The Subtle Poison of Political Correctness

Remember how it started: a contrived suggestion to be more welcoming and accepting of people from other countries

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesAugust 28, 2020

The Subtle Poison of Political CorrectnessHas political correctness changed the way many Americans address each other?

It seems that Barack Obama forewarned us about his plans to fundamentally transform America. Unfortunately, very few were able to read between the lines.

One of the more obvious tactics was to change the assignment of the title “racist” and take it from a mostly benign, but rude, expression to a serious character assassination.  Of course because he was the first Black president folks took that name seriously with a bit of fear.

At the moment, anyone identifying another by race or color, even though the identification is made in the context of what is being discussed at the time, the general population became very cautious in choosing their words, regardless of not having a biased bone in their bodies.  White people did accept being identified as a privileged White or a “White guy,” and took no serious exception to it because it was assumed we should be ashamed of what we are.

People of color who resisted playing that game, received the title of “Uncle Tom”, even if they’re a normal person and do not present themselves as a member of a previously enslaved race. There is, of course no mention of modern day slavery in the Middle East. One can only wonder where the slave drivers and hatemongers of today are spreading the same plague of slavery today.

I have spoken to numerous people whose take on “Press One for English” is a petty gripe in the face of today’s problems. However, make no mistake about why you are forced to press one for English, when you call certain places. One of the most heinous of these is medical groups where you’re needing to discuss health care issues, but cannot do so unless you press one. In my opinion that is not only a racist requirement but, more pointedly, a dictatorial demand. In a country like ours, one that is welcoming to law-abiding individuals who seek to become citizens and join Americans as one of them, should not have to start out with the same bitter taste of a dictatorship which mimics the one they left behind.

Remember how it started: a contrived suggestion to be more welcoming and accepting of people from other countries. Of course, it evolved into a negative title of who you are if you refused to comply in the application of the “kindness” practice to people here illegally.  Home-grown citizens, such as non-whites, evolved into a breach between races in our country, regardless of all being Americans.

American Indians became Native Americans regardless of not identifying those who were here before them. Be assured that this is not to suggest that one should be offended at the subdivision of races, in particular: Whites (regardless of shade)  African Americans, Hispanics, et al In moments of doubt for purposes illusive to logic, we become whites, blacks, browns, and a myriad of others. “PC” begat gays and soon after lesbians of all colors, but designated as whatever their sexual preferences are. Soon after, the wonder of transgender even among children so young they could not yet be designated except by their chromosomes and the formation of genitalia.

Some depraved PC groups have managed to bring the concept into kindergarten classes in the public school system.  Soon, drag queens and pedophiles initiated a process of distortion in the minds of these yet-to-be-developed babes.  This was certainly not for the sake of mentally impacted children rather to bring acceptance for unaccepted
members of society, but at the cost of innocent children and the rejection by Christian parents, the most-hated members of society by liberals and the Politically Correct denizens of the Democrat Socialist Progressives to destroy America. Look at what has become of the PC hyper-think of supposed kindness, that now dominates conversations to the point that simple chats can go from one meaning to another that then become offensive and “racist.”




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