General Mark Milley’s Sketchy October 2020 Intelligence on China Fears Likely Came From Twitter and New York Times, Congressman Mike Turner Will Confirm

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CTH has discovered what we believe will turn out to be the currently classified “intelligence product” that Joint Chief’s Chairman Mark Milley has been claiming as justification for his unilateral phone call with the Chinese military to discuss their concerns.  {Background One -and- Background Two}   I am 80% certain we have located that intelligence product, and you ain’t gonna believe where it was from.

Yesterday, congressman Mike Turner of Ohio noted that no one in the entire system of intelligence and oversight had any idea what intelligence product Mark Milley was describing in his two days of testimony.  Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said Wednesday, in response to the claims of Milley, that no such intelligence product ever existed.   Congressman Turner, who sits on the House Intel Committee (HPSCI) and the House Armed Services Committee, confirmed the same.

Congressman Turner has demanded that General Milley turn over this mysterious, secret, oddly untraceable intelligence product that Milley alone has seen.  WATCH:

Mike Turner (video 02:30): “Now, you claim that you had information, and it’s all over that China was worried about an imminent attack. You did not tell the president, the vice president, the White House chief of staff, the national security adviser, the secretary of defense, the secretary of state, the director of national intelligence, either of the relevant committees in the House, including the big eight, which you know include Intel.

You didn’t tell the Intelligence Committee. You didn’t tell the Armed Services Committee. You report that after you took it upon yourself to have this phone conversation, that you told them of the conversation heard not that China believed that we were going to imminently attack them, which by the way, has never been true in my lifetime.”

“But you chose instead to handle it yourself with a phone call. So, General Milley, you offered all of the concerning intelligence, and I’m going to request that you provide it to us. I would like you to provide us the relevant intelligence information that you based your belief that China was going to — the belief that there was an imminent attack.

I also want your request for declassification of the approval that you release that information that China believed so, including your request for declassification of your conversation that you had with General Li and any approvals. I want a transcript of your call with General Li, and I also want any readouts, memorandums, notice of calls, or outcomes.”

Congressman Turner wants to see the magic intelligence that no one else has seen except General Milley.

Keep in mind, Milley has described this “intelligence product” as originating in September and October of 2020.  As Milley said in both days of his testimony: “Concerning intelligence, which caused us to believe the Chinese were worried about an attack on them by the United States.”  Milley then organized a call to the Chinese on October 30, 2020, based on this intelligence.

The most likely source of that Milley/China intelligence is: from TWITTER and from The New York Times

(Source Link)

New York Times – […] The propaganda has accompanied a series of military drills in recent weeks, including the test-firing of ballistic missiles and the buzzing of Taiwan’s airspace. Together, they are intended to draw stark red lines for the United States, signaling that China would not shrink from a military clash.

While the prospect of war remains remote, the militaristic tone reflects the hawkishness of the country’s leader, Xi Jinping. The risk is that the propaganda could translate into more provocative actions, at a time when the relationship with the United States has sharply deteriorated. The recent military moves in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait raise the possibility of actual clashes, intended or not.

In Washington, President Trump’s hospitalization for treatment of Covid-19 has overshadowed everything else, creating the impression that his administration is in chaos and raising fears of a decision-making void. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cut short his trip to Asia this week, although he is expected to push for confronting China when he meets in Tokyo with his counterparts from Australia, India and Japan. (read more)

There it is folks….  In October of 2020 President Trump was battling COVID-19, and the opportunity arose with a distracted nation for the Fourth Branch of Government to insert a narrative using General Mark Milley to fulfill their intents and purposes.

I can almost guarantee to a certainty this is what Congressman Mike Turner (R-OH) will discover when he forces General Milley to show him the intelligence.

Keep in mind, the circular process of intelligence officials (1) leaking to/influencing media; (2) building a narrative; and then (3) using those same media reports as evidence to support their claims, is exactly the process we have seen play out over the past five years within the Trump-Russia hoax.   The China-Fear-of-Attack hoax was simply a deployment of the same playbook.

Lastly, it is also important to keep in mind the Pentagon mistake of the Predator Drone strike against innocent civilians near the Kabul airport was also based on flawed intelligence from the same origination sources.

Again, a strong likelihood the overarching intelligence apparatus was attempting to deflect attention from their own failures in Afghanistan by putting the Pentagon in the central spotlight by manipulating an attack as a blame-casting maneuver. [Team1, State Dept/Intel Community -vs- Team2, White House/Pentagon]

The purposefully false drone hit, is bolstered by the same IC (Team1) then giving the New York Times the evidence to showcase the attack was a mistake by Team2.  The Fourth Branch of Government knows how to manipulate outcomes for their own intents and purposes. {Go Deep}

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