Mark Levin Interviews FNC’s Housley: We ‘WILL KNOW’ If Obama, Jarret, Lynch Knew About ‘UNMASKING’

The Russians did it and set it up to make Obama look bad; the media will never allow anything to make Obama look bad.

tomfernandez28's Blog

Paul G

This is the biggest scandal in the last 40 years and media is quiet. They are traitors of american people
The corruption is across the board, MSM, CONGRESS, INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES, etc…
katherine harvey
And lying Brennan has the nerve to get on bbc and call Trump a liar. he is a treasoness liar lock him up today. he is evil.
Armand Rodriguez
You have to be a fool to believe Obama and his people didn’t do this for 8 years to many many people.
Jim Dandy
On CNN this morning Cuomo dismissed this as the Trump administration simply “scandal shopping” in an attempt to divert attention from the real issue of Russian interference in our election process!
bondi bondo
cuomo is a lying sack of shit

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