Holding America Hostage for $3.5 Billion-Trillion Dollars

Armstrong Economics Blog/Humor Re-Posted Oct 23, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

President Joe Biden delivered a speech to honor the 10th anniversary of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. “Our work continues to create safer and stronger communities in critical ways,” Biden said this past Thursday. “With my American Rescue Plan — and thank you in Congress for supporting it — everybody kind of forgets that was $1.9 billion – trillion dollars,” Biden announced in reference to the infrastructure bill. “I’m serious! Think about it. Like, ‘What did you do for me lately?’ Well, we had $1.9 billion we took care of,” the president continued, shortly before Vice President Kamala Harris shouted, “Trillion!”

And they wonder why the GOP refuses to raise the debt ceiling or fund Biden’s $3.5 trillion (not billion) spending plan? Yet another example of the government disregarding the amount of money they spend, on our dime, with no intention of paying anyone back. Instead, they’re looking for ways to squeeze more money out of citizens. The White House has turned into a parody.

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