You Simply Cannot Imagine the Amount of Abject Misery in this Place — So Sad!

You cannot explain it.  Pure unadulterated misery in every corner. It’s a million times worse than you could fathom.  The most singularly depressing town in the entire universe. And if you know anyone who enjoys it here, that tells you just how far disconnected they are from the rest of our nation.   There is nothing here except misery and functionaries, human robots, carrying through with their duties without any idea why.

When I say this is a lifeless soulless place.  You must imagine my new context to really understand it.   Staying in a hotel with only one, perhaps a handful, of other guest(s) is a rather remarkable sense of living amid misery in real life.

Yes, it’s like a living example of The Shining, sans the death-knock of the twins in the middle of the night.   That is correct.  Trump International DC – and NO GUESTS.  It’s a desolate, depressing, empty dystopian hotel nightmare hidden from all normal people in America including me.  I had no idea the metastasized rot had already spread to the central nervous system.   Eric needs to sell this place, and fast – it’s over.

Restaurants closed.  Everything closed.  Lights out.  DARK. Want to eat, go to the grocery store and hope for bologna and some bread.  Everything on television/internet is a lie.  I know, I’m here.  They must import stand-in’s for POTUS visits to this place.

From what I can tell the DC mayor has targeted her closures in a manner as to inflict the maximum damage on Trump properties and holdings.  I would estimate Trump International DC is bleeding around $100k per day currently/ perhaps more… depending on how much air conditioning they shut down.

DC as a whole is the same.  An 8:00pm walk and you see nothing… a city completely devoid of life…. no cars… no people…  nothing.   A few rats scurrying from sidewalk to planter shelf, and a few scooters laying sideways in the middle of the sidewalk with ever dimming green circles as the batteries pulsate and run out.

I mean this town is dead.

The word misery is so far removed from the depressed stares amid the soulless eyes, that it would take a thousand years of bliss for a glimmer of hope to reappear.   This place is an abhorrent Potemkin village of what appears on the nightly news about it.

This is my first visit as a non-tourist.   So I am able to see the people who are attempting to manage their way through this nightmare.  It is far, far worse than anything you can imagine.

Be thankful for your local debate about schools opening, wearing masks and assorted nuance.  This is not that.

This town is the hollowed carcass of a cockroach still moving from the maggots that have taken the remaining source of nutrition.   Every eye behind the mask shows misery, fear, and disconnection from the world we know… you know.

It’s bizarre and even though I have been here many times before, this time I simply cannot describe it adequately.  DC is lost.  Lost not because it has fallen ill to some COVID-19 infection, but literally lost to the premise of our nation’s capital.

There are no people here.  There are robots trying to reach the charging stations.

For the first time in my life I’m not sure I want President Trump to win another term.   Who in their right mind would wish this on anyone.

More later….



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