Obama Administration Intervened in Canadian, British, and French elections

There is a very serious hypocrisy over this whole issue of Russia trying to influence the 2016 election when the Obama Administration directly intervened in Canada, Britain, and France and is expected to do so again in Britain and Germany. The New York Times, Washington Post, and just about every other mainstream media, are biased and are NOT REPORTING THE TRUTH. They act as if this is something unusual and sinister yet Obama has continued in this very posture even after leaving office with respect to the French elections. Obama also intervened to overthrow Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and failed as he did in BREXIT. The United States routinely interferes in foreign elections. So what is the big deal with Russia? Mainstream Media is not telling the truth that this is standard operational procedure. The United States has far too over stages coups to overthrow leaders they dislike. The propaganda about Iran and weapons of mass destruction is but a recent example. The Vietnam War was also a hoax with President Johnson is famous for saying in 1965: “For all I know, our Navy was shooting at whales out there.” There never was any attack to start that war and Johnson made a very deceitful speech of August 4th, 1964, while New York Times editorial writers cheered and proclaimed that Johnson “went to the American people last night with the somber facts.” The recorded American soldier deaths for the Vietnam War was 58,220 U.S. military fatal casualties.

The New York Times has deliberately misled everyone with its latest story once again: “Top Russian Officials Discussed How to Influence Trump Aides Last Summer”. They wrote that two of Trump’s people “had indirect ties to Russian officials” and after all the ifs, possibilities, and perhaps, they conclude “It is unclear, however, whether Russian officials actually tried to directly influence Mr. Manafort and Mr. Flynn.”

We all know that Obama sought to influence the British BREXIT vote telling the British if they voted for BREXIT, they would have to get queque . We all have watched the video intervening in the French Election for Macron. However, what has not been widely know is that the Obama Administration intervened in Canada with operative and money to overthrow the conservatives.

The real question is what is going on with the New York Times and the Washington Post? They both endorsed Hillary and this seems like a desperate act to claim that Trump is not a legitimate president and he should be overthrown. In the years of research studying the economy and the press accounts over the centuries, I have never seen such a totally dishonest level of reporting than we see today. They have devolved into a biased media that withholding the truth to shape opinions as they desire. This, in my view, is the ultimate treason against the sovereignty of the people. The Washington Post boldly claims as their motto: “Democracy Dies in Darkness” which is exactly what they are doing. PRINT THE TRUTH!

Report: Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Was in Contact With Wikileaks…

Fox5 is reporting that a private investigator has turned up tangible evidence that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was in contact with Wikileaks.  Which further provides more evidence he was most likely the source of the DNC leaks.  The same report points out the FBI have been trying to cover-up the discoveries.

The motive for the leaks was obvious, the collusion within the DNC, specifically with the U.S. media, to eliminate Bernie Sanders as a potential risk to Clinton’s ambitions. If proven accurate this would also further prove “the Russians” had nothing to do with the DNC leaks.  That’s the basis for the entire “muh russian conspiracy” narrative.


WASHINGTON DC – […] Rod Wheeler, a private investigator hired by the Rich family, suggests there is tangible evidence on Rich’s laptop that confirms he was communicating with WikiLeaks prior to his death.

Now, questions have been raised on why D.C. police, the lead agency on this murder investigation for the past ten months, have insisted this was a robbery gone bad when there appears to be no evidence to suggest that.

Wheeler, a former D.C. police homicide detective, is running a parallel investigation into Rich’s murder. Wheeler said he believes there is a cover-up and the police department has been told to back down from the investigation.

“The police department nor the FBI have been forthcoming,” said Wheeler. “They haven’t been cooperating at all. I believe that the answer to solving his death lies on that computer, which I believe is either at the police department or either at the FBI. I have been told both.”

When we asked Wheeler if his sources have told him there is information that links Rich to Wikileaks, he said, “Absolutely. Yeah. That’s confirmed.” (read more)


If I Were the Devil by PAUL HARVEY

Do you remember the ABC radio commentator Paul Harvey?  Millions of Americans listened to his programs which were broadcast over 1,200 radio stations nationwide.

When you  listen to this amazing prediction, remember the commentary was broadcast 52 years ago on April 3, 1965.

Can a Federal Judge Hold You Til you Die in a Civil Case?

QUESTION: I read Zero Hedge on where a Federal Judge Declares Constitution Void, Threatens Civil Defendant With Death. These judges are really out of control. How can they keep someone in a civil case in prison until they die?

ANSWER: Because the Court of Appeals do absolutely NOTHING to defend the citizens in the country, we have judges who are drunk with their power. Appeal courts will NEVER chastise a judge. Very early in my case before there was any contempt, I met with three law firms that were representing me from – New York, New Jersey, and London. Right there in the meeting they were talking about how the receiver Alan Cohen was speaking ex parte with the judge and this is why we will cannot get a fair trial. I said file to recuse the judge! My lawyer at Tenzer Greenblat in New York immediately said – this firm will never file a recusal motion. If we did, our firm would be prejudiced by all the judges in New York. That is why I went pro se. It was clear that law firms have a self-interest and will not defend clients if it will hurt their firm. They sell you down the river destroying our constitutional system. My recommendation is NEVER hire a lawyer from the same town. Their business depends upon the judges in that town so they WILL NEVER defend you if it will harm their business. This only adds to the arrogance of judges.

Anyone who dares to support the justice system deserves to be in a personal lock-up. I met one of the claimed terrorists who had a box cutter on the train in Texas during the 911 incident. The government knew he was innocent so they put him of diesel therapy, which is when they move you to a new prison each day to prevent any lawyers or press from finding you and you cannot make any phone calls in transit. This kid was in the holding cell and inmates told him to ask me for help because I had legal training. He handed me papers they gave him to sign. He was starved. Tortured. You could see all his chest bones for he lost all fat appearing from some famine torn country yet in the care of the American Justice System. I read the the papers they handed him. They said he was waiving all rights to sue the US government in return for him being deported that night. The press knew he was innocent and lawyers were trying to find him as was his family. They wanted to cover it all up and get rid of him before he could tell anyone what they did to him.

The CNN reported after the fact: Ayub Ali Khan and Mohammed Jaweed Azmath were caught in a wave of detentions that began in the days after the September 11 hijackings of four U.S. airliners. “We have not found any ties to 9-11, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to do so in the future,” said one source. 

The two men took a flight that day from Newark, New Jersey, which was grounded in St. Louis, Missouri, when the Federal Aviation Administration imposed a nationwide “ground-stop.” Traveling together, the two then boarded a train for San Antonio, Texas.

Police arrested them in Texas during what was called a routine drug sweep of the train.

Authorities say the men were carrying box cutters similar to ones used by the hijackers, $5,600 in cash and hair dye. During a strip search, investigators discovered both men had shaved all their body hair — just as the hijackers had been instructed to do in a so-called “mission manual” left behind by the 19 suspected hijackers.

People often express condolence for what I went through. I was also given the strength to stand unbroken and defy them eye to eye. So in that respect, what I learned and observed from the inside of how these people really treat human beings is an experience that has been absorbed into my character. We learn and progress through life. I survived even their attempt to kill me. I speak out because I can and because that is what they tried to stop. These people are the ultimate definition of evil.

In my case, to stop me from going to trial and to look at all my defense papers, they threw me into solitary confinement, took all my legal papers, told me if I wanted to go to trial it would be with absolutely nothing. After reviewing my defense, they came and admitted they did not want to go to trial. They knew I would call all the bankers to the stand and I have a very good memory. You can take my research, but that does not erase it from my mind. I would interrogate them and expose every manipulation in a public forum and their greatest fear was (1) I knew the financial system, and (2) I knew the law. That was a deadly combination they could not overcome if they wanted to protect the bankers.

The compromise was finally they wrote the script I was to read as any hostage held by some terrorist. Constitutionally, if you plead you are supposed to do it in your own words and the judge is supposed to make sure it is not coerced. This was completely illegal, but nobody does anything.

I refused to plead to any pretend conspiracy so the compromise was I failed to tell my clients the bank stole the money when I learned on Friday and went to my lawyers Monday morning. They said I should have told all institutions over the weekend the bank stole the money even if I was not 100% sure of the outcome and they might return it.

I had resolved myself that I would simply die in prison indefinitely. You come to peace with that decision and look forward to not waking up one day. You are in the hands of the most ruthless judicial system in the world, which has no checks and balances whatsoever. It is like you are in some B-Movie of some corrupt Banana Republic – but you are in the United States. I self-surrendered because I thought it would show you are willing to stand trial. Then my lawyer Richard Altman tells me, you should have fled to Britain and then you would get an extradition hearing. The US government would have to actually put on a case to show evidence that if committed something.

The government tried to kill me after the plea but before sentencing. They left one inmate’s door unlocked as they did mine. I was taken to the hospital in a coma for a few days, but survived to their dismay. I have no compassion for anyone who works in the Justice Department and would never hire a lawyer who ever worked for the government. There is nothing these people will not do to win. You have zero rights and they will kill you and go celebrate at dinner afterwards. You cannot possibly image the type of people who gravitate to these positions. I believe they are the kids who tortures cats and dogs for fun

Macron Hacked – But it Looks Like Anti-Establishment Anti-Soros Movement

Emmanuel Macron and his staff were the target of a major co-ordinated computer hack on Friday night with only 48 hours before the election. This is similar to the cyberattacks that hit the Democratic Party during Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign last year. Macron’s campaign announced Friday that tens of thousands of its internal emails and documents were leaked to the public via a file-sharing website Pastebin. The government has ordered that the French media is not aloud to publish the content of any messages to make sure the truth remains hidden. Mainstream media is following suit even outside of France. Some nine gigabytes of data were posted by a user called EMLEAKS to Pastebin, a document-sharing site that allows anonymous posting.  They posted: (see below)

The similarity with the DNC hack raises the question if this is part of a collapse in government confidence because the targets in the Clinton and Macron incidents were clearly against”establishment” and anti-democratic forces. The DNC and Macron supporters clearly have one thing is common – maintain the status quo and no real change to government.

It was on June 14, 2016, when Crowdstrike published a study commissioned by the DNC, in which they accused the Russian government of breaching the DNC’s computer systems. They have a debatable track record and I would not take them seriously. In fact, I highly question any real ability to trace a professional hack. When we were being attempted to hack into our systems back in 1999, we traced it to Langley, Va, but to do so it had to be live. Trying to trace who was trying to get in after the fact was pointless, and all we could do was trace it to a location. After the fact, it is impossible to trace for one can relay the origin around the world.

Of course everyone is again blaming Russia. This is raising a much more deeper issue. Is this really part of the rising civil unrest and not Russia? It’s not like there is no anti-establishment/anti-Soros movement. The politicians call it “populism” but that is what they all call any anti-government movement whenever government becomes too correct. Here is a cartoon from 1896 showing William Jennings Bryan as the Populist Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party.

Putin himself has come out publicly in support of maintaining the EU. Everyone blames Russia and even claimed Putin supported BREXIT, Newsweek reported: “If you search Putin’s speeches or official statements since the official announcement of the British referendum in February 2016, you won’t find any mention of it.” Indeed, there is no indication that Putin wants to see the EU break apart either. A search of his comments produces the opposite result, which tends to make sense. There is no advantage to having the EU fall apart to Russia, but it may actually present greater risks.

It is popular to blame Russia for everything. That was an Obama strategy to deflect criticism about the content of the leaks from the DNC. The press has been touting Putin conspired with Trump to beat Hillary. The top Democratic member of the Senate Intelligence Committee,California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, says she has yet to see any evidence of collusion between Donald Trump advisers and the Russian government. Nevertheless, all the mainstream media continue to imply Putin and Trump conspired yet they never discuss the contents of the Podesta emails revealing how corrupt the DNC really was.

Macron is coming out and claiming there are fake documents being released. This seems to be a desperate measure and he hopes he will win so he does not have to verify anything he says. How can someone read 9 gigs of data in less than 30 minutes to claim they include some fakes? But there is something deeply wrong here. It seems doubtful that any documents incriminating Macron are fake. None were fake in the Podesta email hack. So if this is a common source being Russia, then why fake documents with Macron but not Podesta?

The hack is real and the incriminating evidence shows the same disdain for the French people as the Democrats had for the American people. What they reveal is clearly the conspiracy of the “establishment” to sell out the French people just as the Democrats did in 2016.

Macedonia 3-26-2017

The source of the hack is more of an anti-establishment anti-Soros movement that is building globally. Many people see this as a war against Soros and his attempt to recreate the world in his own vision. I have warned that I too oppose Soros, and I believe he is trying to fund civil unrest on a global scale.

Soros is allegedly behind funding civil unrest in Poland and Hungary and countless other places including the United States. Perhaps with hindsight we will see that Soros is trying to take over France.


Torrent Files


Zip/RAR Files

Two smaller files with no ZIP/RAR



Healthcare Still a Mess


QUESTION:  I read the obamacare repeal blog. I agree with the tax part. But removing pre existing conditions and most of the coverage protections when majority of families in US is one disaster away from bankruptcy and dying without coverage. is that right?



ANSWER: No. There was a very simple solution. The healthcare industry should be nationalized as are utilities (not ownership) because it is a necessary monopoly. Any price increase must be approved and lawsuits must end. There should be predefined limits for damages not open-ended.

Anyone with problems of health that were uninsured should have been covered by Medicaid. There was no need to change the insurance of 300 million people for 20 million.

They made student loans non-dischargeable in bankruptcy to help bankers. What they should do is the reverse – exempt hospital bills from being able to garnish wages or assets or push anyone into bankruptcy.

Healthcare and Education have become abusive because they bribe politicians to keep their funds flowing. If they really had to compete, prices would decline.

Nobody should suffer and nobody should die because they lack money. That is how the justice system works. You get a court appointed lawyer who job is to lose – that have a near perfect record of losing every case about 99%. Any wins are by stupidity of prosecutors not brilliance of defense lawyers.

Hospitals have been doing their pest to put private practitioners out of business. You join the club, or you are out. Sound familiar?

Obamacare Finally Repealed


The American Health Care Act (HR 1628) finally passed by the House yesterday reducing taxes on the American people by over $1 trillion. The bill abolishes the most abusive taxes taxes imposed by Obama and the Democrat party back in 2010 known as Obamacare. The Democrats helped the insurance companies and burdened the youth trying to force them to pay for insurance they did not need to get insurance companies to cover people they would not.

Obama as a presidential candidate back in 2008, had promised repeatedly that he would NOT raise any tax on any American earning less than $250,000 per year. That was an outright lie. As always, they claim they will only tax the rich, but it never end up that way.

Antonin ScaliaIn KING v. BURWELL, 576 US –  (2015), the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare claiming it was a tax. There was no constitutional power for Congress to punish someone who did not buy health insurance. The only way to uphold such a power was under the taxing powers. Justice Scalia wrote in his dessenting opinion:

The Act that Congresspassed provides that every individual “shall” maintain insurance or else pay a “penalty.” 26 U. S. C. §5000A. This Court, however, saw that the Commerce Clause does not authorize a federal mandate to buy health insurance. So it rewrote the mandate-cum-penalty as a tax.

With the repeal of Obamacare, tens of millions of middle income Americans will get tax relief from Obamacare’s long list of tax hikes that have oppressed so many. The taxes that will be abolished are:

  1. The Obamacare Individual Mandate Tax which hits 8 million Americans each year.
  2. The Obamacare Employer Mandate Tax. Together with repeal of the Individual Mandate Tax repeal this is a $270 billion tax cut.
  3. Obamacare’s HSA withdrawal tax. This is a $100 million tax cut.
  4. Obamacare’s 10% excise tax on small businesses with indoor tanning services. This is a $600 million tax cut.
  5. The Obamacare health insurance tax. This is a $145 billion tax cut.
  6. The Obamacare 3.8% surtax on investment income. This is a $172 billion tax cut.
  7. The Obamacare medical device tax. This is a $20 billion tax cut.
  8. The Obamacare tax on prescription medicine. This is a $28 billion tax cut.
  9. Obamacare’s Medicine Cabinet Tax which hits 20 million Americans with Health Savings Accounts and 30 million Americans with Flexible Spending Accounts. This is a $6 billion tax cut.
  10. Obamacare’s Flexible Spending Account tax on 30 million Americans. This is a $20 billion tax cut.
  11. Obamacare’s Chronic Care Tax on 10 million Americans with high out of pocket medical expenses. This is a $126 billion tax cut.
  12. The Obamacare tax on retiree prescription drug coverage. This is a $2 billion tax cu

When There is no Justice – It is Time To Turnout the Lights


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I am a law student in London and have reviewed your case after going to the premier here in London of the Forecaster. My professor said your case was “stitched up” and is indicative of how corrupt the American judicial system has become. They ordered you to turn over assets, refused to ever define what those assets are to prevent any compliance, and then when the bank pleads guilty and agreed to return all the money, they simply said there was another fraud without ever charging you with anything. How can the American press simply refuse to ever tell the truth? Is this indicative of American justice?


ANSWER: Sadly to say yes. The US government cannot be sued, only the agents of the government. Consequently, those in the Justice Department are not forthcoming about admitting a mistake. I do not believe that a prosecutor should be able to bring charges. There should be a panel set up where every prosecutor presents his case to them and they are the one’s who bring an indictment. That would remove the personal liabilities.

Wilson Edwin PaulEdwin Paul Wilson (1928 – 2012) was a former CIA and U.S. Naval Intelligence officer who was convicted in 1983 of illegally selling weapons to Libya. His daughter fought to get documents to prove he worked for the government uncovered. When one agency caught him, the CIA denied he worked for them. He was tried and convicted.

You can tell he was innocent because they kept him in solitary confinement – the ultimate torture. They did that to prevent him from having free communications outside the prison.

It was later found that the United States Department of Justice and the CIA had covered up evidence in the case. Wilson’s convictions were overturned in 2003 and he was freed the following year.

Wilson filed a civil suit against seven former federal prosecutors, two of whom are now federal judges, and a past executive director of the CIA. On March 29th, 2007, U.S. District Judge Lee Rosenthal dismissed his case on the grounds that all eight had immunity covering their actions.

The Supreme Court committed the the worst crime against humanity ever recorded demonstrating their bias. They declared that those who are prosecutors of judges have ABSOLUTE immunity from being prosecuted for wrongful prosecution even if they know they are abusing their authority because they might be afraid to prosecute someone if they could be prosecuted in return. The Supreme Court’s most anti-Constitutional decision ever rendered implemented a nationwide policy declaring prosecutors must have absolute immunity for acts committed in their prosecutorial role. This decision has unleashed the most abusive legal system ever on the face of this Earth. The most notorious court in history had been that of Hitler where it had a 90% conviction rate. That to the Supreme Court, you have been stripped of every possible human right since the dawn of civilization. The conviction rate now exceeds 98% in the US federal courts. Lawyers tell you to just plee because you cannot win. Nobody will hold prosecutors accountable and then most judges are former-prosecutors so good luck of pleading your case. There is not a vein of morality in these people. When you stare into their eyes, all you see is coldness of evil stripped of all human emotion. The Supreme Court has unleashed the total destruction of the Constitution and there is a growing call to acknowledge and address an epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct in the United States, but nobody will listen. The case was Imbler v. Pachtman and its perverse holding is uncivilized in any democratic state for it is the decision of a totalitarian regime.

Paul S AppelbaumThere is nothing you can do. There is so much corruption in the Justice System it is beyond belief. The ONLY reason I was released was because I had been accepted by the Supreme Court. To prevent them from ruling, the prosecutors had no choice but to release me. They had a dog and pony show. Dr Paul S. Appelbaum was put on the stand. He was the Forensic Psychiatry / Psychology from Columbia University. He testified that no time in contempt would alter my position. The Appeals Court recused Judge Owen and handed it to Judge Castel with the job of releasing me. Dr. Appelbaum testified my position was simple. The bankers wanted me silenced because their manipulations were failing after the collapse of Long Term Capital Management in 1998 and they blamed me for exposing what they we doing.

Appelbaum-CFTC Silence Me

Dr Appelbaum had to testify that there was no way I would comply and that civil contempt is coercive so if it lost its coerciveness then I had to legally be released. If you will not comply, then they have to release you. Someone had to say I would never comply in court in order to justify releasing me to prevent the Supreme Court from ruling. The real paradox is after I was released, the court had to rule I did not owe anything or else I would get a trial and I could start calling the bankers to the stand. They had no choice. How can you spend time in prison to turn over something for 7 years and then the court rules you do not owe anything? Anyone with common sense would ask what’s going on here? This was all about (1) having me turn over the code and (2) silencing me so the bankers could manipulate markets undisturbed.

Appelbaum Will Not Comply

When I did the premier for the Forecaster in Amsterdam, the third night was all the bankers in Europe. The moderator wanted to appear impartial and asked me what happened to the $1 billion that was supposed to be missing and nobody knew where it was. I turned to the audience and asked: Is it possible for $1 billion to be missing from a bank and nobody knows where it is? The audience all laughed. You either wire it out, write check, bust into the vault with a tank, or beam it out like in Star Trek. It was a totally ridiculous accusation and not a single member of the press even bothered to ask was that possible? How incompetent is that? It would be like reporting someone is standing trial for murdering his wife while she is present in the courtroom. The press always protected the establishment.

In an interview for the Forecaster, David Glovin of Bloomberg News at least spoke to the director of the film while the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the New Yorker all refused to be interviewed:

DAVID GLOVIN: And there is a legal issue that develops in terms of whether or not Martin is…this is proper, that he can be held for so long, without being convicted of a crime.

Katrin: So is that a normal thing…?

DAVID GLOVIN: No! It’s totally, completely not normal. (15:12:13:10) Martin…in a white color federal case, Martin was held longer in prison, better known as civil contempt charges, then any one else.

Marcus: It didn’t reach you, that they were hiding the evidence. I think it didn’t even reach the public, because nobody is listening and this is what makes me so crazy, because nobody knows about it.

DAVID GLOVIN: I mean…I don’t know. I can’t answer about what other people did, I can’t answer what judges heard, what did I hear? I heard Martin and I wrote stories about him, I went to prison and I wrote here’s the guy, but again I would present the other side, because that’s what you do. That’s what we do, at least. They say X, they say Y, sometimes X may seem so outrageous and Y may not really hold water or etc. Yes…


I am by no means unique. Only a fool would believe what government says in any case. Take Bernie Madoff’s case and why did he plead guilty so fast? That was to shut down the investigation for he was protecting someone. The banks claimed they had no idea it was a fraud. Madoff was asked if the banks knew once he was in prison. He said of course. In fact, only a fool would believe the banks were not also involved. I was interviewed by a journalist at the NY Post. I was asked if the bank was laundering money in my accounts for the Russian Mafia and Colombian drug cartels “as they were doing in Madoff?” She knew the truth, but that interview was never published.

There is nothing to be proud of in the American legal system. Fair trials are simply IMPOSSIBL

Mainstream Media is the Third Horseman of Economic Apocalypse

Washington Post - Logo - 1

COMMENT: Martin,

OK, so I don’t follow major media at all.  However, there was a link to a story from the Washington Post on Google.  Silly me–I followed it.  There, in white letters on a black background was the WP’s logo and motto:  “Democracy dies in darkness”.

And there you have it:  They told the truth, but not in the way they wanted.  Their lies and corruption are the darkness that kills democracy.



REPLY: It is very sad, but they are doing what history always shows happens. The press champions self-interest. They created the Spanish American war with fake news about the sinking of the Maine in the Spanish harbor. The Pulitzer Prize was created because he made so much money starting that war becoming the father of Yellow Journalism, he donated his money to Columbia University to clean up his reputation after he died. Any journalists are proud to win the Pulitzer Prize named for the very guy who championed fake news.

Four Horsemen-Apocalypse

When the news turns to propaganda, it is one of the last things to take place in the historical sequence of how civilization falls. The mainstream media is the third horseman of economic Apocalypse – Taxes – Corruption  (Politics/Rule of Law) – Propaganda – War.

*(First you have the taxes, then comes the corruption to bribe politicians to get out of the taxes and they use the courts to extract taxes, then comes the propaganda of the media to manipulate society to hold on to power, and then finally comes the war (civil unrest/international)

Civil Unrest in Oregon – Communist Uprising is USA?

Oregon Civil Unrest


Oregon Civil Unrest May 2017We have succeeded in moving close toward the Civil Unrest that can erupt into civil war. In Oregon on the Communist May Day holiday,  anti-Trump factions who are calling themselves now “anarchists” have turned violent.  They threw rocks, smoke bombs and just about anything they could at police officers during a May Day rally. Thousands more marched in other major cities around the nation on this Communist day when Russia would display its military weapons and celebrate the people working for the State.

Minhaj Hasan

The press is fueling this for they have been cheering attacks upon Trump and have made this seem acceptable and  normal. Hasan Minhaj even said Trump Tweets at 3Am because he is up for open of business in Russia. No matter what, the press will always blame Trump’s victory on Putin just as the European Parliament blames BREXIT not on themselves, but on the British and that is why they should be punished. The Press in America has the same arrogance and this negativity is what makes anarchy seem acceptable.

2017 Cycle of War