Where did Political Correctness Come From?

Political Correctness or PC and its matching legal form Hate Speech comes from the early 90’s when the Clinton’s were in office. Back then it seemed silly but back then I did not realize the reason for it, which was to limit the 1st amendment to the US Constitution. We see this in full force today with the made rush to ban the old confederate battle flag, statues of confederate generals, games with the confederate flags shown in them,  and even Thomas Jefferson because he owned slaves.  This seems absurd since we are still allowed to see images of Nazi Germany in games and toys and else ware.

Thinking about this this morning after reading some posts on ISIS and their atrocities it came to me that Islam was the ultimate source of Political Correctness for anything that offends them caries with it the penalty of death!  ISIS is pure Islam and Islam has never been radicalize that isn’t even possible to those that understand the Islamic belief structure. However whether that is true or not what is absolutely true is that a great number of Muslims believe that to be true and they go out and destroy or kill all that offends them.

So the question is, is this where American Political Correctness will take us? With what I see today we are not all that far from being just like ISIS here.

Homeland Security Chair: High Volume of Chatter Concerning Possible July 4 Terror Attack

ISIS is getting aggressive since we are unable to or unwilling to fight them.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

 McCaul said, “It’s concerning. there’s a great deal of chatter, a high volume, if you will. The joint intelligence bulletin was issued to state and locals. The concern is quite frankly the confluence of these events, ISIS spokesman calling for jihad during Ramadan which is happening right now. You have the one-year anniversary of the caliphate or Islamic State and now we have the Fourth of July coming up, which is one of the holidays we celebrate that they like to target this sort of thing and these anniversaries. I think given the confluence of events, we’re being on the cautious side here to warn the public to remain vigilant, to enjoy the Fourth of July parades, but remain vigilant during these celebrations.”

via Homeland Security Chair: High Volume of Chatter Concerning Possible July 4 Terror Attack – Breitbart.

This seems to be the norm from the “JV team”…

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The individual vs. collective mind control

Good reading and hard to argue against this being much more true than false. Further this collectivism is being implemented in the US though UN Agent 21 Sustainability.  I have been to the planing meeting and the goal is to eliminate most cars and put most people back in the inner cities; and it is being funded by the federal government

The Trails of All Modern Social Activism Lead Back To The White House….

Darth Soros is it exactly and he is on evil dude and he is old enough that maybe we was actually the idea for Darth Vader think abbot that!

Fox Affirms The Benghazi Brief – “The Arming Of Benghazi”…

It always good to dig up the facts even if it is for the second or third or forth time this was a CIA operation that turned bad and every one that knew about it got a way clean as a whistle except. of course those that died.

Also acting CIA Director – Mike Morrel denied that “any” of this post was true in his recent book The Great War of Our Time: The CIA’s Fight Against Terrorism–From al Qa’ida to ISIS which I just finished reading. But you could tell that the way it was written that it was a pack of lies.

Oh, Say, Does That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Wave?

Like you I feel that the country has been turned away from the principles that made her great and as a former military officer I also feel that the officer corps has let us down. It was their duty to defend the constitution and with that sacred document all but gone now, they did not perform their duty to defend her against ALL ENEMIES both foreign and DOMESTIC. The elected leadership of this country in both parties decided that they wanted something different and so they changed the rules we live under now. The only honest one in the entire 537 that we elected politicians is the President — he told us he wanted to fundamentally change the country and he did. He never told us into what and we never asked him so whose fault is that?


This issue has at its core nothing to do with the LBGT community. What this is is just one more sharp wedge driven into the public fabric to sheer it apart. The goal is the destruction of the US Constitution which is what made us what were were until the 60’s. The only think left holding our society together is one thread — the 2nd amendment which was put there when the founder realized this day would come. Be prepared citizens the end of our republic is at hand!

Supreme Court Affirms Same Sex Marriage 5-4 Ruling – Justice Kennedy Opinion – Full Decision pdf…

They are digging the hole to put the coffin in that holds the US Constitution by completely ignoring the 10th Amendment. Once the hole is dug the dirt will be thrown in that that will be the end of the Republic!

SCOTUS Has Spoken…Twice on Hot Button Issues

by Dr. Fred

Sometimes, faith is knowing when to simply stand.

For the longest time, conservatives and prayer warriors alike have been urging one another to pray, to work, to speak out. I’ve certainly been among them. Every once in a while, a person steps up to announce God’s judgment is coming to America unless we are able to change the direction that this country is taking.

With the most recent two decisions from the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS), it is clear that the questionable direction has been entrenched. First, what could have gutted Obamacare remains upheld by SCOTUS. As Scalia noted, it’s like the Supreme Court has deliberately gone to bat for President Obama to ensure that his pet project – Obamacare – remains in effect.

The second ruling has to do with same-sex unions. With a divided court – 5 in favor and 4 opposed – same-sex unions are now the law of the land. Scalia again noted that the decision had nothing to do with the Constitution and everything to do with “reasoned judgment.” Reasoned judgment is simply another term for “emotional virtue” or “political correctness.” Ultimately, it’s Cultural Marxism that has taken over the United States of America.

As a Christian and conservative, I certainly take issue with both of these two rulings. I will also state without equivocation that these decisions were allowed by God Himself. This is not necessarily a good thing as there are many examples in Scripture where God allowed something “bad” or “negative” to happen. He normally does this to teach, chastise, or give Him a reason to judge. Ultimately, everything will bring Him glory and there is no getting around that.

What I’d like to quickly note is that many believe these things have occurred because the church is silent or because those in the church have not done enough. There hasn’t been enough prayer. There hasn’t been enough protesting. There hasn’t been enough writing of congressional representatives, etc. People say the church is lax, lazy, and really doesn’t care.

If we are talking about the visible church throughout the world, then I would agree. However, if we are talking about the invisible Church (the Body of Christ), which is made up of only authentic Christians, then I would vehemently disagree. There have been millions of true Christians praying, protesting, writing letters, articles, and books. Many have even gone on the speaking circuit to do whatever they could to mitigate leftism in this country.

There are many who continue to believe that Christians have not done enough. To believe this is, in reality, to doubt God, His power, and His purposes. If we look carefully at numerous books of the Bible – whether it’s Daniel, Ezekiel, Joel, Zechariah, or even Revelation, what we see is a ramping up of evil as this world approaches what the Bible calls the “day of the Lord.” I’ve written a series on the subject of the “day of the Lord” on another blog and I don’t have the time or space to repeat myself here. Suffice it to say that biblically, the “day of the Lord” begins a time of terrible testing and pouring out of God’s wrath onto this world, not just America.

But this coming day of the Lord has another purpose too. It will allow the enemy of our souls – Satan himself – to bring to the forefront his chosen disciple, who will rule this entire globe for a period of 7 years (Daniel 9:27). Not to sound too fanatical (biblical), but in reality, this world is destined to get to one specific point where Satan can go mano-a-mano with God. That will occur at the Battle of Armageddon.

This is why this world must be given the opportunity to become as evil as is supernaturally possible. It will happen. This doesn’t mean of course, that good people stand by and do nothing. But it is clear that we’ve done that. We write our articles, our books, give speeches, rally as many as possible and ultimately, it is clear that God Himself is allowing the left to have their day.

Is it possible the time has come to stop, wait, watch, and listen? Is it possible God wants us to stand still and know that He is God? We tend to think because of the recent decisions made by SCOTUS that we have “failed” God because we didn’t do enough. I think we’ve done more than enough and yet, God has allowed all of our worst nightmares to come to fruition. There must be a reason for it, no? God’s purposes are not dependent upon how well Christians fight (or don’t) for something in this life.

The reason is simple. In Isaiah 14, Satan promised that he would do several things. Among them, he promised to make himself LIKE the Most High. This, from a created being. God is allowing Satan to do his worst. God is giving Satan the necessary leeway to do what he can to bring his promises to fruition and those promises will culminate in the Battle of Armageddon. But why would God do this? Why would He allow it?

As I said, it will ultimately bring God glory because when Satan is defeated (and he will be defeated, not by us, but by Jesus), God will prove to the entire universe that His Word stands. The world will know and shudder when they realize that evil actually has an end, when it can go no further. Unlike God, who is infinite, evil’s days are numbered.

It’s all coming out of the shadows and into the world’s arena, where the final chapters of human history will play itself out for all eyes to see. The world – the universe – will see the final demise of Satan and his minions. What Satan has done for millenia in secret, God will force out into the open. There, God will overthrow Satan in abject defeat with one Word from His mouth.

Christians and conservatives, we have not lost. We have done what we should have done, but maybe the time has come to stand and know that God is God. Do we trust in our efforts or in God?

Time to step back, have some tea, and rejoice that regardless of how things look, God is still on the throne. His purposes will prevail. He will show evil as being utterly evil. God cannot fail. God has not lost. God will not lose. It doesn’t matter how things look. All that matters is our faith in God.


Very good work and it all makes perfect sense. Give this post serious consideration in the days to come for we are being tested!

The Oil for Your Lamp

I am well aware that this is a very controversial subject.  I am not asking you to accept what I am going to share with you in this post.  I am just asking you to read it and consider my argument.

The Book of Revelation talks about a mark that all people will have to receive close to the end of time.  If you do not have this mark, you will not be allowed to buy or sell.  This mark is also connected to the number, 666.  Here is the passage from which these prophecies come:

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