If Joe Only Had A Brain

‘Without a brain, Joe Biden simply cannot reign’

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  & Kelly O’Connell—— Bio and ArchivesJuly 20, 2020

If Joe Only Had A Brain

The Democrat Donkey Race heading down the trail for Election 2020 is off to a start with Joe Biden, former bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and a badly reconfigured Kamala Harris are now ‘Off to See The Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Their campaign theme song should be a full-throated ‘If Joe Only Had a Brain’.

The entire electorate will soon hear Joe singing:

…”I could while away the hours
Dreamin’ of new powers
Watch America circlin’ the drain.

“Kamala’s hair I’ll be sniffin’
while common sense I’m missin’
If I only had a brain”….

With the Straw Man’s refrain droning non-stop through our tired-of-mask-wearing heads, some of us are singing, ‘Without a brain, Joe Biden simply cannot reign’.

But Straw Man Joe’s only the center of this comical little trio now skipping ‘Off to see the Wizard’.

Kamala Harris (yes, that’s really who debuted her ‘new look’ during Saturday’s interview with the Rev. Al Sharpton!) is barely recognizable in a new plastic surgery makeover that seems to outdo Lizzy Warren’s cherished high cheek bones, but even with that freaky new look, underneath all her rearranged skin, Kamala’s still really the same old, same old.

Much of Brainless Joe’s campaign platform is AOC’s, but with the Squad leader’s full support,  he didn’t have to plagiarize something not really his this time.

Some of us will go on singing that ‘Without a brain, Joe Simply Cannot Reign’.

If Kamala can have jaw-dropping plastic apples inserted in a facelift, why can’t Biden have a Brain Transplant?

While singing the refrains to ‘If I Only Had A Brain’, can’t someone out there kick off a Go Fund Me Just Fund for a Biden Brain Transplant?

Puulease, Pretty Puulease?

Do it for the Children while the Biden/Harris/AOC trio makes its way along the crazed Yellow Brick Road.

Meanwhile, here’s an updated list of Joe Biden gaffes proving he really needs a brain transplant:

Time: Top 10 Joe Biden Gaffes
RationalWiki: Full List of Joe Biden Gaffes


—From The Rose Garden White House Transcripts

Last week, Joe Biden released his unity platform, developed with socialist Bernie Sanders, describing what he would do if elected President.  The Biden-Sanders agenda is — agenda is the most extreme platform of any major party nominee, by far, in American history.  I think it’s worse than, actually, Bernie’s platform; it’s gone so far right.  And he’s doing that because he’s begging for their vote.

But one of the things I just asked my people to do is just draw up for me, just quickly, some of the things that we’ve been hearing about over the last couple of weeks.  And these are actual key elements of the Biden-Sanders unity platform:

  • Abolish immigration detention
  • Stop all deportation
  • End prosecution of illegal border crossers
  • Support the deadly sanctuary cities
  • Incentivize illegal-alien child smuggling
  • Expand asylum for all new illegal aliens
  • Cancel all asylum cooperation agreements in the Western Hemisphere
  • Taxpayer-funded lawyers will be given to all illegal aliens
  • Abolish immigration enforcement against illegal workers
  • Grant work permits for illegal aliens
  • Provide taxpayer subsidies and welfare for illegal aliens and new immigrants
  • Federal Student Aid and free community college for illegal aliens
  • Sign new immigrants up for welfare immediately
  • End requirement for immigrants’ self-sufficiency and maximize their welfare
  • End all travel bans
  • Grant mass amnesty
  • Vastly expand low-skilled immigration to the United States
  • Increase refugee admissions by 700 percent
  • Abolish law enforcement as we know it
  • End cash bail
  • Abolish completely the death penalty
  • Appoint social justice prosecutors in order to free violent criminals
  • End mandatory minimums
  • Incentivize prison closure
  • Abolish our police departments
  • End solitary confinement
  • Free federal housing for former inmates
  • Rejoin Paris Climate Accord
  • Mandate net-zero carbon emissions for homes, offices, and all new buildings by 2030
  • Mandate zero carbon emissions from power plants by 2035
  • Mandate net-zero carbon emissions by 2050
  • Mandate all 500,000 school buses and all 3 million government vehicles be changed to zero-emission vehicles within five years
  • Install 500,000 taxpayer-funded charging stations nationwide
  • End school choice
  • End tax credit scholarships serving disadvantaged students in 26 states
  • Oppose 14 million Americans with education savings accounts and get rid of school choice, having to do with school choice
  • Eliminate school choice in Washington, D.C.
  • Abolish all charter schools
  • Ban funding for charter schools in poor neighborhoods
  • Abolish educational standards
  • Enforce Obama-Biden’s radical AFFH


— Tony Mangan, CFP’s Cowboy Poet

Some people tend to stand and wait
For someone else to spring the gate.
They stand and mind the things they keep,
Some people tend to be like sheep.

Politicians despots all,
Lead the sheep as they bawl
The sheep they follow, like they “oughta”
Alas, I fear, to final slaughter.

They put their heads down
And follow the leader
Reacting to the dogs
Who are setting the meter.

Ambling along without even a clue,
Believe they’re in tune with all that’s new,
Walk, eyes cast down, just like a snail
There’s nothing ahead–except somebody’s tail!

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