Elon Musk Successful Deal to Purchase Twitter for $44 Billion Likely to be Announced After Stock Market Close at 4pm Today

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 25, 2022

According to multiple media sources Twitter has reached a deal with the representatives of Elon Musk for the tech billionaire to purchase the social media company.  According to the Wall Street Journal, over the weekend the outlines of the deal were agreed and last night the final assembly of the purchase came together.

Keep in mind that Twitter is slated to report first-quarter earnings this Thursday, and originally the board was going to wait until after that earnings announcement to respond to the bid.

Something changed.

My suspicion is the financials of the Q1 earnings report will not support the $54.20 high end evaluation offer originally proposed by Musk.

If the low Q1 earnings rumors are accurate; and if Twitter had declined or fought the offer; the board would have been in the position of declining a deal that was substantially higher than the company market value, a tenuous position legally.   Thus, a deal was made.

(Wall Street Journal, update) – “Twitter is in advanced discussions to sell itself to Elon Musk and could finalize a deal Monday, people familiar with the matter said, days after the billionaire unveiled his $43 billion bid for the company.

The two sides worked through the night to hash out a deal that would be valued at $54.20 a share, or $44 billion, the people said. Assuming there isn’t a last-minute snag, the deal is expected to be announced after the market closes Monday, if not sooner.

It’s not clear why the total value of the deal has increased slightly from prior expectations, but it could be related to an updated share count.” (link)

Elon Musk responded to the rumors of the finalized deal with a tweet earlier this afternoon: “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means.”

Meanwhile, the professional political leftists who use the platform are having a complete mental breakdown.  Thousands of them are promising to leave Twitter and find a safe place if the deal goes through.

As CTH has continued to evaluate this entire scenario, the internal tech architecture is the aspect that is the most interesting.   As this develops there is a great deal of interest into not just the controlled speech system that Twitter background operators have assembled, but also what underlying tech systems on the platform are connected to the public-private partnership.

We know there is a connection between the U.S. government and Twitter….  the question is, how is all of that being operated?

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