California Recall of Governor Newsom – Results and Open Discussion Thread

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 14, 2021 | Sundance | 313 Comments

It’s highly unlikely the land of the Moonbats could actually have enough remaining non-Moonbats left to take back control of the tribe.  However, there is a slight chance because some of the moderately insane have joined forces with the non-Moonbats to show they are not happy with the behavior from the leader of the tribe, Comrade Gavin Newsom.

Unfortunately, the heavily controlled asylum inmates are in charge of counting the tribe’s votes, and Comrade Newsom has been aggressively bribing the moderately insane elements with free stuff to regain their tribal support.  Additionally, leaders from around the country have been flying in to lend their support and provide money for the bribes.

That said, most observers believe Comrade Newsom will survive the challenge to his power; thereby dooming the non-Moonbats to a life of conscription.  Ballots were mailed to the tribe in mid-August.  And voters could either mail their ballot via USPS union collection, or drop-off their vote in-person at drop boxes, or at their county elections office by 8:00 pm PT tonight.

(CBS) “While polls in the summer indicated a close race, a Berkeley IGS poll released Friday showed the “no” vote leading the “yes” vote 60.1%-38.5% among likely voters. Newsom’s team is confident he’ll prevail in the recall attempt, and privately, Republican campaigns in the state concede their internal polling indicates the recall will fail.” (link)

It will likely take a few days for the total results, but the preliminary stuff could come out later tonight.

New York Times Results Here – SF Chronicle Results Here

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