Former Intelligence Branch Officials Do Not Want Big Tech Regulated – Duh, The Fourth Branch of Government is a Partnership With Them

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 15, 2021 | Sundance | 202 Comments

The Fourth Branch of Government is a public-private partnership; they work together.  The U.S. intelligence agencies are collaborative partners with Big Tech {LINK}.  That is why Google, Amazon (owns the cloud),  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are connected to the portals of the FiveEyes intelligence operations.   Only those who understand the Fourth Branch – have a solid understanding of how it works.  Some have called it “a shadow government“, but it’s not.  We know exactly who they are and how they are operating.

The NSA scoops up all the metadata, but the scale of data is too challenging to filter and review – even with modern algorithms assisting them.  So the Fourth Branch – NSA,CIA, DIA, ODNI etc. work with the data providers to prefilter, flag, monitor and conduct surveillance.  This approach frees up the NSA database crew to focus on cell phone and email communication.

The overall surveillance of public electronic data (an abuse of 4th amendment protections), is a collaboration between the U.S. Government and Big Tech.

That’s why it does not come as a surprise to see a host of former U.S. intelligence community officials rise in opposition today to any regulation upon the Big Tech system they are partnered with.  The list of names is a who’s-who of scheming and conniving Deep State operatives we have written about through the years.  Names including: Leon Panetta (CIA), Dan Coats (ODNI), Mike Morell (CIA), Sue Gordon (ODNI), and even Fran Townsend (DHS/CNN) who we followed during the apex of her obfuscation over Benghazi.

AXIOS – Twelve former top U.S. national security officials are urging Congress to hit pause on a package of antitrust bills in order to consider how breaking up tech companies could harm the U.S. in its competition with China, according to a letter obtained by Axios. (read more)

You will note something very specific about these names.

All of them rose to prominence *AFTER* Barack Obama was installed as president and started working on the modern assembly of the U.S. Fourth Branch of Government {Go Deep}.

Every name on the list was a contributing member of the corrupt and bastardized system that has now resulted in the single most important threat to the United States, our own intel agencies.

The House is looking to curtail the power of Big Tech, but don’t look for too much support from the Senate side.  The Senate actually supports the Fourth Branch of Government and shares power with it.  The Fourth Branch now supersedes the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.

The Fourth Branch also has access to U.S. election databases {LINK}, and can control the outcomes of electronically recorded voting data in every state.  That level of influence is used to protect itself from the American people.  Ultimately that is why the Fourth Branch must be destroyed.

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