Creepy Joe and Friend

Posted originally on on AUG 6, 2021 AT 10:18 AM

Jeepers Creepers

The irony and hypocrisy dripped heavily when Biden said New York Governor Cuomo should resign over allegations of sexual impropriety.

Biden had earlier stated that women should be believed during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and now he’s suggesting the same thing when it comes to Cuomo’s multiple accusers.

HOWEVER…when it comes to himself, he said we should not believe one of his former aides whom Joe sexually assaulted.

Biden is a serial smoocher, groper, and sniffer. We all know that. It’s on a spate of videos. His targets include even young girls. Joe can’t help himself. Like his son, Joe is a sexual predator and opportunist.

Biden enjoyed swimming nude while vice president—despite protests from female secret service agents or any other woman present. Biden knows neither shame nor regret.

If anyone should resign, it’s Joe Biden. On the other hand, he is not a legitimate president, so there’s no need for him to do that. He needs to be removed from office and put in prison.

Here’s  the top ten excuses made by Cuomo to excuse his behavior:

1. Italians are touchy-feely. We feel buttocks. We feel breasts. We kiss on the mouth. It’s only natural.

2. Nursing homes. Some die so others might live. Infected. Asymptomatic. They’re just words.

3. These female accusers misinterpreted my inappropriate, unwanted, uninvited, and unsolicited sexual advances. It’s all a misunderstanding.

4. I may kiss on the mouth but I don’t kiss ass.

5. My book–the book with a hefty cash advance that never sold–was a true success.  It was a reflection on my governance and acumen as a leader.

6.  I know the difference between actual sexual harassment and imagined sexual harassment. My accusers obviously do not.

7.  I behaved just like my father. It’s not my fault. I’m not responsible. It’s an Italian family thing only Italians understand. You’re not anti-Italian, are you?

8. My staffer was previously sexually abused, vulnerable, and weak but she mistook my unwanted assistance as just another guy preying on her. I’m not just another guy. I’m a powerful and entitled governor!

9. Either I didn’t do it or I wasn’t there when it happened. I don’t care if you have witnesses, third party confirmation, statements of fact, documented evidence, multiple victims, and the Pope in Rome saying it.

10. My brother at CNN, who has been conspicuously silent on this matter, will bear me out. He knows me. We never lie.

Biden and Cuomo are high ranking politicians and think they are entitled to a grope and sniff. It goes with the job. Both are disgusting creepers who can’t keep their hands and noses to themselves.

Will they be held accountable? 

We doubt it.


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