Special Prosecutor John Durham Issued Subpoenas to Clinton Law Firm, Perkins Coie, Earlier This Month

Posted originally on the conservative Tree House on September 30, 2021 | Sundance | 100 Comments

CTH begins every review of the Durham news with the following disclaimer:  If Special Counsel John Durham was going to reveal what optimistic folks proclaim as possible; how is Durham going to handle the reality that Robert Mueller’s entire existence was in place to hide it?

How can John Durham reconcile finding direct evidence of the Clinton camp and her law firm Perkins Coie working with political operatives within the FBI and DOJ, against Robert Mueller, and Andrew Weissmann hiding it?

The only way for Durham to successfully proceed in typical swamp-fashion is if he carves out the corrupt government officials and only focuses his attention at the ancillary participants operating outside government.

This appears to be his approach and will likely disappoint everyone in the final outcome.

Granting Durham the benefit of doubt on his own integrity (a stretch for me), the brutally obvious is then present.

Anyone outside government -caught in the Durham probe- can obviously threaten, blackmail and leverage their government co-conspirators to lessen/remove any punitive criminal outcomes.  The outside small fish, threaten to spill the beans on the inside big fish, and they end up with zero punishment. [Insert prior example of SSCI Security Director James Wolfe, here]

According to a new CNN report: “Special Counsel John Durham has issued a new set of subpoenas, including to a law firm with close ties to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, an indication that Durham could be trying to build a broader criminal case, according to people briefed on the matter.”

[…] The grand jury subpoenas for documents came earlier this month after Durham charged Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann with lying to the FBI.

[…] In seeking additional documents from Sussmann’s former law firm, Perkins Coie, investigators from the special counsel’s office appear to be sharpening their focus on the Democratic political machinery during the 2016 campaign and efforts to tie Trump to Russia.

That appears to be the approach.  The political operatives tricked the FBI, DOJ and counterintelligence divisions within each unit.

[…] Perkins Coie’s clients in 2016 included the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. The law firm also hired on the campaign’s behalf a research company that commissioned the dossier from ex-British spy Christopher Steele that alleged that Trump was compromised by Russia. 

[…] While working for Perkins Coie, Sussmann also represented Rodney Joffe, a cybersecurity expert referred to in Durham’s indictment as “Tech Executive-1.” In 2016, Joffe, who has not been previously identified, worked with researchers to collect internet data about the Trump Organization that Sussmann took to the FBI.

Guess who has another HAM Radio License?   Yup, Rodney Joffe.  Go figure.

[…] The larger narrative Durham describes lays out a practice not uncommon in politics and a world that’s usually opaque to the general public — in which campaigns traffic stories that could hurt their opponents, and sometimes try to get law enforcement to open investigations into alleged wrongdoing. At times, the research and authorities’ reactions to the research will leak to the news media as part of partisan attempts to affect election outcomes.

Lawyers steeped in Washington are often involved in opposition research efforts. (read more)

You can see where this narrative is going…. I digress.

All the articles, evidence and indictments, all come back to this same simple graphic CTH made and published almost four years ago.

Nellie Ohr (Ham Radio) went to work for Fusion-GPS in November of 2015 to build the Trump oppo-research file.  Clinton, through Perkins Coie, hired Fusion-GPS in April 2016 to use the Trump oppo-research file.  Fusion-GPS then contracted U.K. intelligence operative Chris Steele (May 2016).  The Trump file was laundered through Christopher Steele into the FBI via Nellie Ohr’s husband in the DOJ National Security Division, Bruce Ohr.  The FBI, via Peter Strzok, then used the Nellie/Steele Trump file, now called the “Steele Dossier” to get the October 2016 FISA surveillance warrant and justify the pre-existing investigation which was triggered to assist the Clinton political operatives.   Trump unexpectedly won the election in November 2016, and everyone freaked out.  That’s why they needed two things: (1) maintenance of the Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy; and (2) Robert Mueller/Andrew Weissmann (May 2017), to cover their tracks.

That’s how the whole thing takes place.

It doesn’t matter how far away we get from it, that’s what happened.

Here we are four years later….

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