Disturbing and Unstable, Extreme Anger Flows from Joe Biden as He Shouts at Journalist Asking Question

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 6, 2021 | Sundance | 263 Comments

This guy is severely unstable.  Joe Biden has always been a man of rabid intemperate and unstable disposition, but his outbursts are getting worse and more alarming.

The White House occupant is well known in political circles for losing his temper; however, as the dementia takes away more of his cognitive function, his outbursts are getting more uncontrollable and difficult to manage.  Earlier today, Joe Biden was asked about his previous denials of paying illegal aliens $450,000 in a settlement.

When the question was originally asked three days ago, Biden had no idea what the journalist was talking about because the DOJ, HHS and DHS never consulted with him on their settlement discussions with the ACLU and lawyers for illegal aliens.  After three days of attempted cleanup, he came unglued today. WATCH:

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