Something Happening in Background With Chris Steele and Dossier Story – Searchable Copies of Steele Dossier Being Removed

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 18, 2021 | Sundance | 232 Comments

Something is happening in the larger background of the Christopher Steele story and the Steele Dossier that he assembled.

  • Chris Steele comes out of his hole…
  • Chris Steele gives an interview to ABC and George Stephanopoulos about the fabricated information inside the dossier….
  • There is an ABC exclusive documentary reportedly being released today on Hulu…..

… And suddenly someone (or some group) surfaces in the background with a goal to remove the dossier from all the internet public upload systems?

Here’s our notification alert today from SCRIBD, a well known company that facilitates pdf’s of downloaded documents:

The timing is far too coincidental.

I have no idea what it indicates, it’s just a data point, but something is going on.

Suspicious cat remains, well, suspicious.

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