Contracted Fox News Pollster is also Fox News Decision Desk Narrator…

Posted originally on The Conservative tree house on November 4, 2020 by sundance

Fox News is currently engaged in full damage control after they exposed themselves with manipulative election coverage and destroyed their credibility in the most brutal fashion imaginable.   That said, CTH has written about the Fox Agenda for years, but even we didn’t know the details of the scheme construct until this tweet from Guy Benson:

Setting aside that Benson spelled Daron Shaw’s name wrong; and reminding yourself that Guy Benson is a paid Fox News contributor; what he has outlined in that tweet is actually quite remarkable.  The pollster paid by Fox News to predict election outcomes, is a key part of the crew that calls the results on election night.  Think about that.

Think about the conflict, the purposeful and brutally obvious conflict, that would exist in using the same person to predict elections and then report on the results of that election.

Obviously a person performing both tasks, predicting & reporting on outcomes, is going to have a self-interest in affirming their predictions; after all, that’s how they are paid.

If you wonder why these manipulative Fox News operations are so fundamentally flawed; and/or you wonder why Fox News would have a vested interest in affirming their predictions before the actual outcomes are even clear (see Arizona); well, there’s the answer.

Daron Shaw is the establishment “republican” pollster behind Shaw and Associates.  We have pointed out issues with Shaw in the past as we deconstructed his poll outcomes. {GO DEEP}

Once you see the strings on the marionettes

{Go Deep}

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