MSNBC Guest Proclaims Betsy Ross Flag Equivalent to Swastika’s and Burning Crosses…

Cultural Marxism is advanced through a process of incremental control over customs and traditions within a free society.  It’s the frog boil process. Small, violent and loud identity groups set the standard. The majority dismisses the Alinsky approach at their peril.

The U.S. confederate flag was targeted successfully. Now the same Marxists shift attention toward the U.S. Betsy Ross flag.  Eventually the target will be the current U.S. flag.  The collective process is to isolate, ridicule, marginalize and attack anyone who would point out what is happening.  The collective goal is the complete removal of national identity.

In this segment MSNBC guest Michael Eric Dyson compares the Betsy Ross American flag to the Nazi swastika and burning Ku Klux Klan crosses.  In Dyson’s worldview, to accomplish his objectives, all symbols of national unity and patriotism must be destroyed.

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