Russia and China Likely to Introduce U.N. Security Council Resolution Condemning Australia for Human Rights Violations

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 2, 2021 | Sundance | 193 Comments

The headline might seem a little odd; but, then again, isn’t everything upside down as we walk through Alice’s COVID-19 looking glass.

Factually, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping and the Mullahs in Iran could not purposefully shift the global image of western democracy in the way the leaders of many nations have done all by themselves.  However, as Russian state television provides their viewers with actual scenes on the ground in Australia, there’s a disconcerting irony that starts to become even more worrisome.

Imagine you are a terrorist member of the Taliban, ISIS, AQAP, Hezbollah, the PLO, or executing genocide on behalf of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda.  Or perhaps you lead a Marxist government like Cuba or Venezuela.  Is there anything more valuable than being able to transmit these kind of images as propaganda toward those you victimize?

At least there used to be a difference between brutal dictatorships and western democracies.   Now, however, the world watches as those western nations accept this:

It’s not a surprise to see China, Russia and Iran allowing their citizens to see what is happening in Australia.  If you were a citizen in Taiwan, could China create a more impactful message to manipulate you toward a psyche of resignation?   Think about it….

In this semi-coherent 90 second soundbite below, the content of which flies over the head of the provider, Joe Biden is telling the media about his conversations with Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Biden says that both Xi and Putin are “autocrats” who dictate to the citizens of their nations, and in conversation with them – those leaders have questioned the viability of ‘western democracy‘ in an era where polarization of the electorate is so extreme.

Biden is calling Xi and Putin “autocrats” and trying to defend “western democracy”…. ok, you with me? Now, WATCH:

These actual statements are being muttered by the same guy who just 36 hours earlier told the entire American population that he “has lost patience” with half the nation, and as an outcome, is going to FORCE a mandatory injection (COVID “vaccine”) into the arms of every citizen who wants to work in the United States.

Biden is literally decrying “autocratic governance” today, while being the biggest autocratic executive this nation has ever seen.

Looking carefully at the captured off-the-cuff presser, Joe Biden is not being intellectually dishonest.  In that video segment with the media, he really believes Xi and Putin are autocrats and views himself as a representative of democracy.  He believes that to be true, because he is cognitively disconnected from what just took place 36 hours earlier.  This is evidence that the totalitarian mandate announced from the office of the president was not his policy.

This is like Joe Biden saying, “You will never see me getting out of a red limousine, because all of the world’s most dangerous dictators ride around in red limousines“.  And no one saying, “Mr. President, please sir, turn around – look at your vehicle – you just got out of a red limousine” – and then watch his face as he sees the outside of the car for the first time.

I would prefer that Joe Biden be blindingly hypocritical, and I would prefer to be able to point out his hypocrisy… but this is not that.

This is far more serious and far more dangerous.

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