De Blasio’s Elevator Doesn’t Go All The Way Up To The Top

New York Mayor is walking proof that derangement is far more contagious than the Coronavirus

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJuly 22, 2020

De Blasio’s Elevator Doesn’t Go All The Way Up To The Top

‘New York Commerce Killer’ Mayor Bill de Blasio is caricatured in a banner unfurled for all to see over the iconic Staten Island Expressway. in a banner, showing Hiz Honor decked out in a T-Shirt imprinted by the not-so-dearly-departed Marxist killer Che Guevara and holding the severed head of Lady Liberty.

“It’s what he’s doing to New York, he’s severing the head of the greatest city on Earth,” Scott LoBaido, the artist behind the banner, told the New York Post.” (Fox News, July 22, 2020)

“New York has turned into a sh—hole because of this guy,” LoBaido continued. “He hates the true New Yorkers – police officers, firefighters … people who built this city.”

“The artist’s banner appeared on an overpass at Exit 13B of the expressway during the afternoon rush hour, the Post reported.

“De Blasio, 59, now serving his second term as mayor of the nation’s largest city, is among a group of Democratic mayors across the nation who have been taking heat from their constituents – as well as from President Trump and other Republicans – for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic, the rioting and other unrest that has followed the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and recent spikes in shootings and other crimes.

“Earlier this month, President Trump took aim at de Blasio after reports that New York City planned to slash the city’s police budget by $1 billion and paint a “Black Lives Matter” mural in the street along Fifth Avenue, directly outside Trump Tower.

“De Blasio – who later helped Black Lives Matter activists paint the mural – responded to the president by implying that Trump was a racist.

“Here’s what you don’t understand,” de Blasio wrote. “Black people BUILT 5th Ave and so much of this nation. Your ‘luxury’ came from THEIR labor, for which they have never been justly compensated. We are honoring them. The fact that you see it as denigrating your street is the definition of racism.”

Before taking time out to play Crayon Politics with BLM, de Blasio proved that his elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top by ordering that only one person will be allowed in elevators when businesses return to work, but as The Daily Mail pointed out…”fails to mention that it only applies when people aren’t wearing masks and they can in fact run at 50% capacity”.

“In New York City there were just 59 hospitalizations on Wednesday; 45 people died on Tuesday. (Daily Mail, May 26, 2020)

“Despite the low numbers, neither de Blasio nor Cuomo will let the city reopen.

“They say there aren’t enough free hospital beds and that they do not have enough contact tracers .

“Employers have to operate a 50% capacity, keep staff 6ft apart, provide them with free masks and let only one person in confined space at a time.

“Hundreds of small businesses have reopened quietly in defiance of the order – de Blasio called it ‘idiotic’.

“He says he’ll fine them $1,000 then keep issuing fines if they disobey the order

On Thursday he ranted that businesses do not get to make up their own rules and said proudly: ‘You have earned your way to the gateway of phase one’ but wouldn’t declare it.

De Blasio a limousine liberal transported about town by chauffeurs

Bottom liner Catholic blogger Ann Barnhardt wrote in today’s post that “New York City has committed suicide by allowing only one person permitted in an elevator car at a time”. (Ann Barnhardt)

De Blasio who spends most of his time coming up with new ways to kill off commerce doesn’t understand the business world.

Riding elevators one at a time in a city of skyscrapers like New York has replaced the days when America rode the rails in trains like the one called ‘The City of New Orleans’, memorialized by folk singer Arlo Guthrie.

You can bet your sinking business that de Blasio never rode the rails with the little people,  as a limousine liberal transported about town by chauffeurs.

Meanwhile the New York Mayor is walking proof that derangement is far more contagious than the Coronavirus.

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