Pelosi Lied to Her Own Caucus, Democrat Rep Josh Gottheimer Just Received The Bart Stupak Treatment

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 2, 2021 | Sundance | 129 Comments

At 1:00am on August 25th, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats came to an agreement on a massive spending proposal.  The Senate previously passed a $1.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill, and a group of 9 House moderates -led by Josh Gottheimer- wanted to see it pass.  However, the far-left progressive caucus wanted their $3.5 trillion spending package which includes Green New Deal spending passed as part of the total budget agenda.

Representative Gottheimer’s group did not concur with the House $3.5 trillion spending proposal and saw no-way for it to pass the Senate.

An internal deal was struck amid the Democrats for Gottheimer’s coalition to agree to advance a rules change with two conditions on that August 25th late night discussion {GO DEEP}:

(1) Pelosi would have to promise to bring the $1.5 infrastructure bill to a vote on September 27th; and (2) Any larger GND/”Human Infrastructure” bill  ($3.5 spending package) would need to be structured to pass the Senate.

Again, back on August 25th, the ‘moderate’ Marxists (for lack of a better term) could see that AOC’s progressive caucus spending bill was unlikely to pass the Senate in its current form.   To get the Gottheimer group on board, House Speaker Pelosi agreed to the two conditions, as negotiated.  To appease the AOC nuts, everyone agreed to tie both the $1.5 trillion infrastructure and the $3.5 trillion spending boondoggle together.

Fast forward through the next four weeks. The Senate struggled to come to any agreement as Senator Manchin (WV) and Senator Sinema (AZ), along with others, balked at the insufferable nature of the $3.5 trillion blueprint that would remake the entire U.S. economy and end up with a massive $5+ trillion deficit.    Eventually both Manchin and Sinema tapped-out, there would be no way to compromise with the far-left moonbat caucus who were dug in.

Because the second point in Gottheimer’s deal (House bill must be able to pass the Senate) was not met, the entire process came unraveled.   Suddenly, Pelosi finds herself having to renege on the promise to bring the $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill to a vote on September 27th.  As the deadline passed, Pelosi tried to save face -en process- by saying the vote would be likely on Friday October 1st.

With public support for the office collapsing at an astounding rate, Joe Biden attempted to insert himself and his weak-sauce leverage at the last minute.  It didn’t help.   The $3.5 trillion spending priority quickly turned into a dead fish, rotting in blueprint outline form without ever making it to ‘reconciliation’ legislative language.

As a consequence, Pelosi’s original agreement with Josh Gottheimer (NJ) leaves him in the same position as Bart Stupak in 2010.

In the aftermath of Nancy Pelosi’s ObamaCare lies, former Representative Bart Stupak (Michigan) and the entire 19 member Blue-Dog caucus were wiped out in the 2010 mid-term election.  Democrats actually lost a total of 63 seats in the U.S. House (biggest crushing defeat since 1938) and lost 6 seats in the Senate during that 2010 mid-term.

The August 25th promise to bring the $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill to the House floor on September 27th was a lie.  Democrats are by nature totalitarian dictators, and just like Bart Stupak, Josh Gottheimer was threatened by Pelosi and House leadership to go along and get his group to vote in support of Pelosi’s massive scheme.

Josh Gottheimer, and the 9 members of the ‘moderate Marxist’ coalition, held up their end of the agreement and supported Pelosi with the two reasonable terms in place.  However, Gottheimer and his group are now left to recognize just how extreme and dangerous the AOC-wing has become.

The Speaker of the House lied to Gottheimer in an effort to manipulate his support.   This is the zero-sum strategy Democrats always deploy.   Pelosi never had any intention of living up to her end of the bargain unless her larger objectives were met.   Democrats are devious and they don’t have boundaries in their fight.  The ‘ends‘ justify any ‘means‘.

Democrats must be taken out of power; they are dangerous….  and, based on increased public sunlight, the current polling indicates an awakened nation is noticing.

In the interim, Pelosi is deploying her familiar UniParty tactic.   She is baiting the Republican and opposition to attack the Democrats for their lack of cohesiveness.   Pelosi wants the nastiest, snarkiest, most hate-filled attacks possible.  Then she will use the attacks against Democrats to circle the wagons and deploy her demand, a guilt and shaming move, to save-face for the entire Democrat political apparatus.

Pelosi’s strategy usually works….  But will it work this time?

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