Jen Psaki Says UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Did Not Ask For White House Permission Before Talking to Media, That is Why He Was Cut Off

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 22, 2021 | Sundance | 150 Comments

The diplomatic relations between the White House and foreign allies took another hit today  The White House spokesperson Jennifer Psaki declared the reason why White House aides interrupted the U.K. Prime Minister yesterday mid-sentence was because Boris Johnson did not ask the White House in advance for permission to speak to the assembled media.

This diplomatic slight against the U.K Prime Minster follows on news last Friday that the French government was withdrawing their U.S. ambassador over Joe Biden’s secret talks with Australia, cutting the French off at the knees in a previous arrangement to build a nuclear submarine.  Currently, the Israeli government is considering withdrawing their ambassador to the U.S. because the Biden administration has unilaterally cut funding and support for the Iron-dome missile defense system.

In a remarkable display of hubris and self-importance, Jennifer Psaki announced today that all speech by foreign heads of state must be approved by the White House.  WATCH:

If you watch the actual Oval Office event, the motive to quickly get the media out of the room is actually quite different.  As the British Prime Minister was talking, Joe Biden started to fall asleep.  The WH handlers noticed it quickly and shouted for everyone to get out.  That shout actually startled Joe Biden awake.  WATCH:

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