California – Just Hopeless II

Posted originally on on SEP 13, 2021 AT 10:07 PM

Another Rigged Election- We Must Fix the 2020 election

I enjoy reading message boards and one board that followed a story about Gavin Newsom was particularly entertaining. Many of the posters were from California and they referred to their governor as ‘The Hairdo,’ or simply, ‘Hairdo.’ Newsom strikes me as someone who abhors the lower and middle classes and he certainly has punished them. Homelessness is rampant in his state. People say he is as aloof as he is incompetent.

Like his relative Nancy Pelosi, he engages in pay for play. He services the rich corporations and punishes average citizen. He does the bidding of the New World Order with his climate change blather. At the same time, his policies led to massive forest fires in his state, which he naturally blamed on climate change.

The Hairdo has the brain of a totalitarian. He used COVID-19 to grab more power. He kept strip clubs opened in his state, but shut down churches. He destroyed small businesses—again doing the bidding of his globalist corporate donors.

Gavin Newsom is about as popular as Joe Biden. That is, he’s despised. Yet the Democrats have shown they are in control of the election process in California and are no doubt willing to steal the election for Newsom. The Hairdo might prove to have tough roots.

— Ben Garrison

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