Think About This, Joe Biden Openly Admits He is Attempting to Subvert The U.S. Constitution Regarding Private Property Ownership

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 4, 2021 | Sundance | 340 Comments

During the question and answer session following his remarks yesterday, Joe Biden said something out loud the media are desperately trying to hide.

In this video segment listen carefully to what he says.  As the Supreme Court and lower courts have determined, the CDC has no legal authority to block the rights of property owners from rental income from their tenants.  This is a basic issue in the Constitution about private property rights and the limits of federal government to intervene.

However, think about Joe Biden taking an oath of office “to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” and contrast that oath against these public statements.  In his remarks Biden readily admits that all constitutional scholars have advised the White House that a regulatory eviction moratorium will *NOT* pass constitutional scrutiny.  He openly admits that….

….Then, in the very next sentence, after admitting any effort to initiate or extend a federal eviction moratorium violates the U.S. Constitution, he says he is intentionally directing federal agencies to trigger unconstitutional legal action in an effort to “buy time” and create a de-facto unlawful eviction moratorium.

In essence:…  ‘I know this is unconstitutional; and I know we will lose the constitutional legal argument; but we will do this anyway, because ideology’.  WATCH:

Put aside the sympathetic elements for a moment; and think BIG PICTURE.   Think beyond the issue at hand with evictions.  If the installed occupant of the White House can intentionally, and with willful and open intent, violate the United States Constitution; while admitting publicly he is violating the United States Constitution; then what makes you think they will stop at the issue of ‘evictions’.

Either we have a Constitution, or we do not.

Tell me how the willful violation of the Constitution -that is outlined in these public remarks- is not an impeachable offense?

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