Liz Cheney Uses Her Position on J6 Committee to Target Political Opposition in Wyoming

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 12, 2021 | Sundance | 204 Comments

The Cheney family, writ large, are a big part of the disturbing underbelly of U.S. politics who maintain a very corrupt system.  Congressional Representative Liz Cheney (Wyoming) has learned the dark arts of DeceptiCon politics through her family connection and influence.

In the latest deployment of her black-art politics, Liz Cheney has used her position as a J6 committee member to subpoena Bill Stepien, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager {link}.  Bill Stepien is also the current political advisor/campaign manager of Wyoming congressional candidate Harriet Hageman {website here}  President Trump has endorsed Harriet Hageman in the quest to unseat and remove Liz Cheney in the GOP Primary {link}.

In essence, Liz Cheney is using her Pelosi-aligned position on the J6 Committee to target her opponent in the GOP primary.   Retaining power at all costs is just the way the swamp works.  From the perspective of Cheney Inc., the MAGA base is just a bunch of rubes that need to be ruled and occasionally culled.

FINAL SEMI-RELATED NOTE… There is a region in Wyoming, with its epicenter in Jackson Hole, filled with hard line globalists, Wall Street executives, radical communists and sketchy creepy intelligence operatives from around the world.  Eastern European intelligence agents are everywhere in the area, it’s a real life ‘Three Days of the Condor‘ type backdrop, and the tourists have no idea, because all the fronts are well maintained.

American tourists pass through Jackson Hole all the time without noticing the extremely odd group of actors that live in/around this very specific locale.   However, if you go into the area specifically aware of the shadow operatives that use the Jackson Hole region as their playground, suddenly you start to notice things that will unnerve most political followers.   If you’re within driving distance, go spend the day there with new eyes of awareness and you’ll see it.

Sundance didn’t kill himself.

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