Andrew Cuomo Releases Prepared and Produced Remarks Defending His Conduct – Hey I’m Old and I’m Italian, We Touch People

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 3, 2021 | Sundance | 222 Comments

The team behind creepy sexual deviant New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, obviously had several days to prepare their defense against allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation against state employees and private citizens.

After the New York AG released the report showing long-term sexual misconduct against young women, including the groping of young staffers private body parts, the office of the New York Governor released their carefully produced justification via a video statement.

Within the video, Governor Andrew Cuomo says the issues outlined against him are a matter of cultural differences. “Hey, I’m Italian”, he says to people defining Cuomo’s expressions of  “warmth” and compassion as inappropriate in the modern-era.  Cuomo’s team put together a picture montage of Cuomo touching and kissing people throughout his career, and the Governor says in hindsight, maybe he was just too nice a guy.

As Cuomo notes in his justification, the victims: “Read into comments that I made, and draw inferences that I never meant. They ascribe motives I never had; and simply put, they heard things that I just didn’t say.” … “I was trying to help, and obviously I didn’t.”  To explain the groping of young women’s breasts and buttocks, the New York Governor said he does it all the time.

Governor Cuomo explains his cultural connection thusly: “Other complainants raised against me questions that have sought to unfairly characterize and weaponize interactions that I have had with any number of New Yorkers” … “I have been making the same gestures in public all my life. I have learned them from my mother and from my father.” … “I do it with everyone, black and white, young and old, straight and LGBTQ.”  … “I do kiss people, I do embrace people, I do hug people.”  “On occasion I do slip and say sweetheart or darling.”

The media is awaiting creepy Joe Biden to talk about creepy Andrew Cuomo.  However, perhaps not coincidentally, the current occupant of the White House does the same inappropriate groping, kissing, sniffing and touching of little girls and young women in public.  Team Biden has a direct attachment to the issues faced by Team Cuomo.  It will be interesting to see what happens….

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