Sunday Transmission From The Rebel Alliance

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 18, 2021 | Sundance | 124 Comments

Deep in the bunkers of the rebellious underground network, one man works earnestly to code the transmission message into a language that befuddles the moonbats.  The state has been attempting to take down the antenna for many years.  However, the coded-message continues to transmit and receptors in the patriotic funny-bone instinctively tune in.

Fortunately for us, the totalitarians do not have funny-bone mechanisms allowing them to enjoy life without creating suffering upon others. Without exposing too many technical secrets, it is this empirical truth that explains why the regime cannot decode the message.

Put down the sand for a minute, grab your favorite beverage and follow the link below to view the most recent message from the Rebel Alliance network.


Live your best life. Love those who deserve it. Appreciate the fight, and now get back to work.


…Whenever the possibility presents, throw sand into the machinery.

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