Old Man Reads Bird Cage Liner- Shouts at Clouds

Joe Biden, when he can find his place on the teleprompter, is using the debunked Atlantic magazine story to attack Trump and his supporters.

The Fake News Goldberg story claims Trump hates our Veterans and called them losers and suckers. Goldberg (a known propagandist) cites his “anonymous sources” which usually means fake news.  There have been 21 people that came forward to debunk the lies about the President and not one of the sources for the so called story has come forward with evidence that is is true.

When and why did this story drop?

“The Atlantic” article dropped shortly after Biden received no bump from his convention while Trump did get a bump in the polls after his. Biden immediately amplified the Trump smear in the magazine, which was nothing but pure fabrication. Anytime a shift in the polls goes against the Democrats, they tend to drop huge bombshell lies such as saying Trump insulted veterans. John Bolton hates Trump but even he said the president would never say such a thing. Trump always expresses support and admiration for the troops. Anytime the lying mass media quotes ‘anonymous sources,’ it can be assured it’s a lie. The mainstream legacy media are part of the Democrat Party now. Cant’ be trusted. The lies told by Biden will become numerous and vocal as the election nears and the Democrats become more fearful and desperate. Biden is a shell of a man being used by the Deep State as a trojan horse in order to usher in their globalist policies and remove Trump from office.

We can’t let them win in November! This is all out war to save our nation! Vote in person!



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