Senator Rick Scott Says He Will Support Lisa Murkowski Reelection and Hopes to Work With Democrats in A Republican Majority Senate

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 7, 2021 | Sundance | 163 Comments

Florida Senator Rick Scott appears on Meet the Press with the insufferable Chuck Todd, to answer the DNC questions posed by the toad.   You don’t need to put yourself through the strain of the entire ‘gotcha’-framed Q& A; however, in the first three minutes Senator Scott proclaims he will work and fund the re-election campaign of notorious DeceptiCon Lisa Murkowski.

Senator Scott is in charge of the National Senatorial Republican Committee (NRSC), the organization that collects the donations from the Wall Street machinery.  As a consequence, the NRSC will fund Lisa Murkowski’s reelection campaign despite the base of the party wanting to get rid of her.  WATCH:

The professionally Republican are annoying.  Thune replaces McConnell. Barrasso replaces Thune, Scott replaces Barrasso.

A pox on their cocktail club, mahogany desk and Corinthian leather wing-back chair lifestyle.  :::spit:::

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