COVID Madness Continues in Australia, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews Announces Freedom Will Require Future Booster Shots

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 19, 2021 | Sundance | 197 Comments

The forceful protest videos from Australia took place near Richmond, Melbourne yesterday.  Melbourne is the main city in the State of Victoria.   To put some context into what Victorians have been faced with, consider this press conference earlier today from Premier Daniel Andrews.

As Premier Daniel Andrews was explaining the rules of allowing people out of lockdown, he went through a series of steps the government will take to allow people to get back some of their freedom.  Having previously announced that only vaccinated people will be permitted to escape their lockdown status, Andrews was asked about the required vaccination passports; and how long he believes the passports will be required to engage in society.

It appears Premier Andrews slipped a little bit and admitted publicly the vaccination passport will be required for everything… AND it will be needed as the Australian government moves from vaccines to booster shots.  Yes, the freedom in Victoria will be dependent on updating your vaccine registry with booster shot registration.  [Video at 50:13, PromptedWATCH:

Proving yet again, that once you get locked into the vaccine ronacoaster, you ain’t getting off until the ride’s over.

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