Both North Korea and Syria I would say.

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NSC turning into neo-con outfit?

Jamie White | – APRIL 6, 2017

North Korea has become a trigger point for a major global nuclear conflict between the West, China, and Russia, which could result in WW3, says survival expert Joel Skousen.

“It’s very convenient to have a war start with a crazy man because even Russia and China can say ‘Hey we don’t control this guy, it’s not our fault,’” Skousen said on The Alex Jones Show Wednesday. “They want this war, they want the U.S. attacked.”

Skousen had long predicted that WW3 may be postponed for the next decade to due Russia and China’s lack of military readiness, but he has recently modified this prediction.

“Just because the rhetoric is heating up so much about preemptively stopping North Korea, that it could trigger World War 3 earlier,” he said.

“In fact, I’m worried that…

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