The Most Corrupt FBI Agent in U.S. History Attempts to Divert Attention – Rachael Maddow Interviews Peter Strzok

Posted originally on the conservative tree House on November 5, 2021 | Sundance | 19 Comments

Everything about this interview is a case study in lies, manipulation and media attempts to cover for their corrupt ideological allies.  If the background issue wasn’t so serious, it would all be a little funny.   MSNBC propagandist Rachael Maddow interviews former FBI special agent Peter Strzok about the arrest of dossier source Igor Danchenko.

One funny aspect… Notice the video begins with Peter Strzok testifying about the importance of the FBI investigating the campaign of Donald J Trump.  Then notice the and of the interview Peter Strzok says claims the FBI investigated the campaign of Donald J Trump are false.   Strzok and Maddow don’t even see themselves, kinda funny.

Throughout the interview Strzok attempts to carefully distance the Steele Dossier from the FBI and FISA application.  That technique is how Strzok attempts to push away the importance of Igor Danchenko, the source of the information in the FISA application used by Strzok to conduct surveillance on Trump.   The interview is akin to watching two kids with blue hands, lips and cheeks attempting to say it wasn’t them that ate the blueberry pie.

Another hilarious point inside the argument being made by Rachael Maddow is one you can only see if you stand back away from the nonsense.  The point being debated by Maddow in her weird effort to point a finger at Durham’s lengthy indictments of the participants so far, is essentially:  Was the FBI STUPID or was the FBI CORRUPT?

Strzok and Maddow are claiming within their argument, while not saying it openly, that the FBI were stupid and tricked by false and manufactured evidence.  Strzok even says in the interview despite the FBI inability to prove information in the Steele dossier “we could not disprove it either.”    Think about that.

Peter Strzok defends himself by saying…. We could not disprove the Danchenko allegations, so we put them in a DOJ FISA application and swore to the FISA court they were true and verified.

When ‘yer in a hole, stop diggin’ Pete.

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