Democrats Will Not Stop Their March Into Madness – Modern Leftists Have No Capacity For Introspection, They Will Get Worse

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 3, 2021 | Sundance | 420 Comments

The problem with modern Democrats is that they believe in what they are doing….

There’s a lot of celebration on the side of the everyday commonsense electorate, as voters last night in the November off-year election have rebuked their policies in almost every municipal election held.  However, do not fool yourself into believing the election outcome will cause Democrats to pause in their efforts.  The radical leftists who now control Democrat policy priorities do not have any inclination to reverse course; instead they will double down.

The need for control is a reaction to fear.  Anger is a very visible response from the leftists whenever their policies are rejected.  The modern political left do not view rejection as a rebuke of their ideology, instead they view rejection as a need to push harder.  From their perspective they need to reeducate their target; to force a change in thinking from incorrect thoughts to correct thoughts; and the only acceptable path is to push harder.

This approach is based on a cognitive inability to reflect or contemplate that their ideology is flawed.  Because they put the emotion of their views as the motive for their effort, they are incapable of changing direction.  From the perspective of the modern political left, if they were to change direction, they would be rejecting the foundation of their own personal value.  They cannot do that.  It’s not them that are wrong -ever- it’s you.

Those who do not adhere to the insane ideological goals of the far left, are viewed as the problem that must be overcome.  Their emotional attachment to ideology is why these avowed and ideological followers cannot be redeemed or coerced into reasonable positions with any logical argument.  Instead, you must be re-educated to see their worth, to value their ideology… you, the person or group who stands in their way, will always be viewed as the problem.

Failing to accept the fundamental set of core beliefs within the modern political left is a flaw on the side of those who engage in the battle for ideas.  It doesn’t matter how good your ideas and policies are, even when you deliver results to prove your accuracy, this specific opponent will always revert back to attacking the success based on their view of your wrongthink.

Arguing with a political leftist in the hope they can be convinced to change direction is futile.  They are disassociated on a mental and emotional level from any semblance of a capacity to consider they may be wrong.   This is why you can never let up in the fight against them.  Even in victory, the blue-collar working-class common sense approach must be relentless.  The modern left has to be destroyed on such a scale as their dangerous ideology is reduced to burning embers; however, do not trick yourself into believing it will ever be fully extinguished.

History has taught us that even when the professional political left are seemingly wiped out, enough will remain waiting for another Obama type personality to blow them gently into a state of reignition…. and the cycle will start again.

Right now as you read this…. in the background of every place they gather, those political activists who were handed a resounding defeat yesterday are discussing how to attack again.   In defeat you can fully expect this insane crowd to become even more entrenched, even more vitriolic, even more crazy.  You will see it with even bigger demands on their Big Tech allies to crush voices of communication against their enemy.

They will demand more censorship, more deplatforming of their opposition; more silencing of voices, more demonetization of content platforms by their corporate allies.  They will go even harder in the totalitarian direction.  This is what they do.  This crowd is like the scorpion in Aesop’s fable about the frog crossing the river.  They are incapable of not stinging… it’s what they do.

We are The Last Refuge because we accept the political left as they are, not as we wish them to be.

Yes, celebrate the victories…. but do not get drunk at the party and fall asleep, or you will find yourself a quick victim to their counter-attack; which, I promise you, they are deeply planning right now.

The problem for Republicans in the era before the rise of Donald Trump was/is they did not/do not believe their own message.

Candidate Donald J. Trump knew the Republican Party was incapable of succeeding, because they did not fight for what they claimed to believe.  So, Trump started to fight for GOP issues; visibly fight against the ideological left with common sense promises, policies and brutally obvious solutions.   We all saw the response from the professionally Republican class in their rebuke of Trump’s style of fight, which I must emphasize was the only effective approach to destroying the political left in the past three decades.

Conversely, Democrats do believe their message; even when that message is fundamentally toxic to the survival of this nation.  Democrats believe in what they are doing, and they will never retreat from their doing it.   The modern political left is intent on destroying the foundation of this nation.  That is their mission, and this fight must be viewed through the urgency of a prism where we accept this is a zero-sum game.

Accepting this dynamic is why I have warned, repeatedly, not to invest too heavily in the outcome of the Virginia race.   The biggest assembly of those who consider themselves to be Republican would like nothing more than to absorb the strength of the MAGA movement into their top-down party system.

To achieve this goal they will use Virginia to sell a narrative that moderation, genteel sensibilities, and reaching gently toward suburban ‘soccer moms’ is the future of the Republican Party.  It’s not.  If that approach was successful there never would have been a need for a Donald F**king Trump !

You cannot comply your way out of tyranny any more than you can negotiate your way out of the gallows.   If you are considered the enemy of the modern leftist movement, they will seek your destruction.  The only way to fight this adversary is with brutal hand-to-hand combat where you never, ever, concede an inch.

For God’s sake, if you need a reference point, 27% of them are willing to put an untested vaccine into the arms of their children without hesitation to protect against an illness that is non-existent.  Do you really think it’s possible to rationally debate them?

Instead, we meet Obama’s “Yes we can“, or Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better“, with a much stronger and unapologetic “Fuck Joe Biden“….

That’s how we defeat the insane communists!

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